The following individuals in the Main Acuff-Ecoff Family Tree have no parents identified, as of 28 February 2015. Can you help us make the connections? To learn more about a specific name listed below, go to Our Family Trees Advanced Search Page.

Abate, Edwin B. (M)
Abbott, Edward (M)
Abbott, Jennifer Rose (F)
Abbott, Trant (M)
Ables, Sarah Ann (F)
Abram, Donald L. (M)
Abrams (M)
Achenbach, Andrew Scott (M)
Achuff (M)
Achuff, Ann (Mrs.) (F)
Achuff, Annie (F)
Achuff, Caroline J. (F)
Achuff, Chris (M)
Achuff, Capt. F. H. (M)
Achuff, Hannah (F)
Achuff, J. Newton (M)
Achuff, James (M)
Achuff, Jim (M)
Achuff, John (M)
Achuff, John R. (M)
Achuff, John R. (M)
Achuff, Michael (M)
Achuff, Robert (M)
Achuff, Robert S. (M)
Achuff, Shelly Ann (F)
Achuff, William (M)
Achuff, William R. (M)
Ackman, Leon (M)
Ackoff, Anne Nancy (F)
Acoff, A. G. (M)
Acoff, Adam (M)
Acoff, Allen (M)
Acoff, Althea (F)
Acoff, Amos (M)
Acoff, Andrew (M)
Acoff, Anitra Tamara (F)
Acoff, Annie (F)
Acoff, Asa B. (M)
Acoff, Carl Edward Jr. (F)
Acoff, Charles (M)
Acoff, Christina Shavon (F)
Acoff, Dequinncey Carloslamar (M)
Acoff, Ebony Antwoinette (F)
Acoff, Rev. George (M)
Acoff, Jay Norman (M)
Acoff, Jennie (M)
Acoff, John Fredrick (M)
Acoff, Joseph (M)
Acoff, Julius (M)
Acoff, Larry (M)
Acoff, Leslie N. (F)
Acoff, Mary (F)
Acoff, Mary W. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acoff, Minnie (Mrs.) (F)
Acoff, Pocohontas (F)
Acoff, Rodney Jay (M)
Acoff, Roxy (F)
Acoff, Samuel Henry (M)
Acoff, Shaivonne Ladell (F)
Acoff, Thomas (M)
Acoff, Turner (M)
Acoff, Turner E. (M)
Acoff, Vera (F)
Acoff, Vernelle A. (M)
Acoff, Veronica Chantel (F)
Acoff, Wiley (M)
Acop, Evelyn Idulsa (F)
Acopian, Gregory (M)
Acosta, Flora (F)
Acough, Thomas (M)
Acton, Robert Jackson "Jack" (M)
Acuf, J. C. (M)
Acuff, Male Given Name(s) Unknown Multiple Individuals
Acuff, Patrolman (M)
Acuff, Ms. Female Given Name(s) Unknown Multiple Individuals
Acuff , Gender Unknown Given Name(s) Unknown
Acuff, (draftsman) (M)
Acuff, (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, A. (F)
Acuff, A. (?)
Acuff, A. J. (?)
Acuff, A. M. (M)
Acuff, A. M. (?)
Acuff, A. N. (M)
Acuff, A. O. (M)
Acuff, Adaline (F)
Acuff, Adaline (F)
Acuff, Adaline (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Adam L. (M)
Acuff, Adline (F)
Acuff, Alan (M)
Acuff, Alan (M)
Acuff, Albert C. (M)
Acuff, Albert D. (M)
Acuff, Albert O. (M)
Acuff, Alex (M)
Acuff, Alexander (M)
Acuff, Alexander Emerson (M)
Acuff, Alfred (M)
Acuff, Alice (F)
Acuff, Alice (F)
Acuff, Alice (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Alice J. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Allen (M)
Acuff, Allen A. (M)
Acuff, Allison M. (F)
Acuff, Almeda (F)
Acuff, Alonzo (M)
Acuff, Alphonso (M)
Acuff, Alphy (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Alton (M)
Acuff, Amanda (F)
Acuff, Amanda (F)
Acuff, Amanda (F)
Acuff, Amanda (F)
Acuff, Amanda (F)
Acuff, Amanda (F)
Acuff, Amanda (F)
Acuff, Amanda (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Amanda A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Amanda J. (F)
Acuff, Amanda M. (F)
Acuff, Amberly Nicole (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Amy Jean (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Anderson (M)
Acuff, Anderson (M)
Acuff, Anderson (M)
Acuff, Andrea Jo (F)
Acuff, Andrea Lee (F)
Acuff, Andrew (M)
Acuff, Andrew B. (M)
Acuff, Andrew L. (M)
Acuff, Andy (M)
Acuff, Angel (F)
Acuff, Angela (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Angela B. (F)
Acuff, Angela Beth (F)
Acuff, Angela Marie (F)
Acuff, Angela R. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Angela Sue (F)
Acuff, Angelica (F)
Acuff, Anita Nell (F)
Acuff, Ann (F)
Acuff, Ann (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Anna (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Anna D. (F)
Acuff, Anna Maria (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Anne Marie (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Annette H. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Annette Marie (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Annette Phyllis (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Annie (F)
Acuff, Annie (F)
Acuff, Annie E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Annie M. (F)
Acuff, Antonio (M)
Acuff, Antonio L. (M)
Acuff, April (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Arial (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Arthur (M)
Acuff, Arthur G. (M)
Acuff, Artie (M)
Acuff, Arvel L. (M)
Acuff, Ashley (F)
Acuff, Ashley (F)
Acuff, Ashley L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Ashley LeAnn (F)
Acuff, Ashley Vivian (See Vivian Ashley Acuff ) (F)
Acuff, Augustas (M)
Acuff, Austin (M)
Acuff, Austin (M)
Acuff, Austin L. (M)
Acuff, B. (?)
Acuff, B. H. (M)
Acuff, B. W. (M)
Acuff, Bambi N. (F)
Acuff, Barb (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Barbara (F)
Acuff, Barbara (F)
Acuff, Barbara (F)
Acuff, Barbara (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Barbara (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Barbara A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Barbara J. (F)
Acuff, Barbara Louise (F)
Acuff, Beavis (?)
Acuff, Becky (F)
Acuff, Ben (M)
Acuff, Ben (M)
Acuff, Ben Frix (M)
Acuff, Benj (M)
Acuff, Benjamin (M)
Acuff, Benjamin (M)
Acuff, Benjamin (M)
Acuff, Benjamin (M)
Acuff, Bennie Stan ( See Stanley B. Acuff ) (M)
Acuff, Berly R. (?)
Acuff, Bernard Lowell (M)
Acuff, Bernice (F)
Acuff, Bernice (M)
Acuff, Maj. Bert (M)
Acuff, Bert J. (M)
Acuff, Bertha (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Bessie (F)
Acuff, Betsey A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Bettey (Bettsy) (F)
Acuff, Betty (F)
Acuff, Betty (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Betty Agnes (F)
Acuff, Betty J. (F)
Acuff, Betty Lou (F)
Acuff, Betty P. (F)
Acuff, Betty S. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Bettye I./T. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Beulah (F)
Acuff, Beverly J. (Freshour) (F)
Acuff, Bill (M)
Acuff, Bill (M)
Acuff, Bill (M)
Acuff, Bill (M)
Acuff, Billie (F)
Acuff, Billie Earlene (F)
Acuff, Billy (M)
Acuff, Billy (M)
Acuff, Billy (M)
Acuff, Billy Ray (M)
Acuff, Blanche (F)
Acuff, Bonita Renae (F)
Acuff, Braidyn (F)
Acuff, Brandon (M)
Acuff, Brandon (M)
Acuff, Brandon (M)
Acuff, Brandon (M)
Acuff, Brandy Danielle (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Bree'Lynn (F)
Acuff, Brenda Lou (F)
Acuff, Brent (M)
Acuff, Brent Allen (M)
Acuff, Brian (M)
Acuff, Brian A. (M)
Acuff, Brian D. (M)
Acuff, Brice (M)
Acuff, Bruce (M)
Acuff, Bryan (M)
Acuff, Bryan (M)
Acuff, Bryan D. (M)
Acuff, Buchanan (M)
Acuff, Buck (M)
Acuff, Burcham Brian (M)
Acuff, Burnis Michael (M)
Acuff, C. (M)
Acuff, C. Brice (?)
Acuff, C. Hines (M)
Acuff, C. M. (?)
Acuff, Cain (M)
Acuff, Calderon Jose (M)
Acuff, Callie A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Calvin J. (M)
Acuff, Camille (F)
Acuff, Candice A. (F)
Acuff, Cannon (M)
Acuff, Cardelia (F)
Acuff, Carl (M)
Acuff, Carl (M)
Acuff, Carl (M)
Acuff, Carl E. (M)
Acuff, Carline (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Carmela Mary (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Capt. Carol (F)
Acuff, Carol Ann (F)
Acuff, Carol F. (F)
Acuff, Carol T. (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Carol T. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Carole D. (F)
Acuff, Caroline (F)
Acuff, Caroline (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Carolyn A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Carolyn A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Carolyn R. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Carolyn Wolf (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Carrie Lynn (F)
Acuff, Carrie Noel (F)
Acuff, Cassandra A. (F)
Acuff, Sgt. Cat (M)
Acuff, Catharine (F)
Acuff, Catherine Dawn (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Cathy (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Cathy Jean (F)
Acuff, Cay O. (Mrs.?) (?)
Acuff, Cecil (M)
Acuff, Celeste H. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Celsie (F)
Acuff, Chad T. (M)
Acuff, Charis Kirkpatrik (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Charisse Ann (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Charleen Adeline (F)
Acuff, Charles (M)
Acuff, Charles (M)
Acuff, Charles (M)
Acuff, Charles (M)
Acuff, Charles (M)
Acuff, Charles (M)
Acuff, Charles (M)
Acuff, Charles (M)
Acuff, Charles (M)
Acuff, Charles C. (M)
Acuff, Charles D. (M)
Acuff, Charles Dan (M)
Acuff, Charles E. (M)
Acuff, Charles F. (M)
Acuff, Charles G. (M)
Acuff, Charles M. (M)
Acuff, Charles R. (M)
Acuff, Charles Shelly (See Clarence Shelly) (M)
Acuff, Charley L. (M)
Acuff, Charlie (M)
Acuff, Charlie L. (M)
Acuff, Charlotte Juanita (F)
Acuff, Charlotte Maria (F)
Acuff, Cherie Luise (F)
Acuff, Cherry Anne (F)
Acuff, Cheryl Marie (F)
Acuff, Cheryl Renee (F)
Acuff, Chris (M)
Acuff, Chris (?)
Acuff, Chris (?)
Acuff, Chris (M)
Acuff, Chris (?)
Acuff, Chris E. (M)
Acuff, Christian (M)
Acuff, Christian (M)
Acuff, Christiana (F)
Acuff, Christie N. (F)
Acuff, Christina (F)
Acuff, Christina (F)
Acuff, Christina Renee (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Christoph (M)
Acuff, Christopher (M)
Acuff, Christopher (M)
Acuff, Christopher (see Ascough) (?)
Acuff, Christopher (see Ayscough) (M)
Acuff, Christopher D. (M)
Acuff, Christopher Scott (M)
Acuff, Christopher T. (M)
Acuff, Christy June (F)
Acuff, Christy Nichole (F)
Acuff, Christy P. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Chuck (M)
Acuff, Ciara (F)
Acuff, Cindy (F)
Acuff, Cindy (F)
Acuff, Cindy R.N. (F)
Acuff, Clara (F)
Acuff, Clara (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Clara O. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Claude (M)
Acuff, Claudia Marie (F)
Acuff, Cleroa Maurine (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Clyde (M)
Acuff, Clyde (M)
Acuff, Clyde Edward (M)
Acuff, Colvin (see James Calvin) (M)
Acuff, Connie (F)
Acuff, Connie L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Connie S. (F)
Acuff, Corky (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Correne Melba (F)
Acuff, Corrine (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Courtney (F)
Acuff, Courtney (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Covie (F)
Acuff, Craig (M)
Acuff, Criss, Miss ( see Christie S. ) (F)
Acuff, Crystal (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Crystal E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Curtis Paul (M)
Acuff, Cyndi (F)
Acuff, Cynthia (F)
Acuff, Cynthia (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Cynthia A. (F)
Acuff, Cynthia Diane (F)
Acuff, Cynthia Kay (Nelson) ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Acuff, Cynthia Lee (F)
Acuff, Cynthia Lee (F)
Acuff, Cynthia Lee (F)
Acuff, Cynthia N. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Cynthia N. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Cynthia Renee (F)
Acuff, D. (?)
Acuff, D. C. (?)
Acuff, D. Edw. (M)
Acuff, Daisy M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Dale E. (M)
Acuff, Dale Robert (M)
Acuff, Dan (M)
Acuff, Dana (?)
Acuff, Dana C. (M)
Acuff, Dana Lyn (F)
Acuff, Dana S. (F)
Acuff, Daniel (M)
Acuff, Daniel Charles (M)
Acuff, Daniel Evan (M)
Acuff, Daniel G. ( See Glen Daniel ) (M)
Acuff, Daniel P. (M)
Acuff, Danielle M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Darius E. (M)
Acuff, Darlene (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Daryle G. (see Green Douglas) (M)
Acuff, Dasha (?)
Acuff, David (M)
Acuff, David (M)
Acuff, David (M)
Acuff, David (See Paul David) (M)
Acuff, David (M)
Acuff, David (M)
Acuff, David A. (M)
Acuff, David Adam ( See Adam David Acuff ) (M)
Acuff, David Craig (M)
Acuff, David D. (M)
Acuff, David L. (M)
Acuff, David L. (M)
Acuff, David Lee (M)
Acuff, David Loomis (M)
Acuff, David M. (M)
Acuff, David M. (M)
Acuff, David M. (M)
Acuff, David Martin (M)
Acuff, David Michael (M)
Acuff, David Mike (M)
Acuff, David Russell (M)
Acuff, David W. (M)
Acuff, David William (M)
Acuff, Dean (M)
Acuff, Deann L. (F)
Acuff, Deborah A. (F)
Acuff, Deborah G. (F)
Acuff, Deborah K. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Deborah M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Deborah S. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Deborah Sue (F)
Acuff, Deborah Sue (F)
Acuff, Debra (F)
Acuff, Debra L. (F)
Acuff, Debra Marie Y. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Debra Sue (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Deena D. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Delois (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Delores (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Dena Darlene (F)
Acuff, Denise J. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Derek (M)
Acuff, Derrick (M)
Acuff, Deverie (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Diana F. (F)
Acuff, Diana Lynn (F)
Acuff, Diana M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Dominic II (M)
Acuff, Don (M)
Acuff, Don R. (M)
Acuff, Donald (M)
Acuff, Donald (M)
Acuff, Donald (M)
Acuff, Donald (M)
Acuff, Donald Alan (M)
Acuff, Donald E. (M)
Acuff, Donald R. (M)
Acuff, Donald Steven (M)
Acuff, Donna Ann (F)
Acuff, Donna E. Capone (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Donna M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Donna Sue (F)
Acuff, Donna Y. (F)
Acuff, Dora (F)
Acuff, Dora (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Doris Evelyn (F)
Acuff, Doris Louise (F)
Acuff, Dorothy (F)
Acuff, Dorothy K. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Dorothy Mae (F)
Acuff, Dorthea (F)
Acuff, Doug (M)
Acuff, Douglas (M)
Acuff, Dovie A. (F)
Acuff, Downs (M)
Acuff, Durwood Jackson (M)
Acuff, Dusty B. (M)
Acuff, Dylan (M)
Acuff, E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Earnest (M)
Acuff, Edith E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Edith W. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Edna May (F)
Acuff, Edward (M)
Acuff, Edward (M)
Acuff, Edward Richard (M)
Acuff, Edward Theadore (M)
Acuff, Edwin (F)
Acuff, Elander (F)
Acuff, Eleanor (F)
Acuff, Elene (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Elisah (?)
Acuff, Eliza (F)
Acuff, Eliza (Elitza) (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth A. (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth Ann (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth Cordelia (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth M. (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth R. "Eliza" (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth Rebecca (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth T. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Elizabeth Williams (F)
Acuff, Ella Jim (F)
Acuff, Ella R. (F)
Acuff, Ellen (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Ellen M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Ellorah (F)
Acuff, Elphy (F)
Acuff, Elsie J. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Elva Gayle (F)
Acuff, Elvira (F)
Acuff, Emanuel Maurice (M)
Acuff, Emily (F)
Acuff, Emily J. (F)
Acuff, Emily W. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Emma (F)
Acuff, Emma L. (F)
Acuff, Eric (M)
Acuff, Eric E. (M)
Acuff, Eric Ingram (M)
Acuff, Erica (F)
Acuff, Erin Leigh (F)
Acuff, Ernest Daniel (M)
Acuff, Ernest F. (M)
Acuff, Essie A. (F)
Acuff, Esther (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Esther E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Ethan (M)
Acuff, Ethel (F)
Acuff, Ethel (F)
Acuff, Ethel E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Eugene (M)
Acuff, Eugene (M)
Acuff, Eugene Leroy (M)
Acuff, Eugenia (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Eva (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Eva Loreda Mae (F)
Acuff, Evangaline W. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Evans (M)
Acuff, Evelyn (F)
Acuff, Evelyn (F)
Acuff, Evelyn (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Evelyn J. (F)
Acuff, Evelyn Williams (F)
Acuff, F. M. (M)
Acuff, Fallina C. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Fannie (F)
Acuff, Fannie A. (F)
Acuff, Father-of-many (M)
Acuff, Fatima (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Faustino (M)
Acuff, Fay E. (F)
Acuff, Faye (F)
Acuff, Fleda L. (F)
Acuff, Flora E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Flora Missouri (F)
Acuff, Florence (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Frances (F)
Acuff, Frances (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Frances (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Frances O. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Frances T. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Frank (M)
Acuff, Frank (M)
Acuff, Frank B. (M)
Acuff, Frank Charles (M)
Acuff, Frank J. (M)
Acuff, Frank L. (M)
Acuff, Franky (F)
Acuff, Franky (F)
Acuff, Fred L. (M)
Acuff, Frederick (M)
Acuff, G. C. (?)
Acuff, G. S. (M)
Acuff, Gage H. (M)
Acuff, Gail C. (F)
Acuff, Gammel G. (M)
Acuff, Gary (M)
Acuff, Gary D. (M)
Acuff, Gene (?)
Acuff, Gene (M)
Acuff, Gene L. (M)
Acuff, Genevieve R. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Genola M. (F)
Acuff, George (M)
Acuff, George (M)
Acuff, George (M)
Acuff, George (M)
Acuff, George (M)
Acuff, George (M)
Acuff, George (M)
Acuff, George (M)
Acuff, George M. (M)
Acuff, George W. (M)
Acuff, George Walter (M)
Acuff, Gerald J. (M)
Acuff, Gerald J. (M)
Acuff, Gerald William (M)
Acuff, Gerome (M)
Acuff, Gertrude E. (F)
Acuff, Gina (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Ginger L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Gladys A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Glen M. (M)
Acuff, Glen R. (M)
Acuff, Glenda Joyce (F)
Acuff, Gregory Lee (M)
Acuff, Gregory M. (M)
Acuff, Gwendolyn R. (F)
Acuff, H. B. (See Howard B. Acuff) (M)
Acuff, H. L. (?)
Acuff, Hailee (F)
Acuff, Hairrett Sen. (?)
Acuff, Hallie (F)
Acuff, Hannah (F)
Acuff, Hannah (F)
Acuff, Hannah (F)
Acuff, Hannah (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Hannah M. (F)
Acuff, Hans J. (M)
Acuff, Hansellow (M)
Acuff, Hardin (M)
Acuff, Hargis Marion (M)
Acuff, Harley (M)
Acuff, Harold Dean (M)
Acuff, Harriet Jun (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Haskell (M)
Acuff, Hattie Tennessee (F)
Acuff, Hazel Diane (Palmer) (F)
Acuff, Hazel W. (F)
Acuff, Heath B. Sr. (M)
Acuff, Heath B. (F)
Acuff, Heath M. (M)
Acuff, Heather (F)
Acuff, Heather (F)
Acuff, Helen (F)
Acuff, Helen (Mrs. John) (F)
Acuff, Helen E. (F)
Acuff, Helen E. (F)
Acuff, Helen Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Helen Ruth (F)
Acuff, Henry (M)
Acuff, Henry (M)
Acuff, Henry (M)
Acuff, Henry (M)
Acuff, Henry W. (M)
Acuff, Herbert L. (M)
Acuff, Holly Chrysalis (F)
Acuff, Holly E. (F)
Acuff, Holly L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Homer A. (See "Allan Omar Acuff") (M)
Acuff, Homer V. (M)
Acuff, Hugh H. (M)
Acuff, Ida A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Idabelle B. (F)
Acuff, Ina D. (F)
Acuff, Infant (?)
Acuff, Infant (?)
Acuff, Infant (?)
Acuff, Infant of N. (M)
Acuff, Infant Son (M)
Acuff, Irene (F)
Acuff, Irene (F)
Acuff, Irene (F)
Acuff, Irene (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Irma (F)
Acuff, Isaac (M)
Acuff, J. (M)
Acuff, J. (?)
Acuff, J. (?)
Acuff, J. B. (M)
Acuff, J. E. (M)
Acuff, J. F. (M)
Acuff, J. N. (M)
Acuff, J. S. (M)
Acuff, J. W. (M)
Acuff, J. W. (M)
Acuff, Jack (M)
Acuff, Jack (M)
Acuff, Jack (M)
Acuff, Jack B. (M)
Acuff, Jack R. (M)
Acuff, Jackie (?)
Acuff, Jackie R. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Jacob (M)
Acuff, Jacob (M)
Acuff, Jacob (M)
Acuff, Jacob (M)
Acuff, Jacqueline D. (F)
Acuff, Jake (M)
Acuff, Jamal Marcel (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James (M)
Acuff, James A. (M)
Acuff, James Arthur Sr. (M)
Acuff, James C. (M)
Acuff, James C. or E. (M)
Acuff, James Dudley (M)
Acuff, James E. (M)
Acuff, James E. (M)
Acuff, James Ellis (M)
Acuff, James H. (M)
Acuff, James H. (M)
Acuff, James H. (M)
Acuff, James Herbert (M)
Acuff, James L. (M)
Acuff, James Landon (M)
Acuff, James M. (M)
Acuff, James Michael (M)
Acuff, James Michael (M)
Acuff, James R. (M)
Acuff, James Ross (M)
Acuff, James S. (M)
Acuff, James T. (M)
Acuff, James T. (M)
Acuff, James T. (M)
Acuff, James V. (M)
Acuff, James W. (M)
Acuff, James W. (M)
Acuff, James W. (M)
Acuff, James William (M)
Acuff, Jamie (?)
Acuff, Jamie (?)
Acuff, Jamie (Jane) (F)
Acuff, Jamie Renee (F)
Acuff, Jan (F)
Acuff, Jan (F)
Acuff, Jane (F)
Acuff, Jane (F)
Acuff, Jane (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Jane Carole (F)
Acuff, Janee Christy (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Janet Ann (F)
Acuff, Janice Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Jarrod C. (M)
Acuff, Jason (M)
Acuff, Jason (M)
Acuff, Jason (M)
Acuff, Jason (M)
Acuff, Jason (M)
Acuff, Jason (M)
Acuff, Jason T. (M)
Acuff, Jason W. (M)
Acuff, Jean (F)
Acuff, Jeanine L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Jeannie Charlene (F)
Acuff, Jed (M)
Acuff, Jeff (M)
Acuff, Jeffery Allen (M)
Acuff, Jeffery Austin (M)
Acuff, Jeffrey (M)
Acuff, Jeffrey A. (M)
Acuff, Jeffrey D. (M)
Acuff, Jeffrey William (M)
Acuff, Jennifer Joan (F)
Acuff, Jennifer L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Jennifer M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Jenny (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Jenny Rebecca (F)
Acuff, Jeremy (M)
Acuff, Jerrie Kaye (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Jerry Eugene (M)
Acuff, Jerry L. (M)
Acuff, Jerry L. (M)
Acuff, Jesse (M)
Acuff, Jessica (F)
Acuff, Jessie (F)
Acuff, Jewel (F)
Acuff, Jill (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Jill L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Jillian (F)
Acuff, Jimmy (M)
Acuff, Jimmy R. (M)
Acuff, Jimmy R. (?)
Acuff, Jo A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Joe (M)
Acuff, Joe L. (M)
Acuff, Joel (M)
Acuff, Joel (M)
Acuff, John (M)
Acuff, John (M)
Acuff, John (M)
Acuff, John (M)
Acuff, John (M)
Acuff, John (M)
Acuff, John (M)
Acuff, John (M)
Acuff, Tec 5 John (M)
Acuff, John Jr. (M)
Acuff, John (M)
Acuff, John (felon) (M)
Acuff, John (the Methodist) (M)
Acuff, John A. (M)
Acuff, John A. (M)
Acuff, John C. (M)
Acuff, John D. (M)
Acuff, John D. (M)
Acuff, John David (M)
Acuff, John E. Jr. (M)
Acuff, John H. (M)
Acuff, John L. (M)
Acuff, John Robert (M)
Acuff, John S. (M)
Acuff, John S. (M)
Acuff, John Stanley (M)
Acuff, John Thomas (M)
Acuff, John Thomas (M)
Acuff, Johnathan (M)
Acuff, Jolene J. (F)
Acuff, Jon (M)
Acuff, Jonathan (M)
Acuff, Jonathan (M)
Acuff, Jonathan (M)
Acuff, Jonathan (M)
Acuff, Jonathan (M)
Acuff, Jonathan (M)
Acuff, Jonathan E. (M)
Acuff, Jonathon (M)
Acuff, Jones (M)
Acuff, Jordan (?)
Acuff, Jordan (M)
Acuff, Jordan Alexandra (F)
Acuff, Joseph (M)
Acuff, Joseph (M)
Acuff, Joseph (M)
Acuff, Joseph (M)
Acuff, Joseph (M)
Acuff, Joseph (M)
Acuff, Joseph (M)
Acuff, Joseph (M)
Acuff, Joseph M. (M)
Acuff, Joseph R. (M)
Acuff, Joseph William (M)
Acuff, Josephine (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Josephine (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Josephine E. (F)
Acuff, Josephine F. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Josh (M)
Acuff, Josiah (M)
Acuff, Joyce H. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Joyce L. (F)
Acuff, Joyce L. (F)
Acuff, Juanita (F)
Acuff, Juanita (F)
Acuff, Juanita Ellen (F)
Acuff, Judith A. (F)
Acuff, Judith K. (Ms ?) (F)
Acuff, Judy (F)
Acuff, Judy D. (Clayton?) (F)
Acuff, Judy L. (Christian?) (F)
Acuff, Judy Lyn (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Julia Leilani (F)
Acuff, Juliane C. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, June (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Justin (M)
Acuff, Justin Lee (M)
Acuff, K. Ian (F)
Acuff, Kaira Dianna-Marie (F)
Acuff, Karen (F)
Acuff, Karen D. Ph.D. (F)
Acuff, Karen Darlene (F)
Acuff, Karen Hord (F)
Acuff, Karen M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Karen R. (F)
Acuff, Karen S. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Karen W. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Karen Y. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Katherine (F)
Acuff, Katherine (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Katherine Ann (F)
Acuff, Katherine Mary (F)
Acuff, Katherine Michelle (F)
Acuff, Kathleen (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Kathleen A. (F)
Acuff, Kathleen Louise (F)
Acuff, Kathryn or Catherine E. (F)
Acuff, Kathy Juanita (F)
Acuff, Katie (F)
Acuff, Katie (F)
Acuff, Katy (F)
Acuff, Kayla Brianne (F)
Acuff, Kayla Renee (F)
Acuff, Kaylee (F)
Acuff, Keisa C. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Keith Allen (M)
Acuff, Kelly (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Kelly or Kelley S. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Kenneth N. (M)
Acuff, Kevin (M)
Acuff, Kierra Quqntinique (F)
Acuff, Kimberly (F)
Acuff, Kimberly Kay (F)
Acuff, Kimberly L. (F)
Acuff, Kimberly Michelle (F)
Acuff, Kingston David (M)
Acuff, Kristen (F)
Acuff, Kristen Renee (F)
Acuff, Kristi (F)
Acuff, Kristi (F)
Acuff, Kristi Ann (F)
Acuff, Kristin Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Kristy B. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, L. S. (?)
Acuff, Lankford (see Peter Lankford) (M)
Acuff, Larry D. (M)
Acuff, Larry J. (M)
Acuff, Larry K. (M)
Acuff, Larry M. (see Lorenzo M.) (M)
Acuff, Larry Scott (M)
Acuff, Laura (F)
Acuff, Laura (F)
Acuff, Laura Belle (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Lauren (F)
Acuff, Lavicia (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Lawrence (M)
Acuff, Lawson (M)
Acuff, Lawson B. (M)
Acuff, Leah M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Leasa Sue (F)
Acuff, Lee (M)
Acuff, Lei Karen (F)
Acuff, Lela Bird (F)
Acuff, Lesley (M)
Acuff, Lethie (F)
Acuff, Lewis (M)
Acuff, Lewis Fitzgerald (M)
Acuff, Lewis Fitzgerald (M)
Acuff, Lewis Frank (M)
Acuff, Lewis Frank (M)
Acuff, Lillian (F)
Acuff, Lillian A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Lillie (F)
Acuff, Lillie (F)
Acuff, Lillie (F)
Acuff, Linda C. (F)
Acuff, Linda C. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Linda Carolyn (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Linda L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Linda Lou Flatt (F)
Acuff, Linda R. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Lindsey (?)
Acuff, Linnie B. (F)
Acuff, Lisa (F)
Acuff, Lisa Anne (F)
Acuff, Lisa K. (F)
Acuff, Lisa Marie (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Liva (F)
Acuff, Lizzie (F)
Acuff, Mrs. Lizzie (F)
Acuff, Lizzie (F)
Acuff, Lois T. (F)
Acuff, Lola (F)
Acuff, Lola (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Lonnie (M)
Acuff, Lonnie A. (M)
Acuff, Lori Dale (F)
Acuff, Lou (M)
Acuff, Louis Sr. (M)
Acuff, Louis A. (M)
Acuff, Louis F. (M)
Acuff, Louise (F)
Acuff, Louise L. (F)
Acuff, Louise W. (F)
Acuff, Lucas (M)
Acuff, Lucille (F)
Acuff, Lucille Edith Overholt (F)
Acuff, Lucinda (F)
Acuff, Lucinda (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Lucretia Ann (F)
Acuff, Lucy (F)
Acuff, Lucy (F)
Acuff, Lucy M. (Green) (F)
Acuff, Lula (F)
Acuff, Lura (F)
Acuff, Lura M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Lynn (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, M. A. (F)
Acuff, M. E. (F)
Acuff, M. M. (M)
Acuff, M. M. (F)
Acuff, M. R. (?)
Acuff, Mabel (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Mabel Vesta (F)
Acuff, Mackenzie (F)
Acuff, Maddie (F)
Acuff, Mae Irene (F)
Acuff, Mae M. (F)
Acuff, Maetta E. (F)
Acuff, Maggie (F)
Acuff, Maggie D. (F)
Acuff, Maggie W. (F)
Acuff, Mahala Matilda (F)
Acuff, Maline F. (F)
Acuff, Mandy (F)
Acuff, Marc (M)
Acuff, Marc (M)
Acuff, Marcus L. (M)
Acuff, Margaret (F)
Acuff, Margaret (F)
Acuff, Margaret (F)
Acuff, Margaret (F)
Acuff, Margaret (F)
Acuff, Margaret (F)
Acuff, Margaret (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Margaret C. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Margaret L. (F)
Acuff, Margaret Louise (F)
Acuff, Margery (F)
Acuff, Mari (F)
Acuff, Marian (F)
Acuff, Marian L. (F)
Acuff, Marilyn (F)
Acuff, Marilyn G. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Marilyn Jane (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Marion (M)
Acuff, Marion A. (?)
Acuff, Marion Frances (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mark (M)
Acuff, Mark (M)
Acuff, Mark A. (M)
Acuff, Mark Allen (M)
Acuff, Mark Bryan (M)
Acuff, Mark P. (M)
Acuff, Mark P. (M)
Acuff, Mark Stephen (M)
Acuff, Mark W. (M)
Acuff, Mark Wilkinson (M)
Acuff, Martel (M)
Acuff, Martha (F)
Acuff, Martha (F)
Acuff, Martha (F)
Acuff, Martha (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Martha E. (Ellen?) (F)
Acuff, Martha L. (F)
Acuff, Martha M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Martha Taylor (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (F)
Acuff, Mary (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Mary (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary A. (F)
Acuff, Mary A. (F)
Acuff, Mary A. (F)
Acuff, Mary A. (F)
Acuff, Mary Angela (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary Ann (F)
Acuff, Mary Ann A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary Beth (F)
Acuff, Mary C. (F)
Acuff, Mary Croes (M)
Acuff, Mary E. (F)
Acuff, Mary E. (F)
Acuff, Mary E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary E. M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Mary Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary Henderson (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary J. (F)
Acuff, Mary L. (F)
Acuff, Mary L. (F)
Acuff, Mary Louise (F)
Acuff, Mary M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary Magdalene (F)
Acuff, Mary Outland (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary Ring (F)
Acuff, Mary Ruth (F)
Acuff, Mary S. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Mary Shelley (F)
Acuff, Mary T. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Maryland (M)
Acuff, Matilda (F)
Acuff, Matilda (F)
Acuff, Matilda (F)
Acuff, Matilda O. Mrs. (F)
Acuff, Matt (M)
Acuff, Matthew (M)
Acuff, Matthew (M)
Acuff, Matthew David (M)
Acuff, Mattye L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Maud (F)
Acuff, Maud (F)
Acuff, Maude C. (F)
Acuff, Max E. (M)
Acuff, Maxie Pearl (F)
Acuff, Maxine (F)
Acuff, Maxine (F)
Acuff, Maxine (F)
Acuff, Maxine L. (F)
Acuff, May (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Melba J. (F)
Acuff, Melba Jean (F)
Acuff, Melissa Ann (m. DOWNING) (F)
Acuff, Melissa D. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Melissa Michelle (F)
Acuff, Melody Annette (F)
Acuff, Melody J. (F)
Acuff, Melvin (M)
Acuff, Meta (F)
Acuff, Michael (M)
Acuff, Michael (M)
Acuff, Michael (M)
Acuff, Michael (M)
Acuff, Michael B. (M)
Acuff, Michael Brayton (M)
Acuff, Michael D. (M)
Acuff, Michael David (M)
Acuff, Michael K. (M)
Acuff, Michael Keith Brandon (M)
Acuff, Michael L. (M)
Acuff, Michael L. (M)
Acuff, Michael L. (M)
Acuff, Michael L. (M)
Acuff, Michael Lee (M)
Acuff, Michael Lee (M)
Acuff, Michael S. (M)
Acuff, Michael Watson (M)
Acuff, Michele L. (F)
Acuff, Michell (M)
Acuff, Michelle L. (F)
Acuff, Mickey Lee (F)
Acuff, Mike (M)
Acuff, Mike (M)
Acuff, Mike (M)
Acuff, Mildred C. (F)
Acuff, Mildred M. (F)
Acuff, Millard (M)
Acuff, Mindia (F)
Acuff, Minnie E. (F)
Acuff, Minnie Lee (F)
Acuff, Monique V. (F)
Acuff, Moses (M)
Acuff, N. (?)
Acuff, N. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, N. A. (M)
Acuff, N. B. (M)
Acuff, Nancy (F)
Acuff, Nancy (F)
Acuff, Nancy (F)
Acuff, Nancy (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Nancy (Viola?) (F)
Acuff, Nancy Ann (F)
Acuff, Nancy Catharine (F)
Acuff, Nancy J. (F)
Acuff, Nancy L. (F)
Acuff, Nancy Lynn (F)
Acuff, Nancy Reddin (F)
Acuff, Nancy Rosalie (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Nastassja (F)
Acuff, Nathan D. (M)
Acuff, Nathan T. (M)
Acuff, Neil (M)
Acuff, Neill (M)
Acuff, Nellie J. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Nellie L. (F)
Acuff, Nettie (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Neva (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Nick (See Donald Nicholas Acuff) (M)
Acuff, Nicole L. (F)
Acuff, Nicole Layel (F)
Acuff, Nicole M. (F)
Acuff, Nikia (F)
Acuff, Nina R. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Nora (F)
Acuff, Nora (F)
Acuff, Norma W. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Norman (M)
Acuff, Norman (M)
Acuff, Norman Jason (M)
Acuff, Oan (M)
Acuff, Olivia (F)
Acuff, Ollie (F)
Acuff, Ollie (Northcutt) (F)
Acuff, Opal Marie (F)
Acuff, Orcie M. (F)
Acuff, Orrina (F)
Acuff, Orval (see Stokely Orval) (M)
Acuff, Orville Jackson (M)
Acuff, Ossie (M)
Acuff, Otha H. (M)
Acuff, Otta B. (F)
Acuff, Owen (M)
Acuff, P. L. V. (?)
Acuff, Pamela A. (F)
Acuff, Pamela Anne (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Pamela Sue (F)
Acuff, Pamelia (F)
Acuff, Pat (F)
Acuff, Patricia A. (F)
Acuff, Patricia A. (F)
Acuff, Patricia A. (F)
Acuff, Patricia A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Patricia D. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Patricia Dawn (F)
Acuff, Patricia Eldredge (F)
Acuff, Patricia M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Patrick L. (M)
Acuff, Patrick Newell (M)
Acuff, Paul (M)
Acuff, Paul T. (M)
Acuff, Paula Christine (F)
Acuff, Paulette A. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Peggy Jenkins (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Perri Lynn (F)
Acuff, Perry (M)
Acuff, Perry A. (M)
Acuff, Peter (M)
Acuff, Philippa (F)
Acuff, Phillip (M)
Acuff, Polly (F)
Acuff, Preston Michael (M)
Acuff, Price Jr. (M)
Acuff, Priscilla Martha (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Pryor (M)
Acuff, R. B. (?)
Acuff, R. B. (M)
Acuff, R. G. (M)
Acuff, R. N. (M)
Acuff, Rachael P. (F)
Acuff, Rachel (F)
Acuff, Rachel (F)
Acuff, Rachel Elizabeth (F)
Acuff, Rachel P. (F)
Acuff, Raisel (?)
Acuff, Ram (M)
Acuff, Rayford (M)
Acuff, Raymond (M)
Acuff, Raymond A. (M)
Acuff, Raymond F. (M)
Acuff, Raymond O. (See Osa Raymond Acuff) (M)
Acuff, Rayna K. (F)
Acuff, Reba E. (F)
Acuff, Reba M. (F)
Acuff, Rebecca Ada (F)
Acuff, Rebecca Jean (F)
Acuff, Rebecca Jean (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Rebecka (F)
Acuff, Reid (M)
Acuff, Rhonda (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Rhonda (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Rich (M)
Acuff, Richard (M)
Acuff, Richard D. (M)
Acuff, Richard E. (M)
Acuff, Richard E. (M)
Acuff, Richard Eugene (M)
Acuff, Richard R. (M)
Acuff, Richard S. (M)
Acuff, Rickey Lee (M)
Acuff, Ricky Joe (M)
Acuff, Rob (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (M)
Acuff, Robert (?)
Acuff, Robert C. (M)
Acuff, Robert C. (M)
Acuff, Robert C. (M)
Acuff, Robert J. (M)
Acuff, Robert K. (M)
Acuff, Robert L. (M)
Acuff, Robert Lee (M)
Acuff, Robert R. (M)
Acuff, Robert S. (M)
Acuff, Robert S. (M)
Acuff, Robert W. (M)
Acuff, Robert W. (M)
Acuff, Roberta K. (F)
Acuff, Robie (M)
Acuff, Rodger (M)
Acuff, Roger D. (M)
Acuff, Roger W. (M)
Acuff, Ron (M)
Acuff, Ron (M)
Acuff, Ronada (F)
Acuff, Ronald (M)
Acuff, Ronald (M)
Acuff, Ronald D. (See Donald D. Acuff) (M)
Acuff, Ronald D. (M)
Acuff, Ronald Edwin (M)
Acuff, Ronald R. (M)
Acuff, Ronald R. (M)
Acuff, Ronnie D. (M)
Acuff, Rose Alice (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Roxanne M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Roy (M)
Acuff, Roy (M)
Acuff, Roy (M)
Acuff, Roy (M)
Acuff, Roy (of Leopoldville disaster) (M)
Acuff, Roy A. (M)
Acuff, Roy B. (M)
Acuff, Roy Cumpton (M)
Acuff, Roy Earl (M)
Acuff, Roy N. (M)
Acuff, Roy O. (M)
Acuff, Roy R. Jr. (M)
Acuff, Roy William (M)
Acuff, Ruby (F)
Acuff, Ruby (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Ruby (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Ruby Lee (F)
Acuff, Ruby Lorene (F)
Acuff, Russell (M)
Acuff, Russell C. (M)
Acuff, Ruth Anna (F)
Acuff, Ruth C. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Ruth Henretta (F)
Acuff, Ruth M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Ryan (M)
Acuff, Officer Ryan Daniel (M)
Acuff, Ryan David (M)
Acuff, Ryan Patrick (M)
Acuff, S. P. (?)
Acuff, Sallie (F)
Acuff, Sallie E. (F)
Acuff, Sallie Mildred (F)
Acuff, Sally Ann (F)
Acuff, Sally C. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sam (M)
Acuff, Sam (M)
Acuff, Sam (M)
Acuff, Sam (F)
Acuff, Samantha (F)
Acuff, Samantha (F)
Acuff, Samuel (M)
Acuff, Samuel (M)
Acuff, Samuel (M)
Acuff, Samuel (M)
Acuff, Samuel (M)
Acuff, Samuel C. (M)
Acuff, Sandra (F)
Acuff, Sandra D. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sandra K. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sandra K. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sandy (F)
Acuff, Sara Jane (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sara M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sarah (F)
Acuff, Sarah (F)
Acuff, Sarah (F)
Acuff, Sarah (F)
Acuff, Sarah (F)
Acuff, Sarah (F)
Acuff, Sarah (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sarah E. (F)
Acuff, Sarah Emily (F)
Acuff, Sarah F. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sarah J. (F)
Acuff, Sarah J. (F)
Acuff, Sarah J. (F)
Acuff, Sarah J. (Mrs.) (F)
Acuff, Sarah J. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sausha LeAnn (?)
Acuff, Scott (M)
Acuff, Scott (M)
Acuff, Scott James (M)
Acuff, Serena D. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Serepta (F)
Acuff, Shameeka L. (F)
Acuff, Shane B. (M)
Acuff, Shane Dewayne (M)
Acuff, Shane L. (M)
Acuff, Shannon J. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sharon E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sharon Gail (F)
Acuff, Sharon S. (F)
Acuff, Shayna Brinann (F)
Acuff, Sheila Ann (F)
Acuff, Shelia P. (F)
Acuff, Capt. Shelley (M)
Acuff, Shelly Dawn (F)
Acuff, Sheri Lynne (F)
Acuff, Sheri Lynne (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sheri Lynne (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Shermell (F)
Acuff, Sherri Dale (F)
Acuff, Sherry (Mrs.) (M)
Acuff, Sherry Lynn Von Vain (F)
Acuff, Sherry Winona (F)
Acuff, Shirley A. (F)
Acuff, Shirley Ann (F)
Acuff, Shirley Elnora (F)
Acuff, Shirley Jean (F)
Acuff, Shirley Ruth (F)
Acuff, Shirley Y. (F)
Acuff, Sida F. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Simeon LaFayette (M)
Acuff, Simon Sullivan (M)
Acuff, Sims R. (M)
Acuff, Socorro (F)
Acuff, Sonnya G. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Spencer (M)
Acuff, Steen W. (M)
Acuff, Stephanie (F)
Acuff, Stephanie A. (F)
Acuff, Stephanie Hall (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Stephen A. (M)
Acuff, Lance Cpl. Steve (M)
Acuff, Steve (M)
Acuff, Steve (M)
Acuff, Steve (M)
Acuff, Steve W. (M)
Acuff, Steven (M)
Acuff, Steven Lynn (M)
Acuff, Steven Ray (M)
Acuff, Steven W. "Steve" (M)
Acuff, Sue (F)
Acuff, Sue (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sue Kacloe (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Summer Lee (F)
Acuff, Susan (F)
Acuff, Susan (F)
Acuff, Susan (F)
Acuff, Susan (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Susan (Storey) (F)
Acuff, Susan H. (F)
Acuff, Susan Jean (F)
Acuff, Susan Lynn (F)
Acuff, Susan Penelope (F)
Acuff, Susan R. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Susan S. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Susannah (F)
Acuff, Susie (F)
Acuff, Susie B. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Suzanne B. (F)
Acuff, Suzanne W. (F)
Acuff, Sydney (F)
Acuff, Sydney Francis (M)
Acuff, Sydney M. (M)
Acuff, Sylvia (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Sylvia Lynn (F)
Acuff, Sylvia R. (F)
Acuff, T. H. (M)
Acuff, T. L. V. (?)
Acuff, Tabatha Lee (F)
Acuff, Tabitha (F)
Acuff, Tama Jean (F)
Acuff, Tamara Kimberly (F)
Acuff, Tammy Kaye (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Tammy M. (F)
Acuff, Tammy Marie (F)
Acuff, Tanner (M)
Acuff, Tara M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Tara Nichole (F)
Acuff, Tavis (M)
Acuff, Teresa (F)
Acuff, Teresa Ann (F)
Acuff, Teresa Diane (F)
Acuff, Teresa Kay (F)
Acuff, Teresa Y. (F)
Acuff, Terry (M)
Acuff, Terry (?)
Acuff, Terry (M)
Acuff, Terry D. (M)
Acuff, Terry Diane (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Terry W. (M)
Acuff, Tess Marie (F)
Acuff, Thelma (F)
Acuff, Theresa (F)
Acuff, Theresa Lee (F)
Acuff, Thomas (M)
Acuff, Thomas (M)
Acuff, Thomas (M)
Acuff, Thomas (M)
Acuff, Thomas (M)
Acuff, Thomas (M)
Acuff, Thomas (M)
Acuff, Thomas (M)
Acuff, Thomas B. (M)
Acuff, Thomas Burton ( see Burton Thomas ) (M)
Acuff, Thomas E. (M)
Acuff, Thomas Joseph (see John Thomas Acuff ) (M)
Acuff, Thomas S. (M)
Acuff, Thomas W. (M)
Acuff, Tiffanie M. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Tiffany A. (F)
Acuff, Tiffany Pauline (F)
Acuff, Tim (M)
Acuff, Timothy (M)
Acuff, Timothy N. (M)
Acuff, Tina (F)
Acuff, Tina M. (F)
Acuff, Tinnie (F)
Acuff, Tiny (F)
Acuff, Tlanas (?)
Acuff, Todd (M)
Acuff, Todd Anthony (M)
Acuff, Tom (M)
Acuff, Tom (F)
Acuff, Tom (M)
Acuff, Tom (M)
Acuff, Tommy Lee (M)
Acuff, Tony (M)
Acuff, Tony Allen (M)
Acuff, Tracey E. (F)
Acuff, Tracy (?)
Acuff, Travis (M)
Acuff, Troy E. (M)
Acuff, Trula or Eula (F)
Acuff, Tyrone D. (M)
Acuff, Tyronza L. (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Ulysses (M)
Acuff, Unnamed Infant (F)
Acuff, Valerie Brooke (F)
Acuff, Valerie K. (F)
Acuff, Vaughn (M)
Acuff, Vena (F)
Acuff, Vera (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Vernae Marraivett (F)
Acuff, Veronica Lynn (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Versa (?)
Acuff, Vicki L. (F)
Acuff, Vicki N. (F)
Acuff, Victoria (F)
Acuff, Victoria Rudolph (F)
Acuff, Virgil (M)
Acuff, Virgil Allen (M)
Acuff, Virginia (F)
Acuff, Virginia (F)
Acuff, Virginia (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Virginia Gail (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Virginia Marie (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, Virginia Marie (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, W. A. (M)
Acuff, W. D. (M)
Acuff, W. H. (M)
Acuff, Mrs. W. L. (F)
Acuff, W. Michael (M)
Acuff, W. V. (?)
Acuff, Walt (M)
Acuff, Walter (M)
Acuff, Walter (M)
Acuff, Walter (M)
Acuff, Walter F. (M)
Acuff, Walter G. (M)
Acuff, Walter Lee (M)
Acuff, Wanda (F)
Acuff, Warren (M)
Acuff, Wayne (M)
Acuff, Wayne (M)
Acuff, Wayne P. - see Phillip Wayne (M)
Acuff, West (M)
Acuff, Will (M)
Acuff, Willa (Mrs.?) (F)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William Jr. (M)
Acuff, William (M)
Acuff, William A. (See Prince Wm. Acuff) (M)
Acuff, William A. (M)
Acuff, William Aaron III (M)
Acuff, William Dale Sr. (M)
Acuff, William E. (M)
Acuff, William E. (M)
Acuff, William F. (M)
Acuff, William G. (M)
Acuff, William H. "Bill" (M)
Acuff, William I. (M)
Acuff, William J. (M)
Acuff, William J. (M)
Acuff, William J. (M)
Acuff, William J. (M)
Acuff, William J. (M)
Acuff, William Jovon (M)
Acuff, William Michael (M)
Acuff, William S. (M)
Acuff, William T. (M)
Acuff, William W. (M)
Acuff, Willie (M)
Acuff, Willie (M)
Acuff, Willie (M)
Acuff, Willie (M)
Acuff, Willie J. (?)
Acuff, Woodrow Jackson (M)
Acuff, Xavier (M)
Acuff, Zackery (M)
Acuff-Chapman, Abby (F)
Acuff-Whitaker, Debra (F)
Acuff (Acoff?), Andrew (M)
Acuff (Harris?), Darrell (M)
Acuff (Haynes), Ronald Eugene (M)
Acuff or Acupp (M)
Acuff or Aliff, Alcanie Albert (M)
Acuff or Wright, Winnie Jane (F)
Acup, Arvel (M)
Acup, Bonnie Sue (F)
Acup, Charles (M)
Acup, John (M)
Acup, John (M)
Acup, Ruby Opal Jewell (F)
Acup, W. C. (M)
Adair, Kathleen Joy (F)
Adair, Walter S. (M)
Adames, June Elizabeth Clara (F)
Adams (M)
Adams (M)
Adams (M)
Adams, Bryan Adin (M)
Adams, Daisy Bernice (F)
Adams, Frank (M)
Adams, John Vinson (M)
Adams, Rev. Lloyd Thomas (M)
Adams, Lucile Alzada (F)
Adams, Malory (M)
Adams, May (F)
Adams, Ralph Winfred (M)
Adams, Stacey Lee (M)
Adams, William Lowell (M)
Adcock, Bertha Louise (F)
Adcock, Michael G. (M)
Adkins, Lawrence Calbin Jr. (M)
Adkison, Martha (F)
Agee, Debra Elaine (F)
Agner, William Monroe Jr. (M)
Agnew, Edna (F)
Ahland, Henry William (M)
Ailor, Earl J. (M)
Akbarzadeh, Sakineh S. (M)
Akers, Loretta Irene (F)
Akiff, Sharon Ann (F)
Akoff, J (M)
Albright, James M. (M)
Albright, Timothy E. (M)
Aldridge, Angela "Angie" Marie (F)
Alexander, John H. (M)
Alexander, Tammy K. (F)
Allan, Charles James (M)
Allen, Anthony Wayne (M)
Allen, Ashley N. (F)
Allen, Buster (M)
Allen, Carmia Ellen (F)
Allen, Emma Joyce (F)
Allen, Fern Delores (m. an Acuff) (F)
Allen, Ida Mae (F)
Allen, Marlene A. (F)
Allen, Pearl Ann (F)
Allen, Robert L. (M)
Allen, Stephen (M)
Allen, William J. (M)
Allen, William Nelson (M)
Allison, James C. (M)
Allmand, Janis L. (F)
Allport, Stanley L. Jr. (M)
Allsup, Gertrude (F)
Alonzi, Melinda Rae (F)
Alton, Ruby (F)
Alves, Anthony V. (M)
Amacker, Mark Sloan (M)
Amburn, Angela Beth (F)
Amidon, Maude S. (F)
Ammons, Martha Ann (F)
Andersen, Ricky Byron (M)
Anderson, Anna (Mrs.) (F)
Anderson, Donald Arthur (M)
Anderson, George G. (M)
Anderson, Kathleen (F)
Anderson, Kimberly (F)
Anderson, Krista (F)
Anderson, Larrie (M)
Anderson, Lloyd Theodore (M)
Anderson, Mary Maxine (F)
Anderson, Orie Belle (F)
Anderson, Sharon Louise (F)
Anderson, William H. (M)
Andrews (M)
Andrews, Emma Dixon (F)
Andrews, Michael S. (M)
Anerton, Ellen Louise (F)
Angle, Mr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Angle, Richard Eugene (M)
Antone, Velma Minnie (F)
Antonson, Daniel John (M)
Appleby, Geraldine (F)
Appleby, Raymond Kite (M)
Appleton, Joseph Miles (M)
Arana, Maria Elizabeth (F)
Arana, Maria Elizabeth (F)
Archer, Wilma J. (F)
Armijo (M)
Armstrong (m. an ACUFF) (M)
Armstrong (F)
Armstrong, Debra Lane (F)
Arnn, Edward Lancaster (M)
Arnold (M)
Arnold, Hoy Newland (M)
Arnold, Thomas D. (M)
Arnott, Jo Ann (F)
Arnwine, Timothy Richard (M)
Arwood, Frank Lee (M)
Asbury, Carrie M. (F)
Asbury, Glenn Owen (M)
Asbury, Walter Willis (M)
Ascough (M)
Ascough, -?- (M)
Ascough, Abraham (M)
Ascough, Bridgett (F)
Ascough, Christopher (M)
Ascough, Sir George (M)
Ascough, George (M)
Ascough, John (M)
Ascough, Mary (F)
Ascough, Richard (M)
Ascough, William (M)
Ascroft (M)
Ashby, Henrietta Ruth (F)
Ashcraft, Odie S. (M)
Ashmore, Ronald Robert (M)
Ashton, Gladys Mildred (F)
Ashworth (M)
Asselin, Edward Donald (M)
Atkins (M)
Atkins (M)
Atkins (M)
Atkins, Brittney Nasia (F)
Atkins, Dr. Caswell A. (M)
Atkins, Charles (M)
Atkins, Ella Jan (F)
Atkins, Grover A. (M)
Atkins, James S. (M)
Atkins, Nancy Rebecca (Adlay) (F)
Atkins, Nannie (Norris) (F)
Atkins, Perry Arthur (M)
Atkins, Raymond R. (M)
Atkins, Robert Carl (M)
Atteberry, Earl J. (M)
Atterberry, Rev. Ira Glenn (M)
Atwood, Lorean (F)
Austin, Carolyn (F)
Austin, Claude Eugene (M)
Avery, Ruth Anne (F)
Ax, Joseph (M)
Axton, Addison (M)
Ayala, Maranda Alice Lundy (F)
Ayalon, Jonathan (M)
Aycock, Emma Lee (F)
Ayers, Orville Thomas (M)
Ayers, William Green (M)
Ayscough (M)
Ayscough, Christopher (M)
Ayscough, Edward (M)
Ayscough, Francis (M)
Ayscough, Cmdr. James (M)
Ayscough, Dr. John (M)
Ayscough, Peggy (F)
Baca, Ambrose (M)
Bachelor, Ansley (F)
Bachman (M)
Backus, Victor D. (M)
Baesman, Mary Jo (F)
Bailey (M)
Bailey, Barbara Anne (F)
Bailey, Curtis E. II (M)
Bailey, Ida A. (F)
Bailey, Louisa (F)
Bailey, Nancy Caroline (F)
Bailey, Ola Mae (F)
Baird, Alice C. (F)
Baird, Cynthia (F)
Baker, Bryan T. (M)
Baker, Bryan Tyler (M)
Baker, Camy Lea (F)
Baker, Cynthia Jo (F)
Baker, Davy (M)
Baker, Fannie O. (F)
Baker, Harry (M)
Baker, Ida Malissa (F)
Baker, Leland William III (M)
Baker, Reba A. (F)
Baker, Velma Louise (F)
Baker, William Caleb (M)
Ballard, Donald Lynn (M)
Ballard, Dorothy Elva Audette (F)
Ballinger, Mollie (F)
Baltimore, Robert (M)
Bamford, Sharon Lee (F)
Banks, Elva (F)
Bankston, Edward L. (M)
Banning, LaReese (F)
Barbee (M)
Barber, Angela (F)
Barber, Dominic (M)
Barber, Jo Ann (F)
Barber, Kimberly Sue (F)
Barbour, Lorinza Acuff (M)
Bareis, Dr. Robert John (M)
Barella, Irene (F)
Barfield, Deborah K. (F)
Barfoot, Bessie M. (F)
Barker, George Luther (M)
Barker, Lawrence Spears Jr. (M)
Barkley, Elsie (F)
Barnard, Robert Garrett (M)
Barnes (M)
Barnes, James Vinson (M)
Barnes, Juanita Faye (F)
Barnes, Zola (F)
Barnett (M)
Barnett, Lillian (F)
Barnhart, Kimberly Kay (F)
Barnhart, Mary Elizabeth (F)
Barrere, Margaret (F)
Barrett, Laura (Md. an Acuff) (F)
Barrowman, Thomas E. (M)
Barton, Deborah (F)
Barton, Harriet Ann (F)
Bartruff, Lydia (F)
Bass, Scott (M)
Bates, Aimee J. (F)
Bates, Cordie (F)
Bates, Daniel (M)
Bates, Lonnlye W. (M)
Bates, Virginia Cate (F)
Batten, Donald L. Jr. (M)
Battilana, Chris (M)
Battles, Sarah Frances (F)
Bauch, Jill Lynn (F)
Bauchman, Charles T. W. (M)
Baugh, Mary (F)
Baum, Lawrence M. (M)
Baxter, Lynda Marie (F)
Baxter, Thomas Edwin (M)
Bayer, Charles Benjamin (M)
Bayless, Christian Alan (M)
Bayley, Richard T. (M)
Baynes, Martha R. (F)
Beamer, Stephen W. (M)
Bean, Louis (M)
Beanie, Phillis M. (F)
Beard, Clyde Elbert (M)
Bearden, Jeff (M)
Beason, Douglas (M)
Beattie (M)
Beatty, Charles (M)
Beauvais, Arthur Joseph (M)
Beavers, James Edward (M)
Beavers, Jennie (F)
Beavers, Judith Ann (F)
Beck (M)
Beck, John E. (M)
Beck, Lois Ann (F)
Beck, Rachael (F)
Beckham, Dennis Mark (M)
Beckman (M)
Becknell, Marshall Mayfield (M)
Beeler, Alfreda Kay (F)
Beeler, Crystal M. (F)
Beeler, Daniel (M)
Beeler, Jesse Franklin (M)
Beeler, Laura L. (F)
Beeler, Loda Vontella (F)
Beeler, Martha C. Temperance (F)
Beeler, Mary Elizabeth (F)
Beeler, Matilda (F)
Beeler, Randall J. (M)
Begley, Shannon (M)
Behlin, Pamela Anette (F)
Behling, Joyce A. (Michel) (F)
Behnke, William Charles (M)
Belissary, Charles M. (M)
Belk, Stanley D. (M)
Bell, Angela S. (F)
Bell, Beulah Acuff (F)
Bell, James Franklin (M)
Bell, Joy Earle (F)
Bell, Mary Minerva (F)
Bell, Monta Fern (F)
Bell, Owen (M)
Bell, Rachel (F)
Bell, Wayne Thomas (M)
Bellissary, Rosemarie R. (F)
Bellon, Otto Herman (M)
Belouski, Wilhelmina E. (F)
Belton, Elizabeth Avery (F)
Bemis (M)
Bemis, Ella Sophia (F)
Bemis, Romona Lee (F)
Bemiss, Robert Smith (M)
Benassi, Jean A. (F)
Bendtsen, Jay Joseph (M)
Benecke, Kevin B. (M)
Benedict, Mary H. (F)
Benett, Bobby Lloyd (M)
Benge, Denny G. (M)
Bennett (M)
Bennett, Debra Lynn (F)
Bennett, Jana L. ( Md. an Acuff ) (F)
Bennett, Luther (M)
Bennett, Mary Lou (F)
Bennett, Mary R. (F)
Bennett, Russell E. (M)
Bennett, Sarah Ann (F)
Bennett, Victoria Whittaker (F)
Bennie, Sherri D. (F)
Benoit (M)
Benoit, Joyce (F)
Benson, Amelia (F)
Bergstom, Roger Lynn (M)
Bergstrom, Catherine L. (F)
Bergstrom and/or Dreyer (M)
Bergthold, Rachel J. (F)
Berner, Emil (M)
Berrier, Tenora Aileen (F)
Berry, Corrine A. (F)
Berry, Ila (F)
Berry, Tiffany (F)
Bertchiger, Addie Lottie (F)
Beryatte or Buyette, Louis (M)
Bess, Estel L. (M)
Bewley, Omer George (M)
Bezotte, Eugene (M)
Bible, Curtis L. (M)
Biel, Shauna Dawn (F)
Biggerstaff, Denise Michelle (F)
Biggs, Gwen D. (F)
Bihl, William Davis (M)
Billingsley (M)
Billingsley, Nancy Jane (F)
Billingsley, Rebecca (F)
Billingsly, Nancy K. (F)
Billingsly, Samuel Jr. (M)
Bills, John C. (M)
Bird, Edith Alene (F)
Bishop, Bobby (M)
Bishop, Joseph Donnie (M)
Bishop, Nancy A. ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Biswell, Melissa A. (F)
Bivens (M)
Bivens, Sonya Louise (F)
Bixler (M)
Bixler, Helen (F)
Black, Georgia Anna (F)
Black, Heath (M)
Black, Janice Elizabeth (F)
Black, Mary Jane (F)
Black, Sherman O'Neal (M)
Black, Stephen (M)
Blackburn, Anna E. (F)
Blackburn, Edna Pearl (F)
Blackburn, Elizabeth Glenn (Lee) (F)
Blackledge, Clara (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Blackman, Harold Lyke (M)
Blackwell (M)
Blackwell, Charlotte Ann (F)
Blair, Lucy Ann (F)
Blake, Mary Jo (F)
Blakey, Pearle May (F)
Blakley (M)
Blakney, Robert Lee (M)
Bland, Irie Elwain (M)
Blane, Candace Joy (F)
Blane, Earl L. (M)
Blankenship, George Raymond (M)
Blankenship, Jake (M)
Blankenship, Leslie Lee (M)
Blanton, Bartlett Francis (M)
Blas (M)
Blassingame, Marvin E. (M)
Blatchley (M)
Blaylock, Forrest Jefferson (M)
Blaylock, Jacqueline Sue (F)
Bledsoe, James W. (M)
Blevins, Artie T. (F)
Blevins, Jewell Faye (F)
Blocker, Andrea K. (F)
Bloodworth, Mollie (F)
Blue, Patsy Rudene (F)
Bluford or Peterford (M)
Boaz, Harley Alonzo (M)
Bobo, Clarice (Clara) Ellen (F)
Bochen, Goldia M. (F)
Boeh, Misty (F)
Boehlke, Brent Scott (M)
Boehm, Patrick (M)
Boister, Margaret Jane (F)
Bolden, Chester (M)
Bolding, Crystal Monique (F)
Bolding, Shirley (F)
Bolin, Melody Joy (F)
Bolin, Melvin Baxter (M)
Boling, Christina Danielle (F)
Boling, Rodney L. (M)
Bolinger, Catherine (F)
Bolles, Abigail (F)
Bolowskie, Jack S. Jr. (M)
Bolton (F)
Bonar, Charles L. (M)
Bond, Marion (West) (F)
Bonner, Eugene Louis (M)
Bonner, Seth Evan (M)
Bonner, William Robert Jr. (M)
Bonney, Robert (M)
Bonnier, Michael John (M)
Bonsteel, Elizabeth Suzanne (F)
Booher, Walter David (M)
Booker, Joshua Olen (M)
Booker, Sarah Ann (F)
Booker, William Samuel (M)
Boone, Rachel (F)
Boothe, Art Brenton (M)
Borders, Capt. Billie Minor (M)
Borders, Sarah J. (F)
Boreen, Emma? (F)
Borland, Nina Rue (F)
Borsh, Rosalie (m unknown Acuff) (F)
Borum, Edna Louisa (F)
Bosch, Danielle Marie (F)
Bosch, Joseph (M)
Boskey, Mari Lee (F)
Bosley, Katherine Elizabeth (F)
Boss, Judy D. (F)
Boston, Ellen Elaine (F)
Boswell (M)
Bottcher, Marion Erika (F)
Bottom (M)
Boulet, James Alan (M)
Bowden, Elsa G. (F)
Bowen, Ina W. (F)
Bowen, Randy James (M)
Bowens, Sharon (F)
Bower, Drucie A. (F)
Bowers, John William (M)
Bowers, Roy Wesley (M)
Bowles, Floyd G. (M)
Bowlin, Dennis (M)
Bowling, Daniel L. (M)
Bowling, Fred Wallace (M)
Bowling, Lyman (M)
Bowman, Amon Mott (M)
Bowman, Eliza Jane (F)
Bowman, Floyd Cass (M)
Bowman, John Keezel (M)
Bowman, Mildred (F)
Boyce, Steve (M)
Boyd, (Lester's father) (married an ACUFF) (M)
Boyd, Charles Wesley (M)
Boyd, James L. (M)
Boyd, James M. (M)
Boyd, Jeffrey Niles (M)
Boyd, John Hugh (M)
Boyd, John William (M)
Boyd, Margaret Jane (F)
Boyd, Mark Anthony (M)
Boyd, Morthy (F)
Boyd, Nathan (M)
Boyd, Nelda J. (F)
Boyd, Sarah (F)
Boyd, Selma Ruth (F)
Boyer (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Boyer, Audrey Diane (F)
Boyer, Cecelia (F)
Boylan, Helen (F)
Bozarth, Vester Inez (F)
Bracey, Earlene (F)
Brackett (M)
Brackmeier, Clifford Lee (M)
Bradford, Cecilia Rae (F)
Bradford, David (M)
Bradford, Otis R. Jr. (M)
Bradley, Bart Dean (M)
Bradley, Bart Dean (M)
Bradley, David (M)
Bradley, Jeannine E. (F)
Bradshaw, Charlotte (F)
Brake, Robert Dean (M)
Brakmeier, Emma Dora (F)
Branch, Theresa (F)
Brandenburg, Connie Jean (F)
Brandenburg, William H. (M)
Branham (M)
Branham, Frederick (M)
Branham, Larry Wheeler (M)
Branson, Benjamin (M)
Branson, Lloyd (M)
Branson, Mary (F)
Branson, Mary (F)
Branson, Parlin (M)
Branson, Rebecca E. (F)
Branson, Sarah Elizabeth (F)
Brant, Mr. (M)
Branum, Rebecca Mae (F)
Brashears, David Lawrence (M)
Brasher, Larence Hubbard (M)
Braswell, Tommy Ray (M)
Bray, Cynthia A. (F)
Brazelle, Charles L. (M)
Braziel, Martha A. (F)
Brazzel, Olen (M)
Breazeale, George T. (M)
Breazeale, Vicki (F)
Breeden, James B. (M)
Breeden, Joseph "Jobe" (M)
Breeding, David Edward (M)
Breeding, Doylene (F)
Breeding, Elmer (M)
Breeding, Saleta Joyce (F)
Breedlove, David Wayne (M)
Breen, Walter Wallace (M)
Brei, Virginia (F)
Breneger, Clifford (M)
Brengard (M)
Breshears, Walter (M)
Brest (M)
Brevard, Geneva (F)
Brewer, Carolyn Marie (F)
Brewer, Deborah Jane (F)
Brewer, Jack (M)
Brewer, Kathryn Elizabeth (F)
Brewer, Rachel Ann (F)
Brewer, Rondie Lee (M)
Brewer or Holmes or Gervais, Emily (Md. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Brey, Robert (M)
Bricker, Isabelle M. (F)
Bridenstine, Connie (F)
Bridger, Hardy Gray (M)
Bridges (M)
Bridges, Danny Rogers (M)
Bridges, Joe (M)
Bridges, John (M)
Bridges, Sandra Inez (F)
Bridges, Troy G. F. (M)
Bridges, Rev. William "Bill" (M)
Bright, Josiah Newt (M)
Brittain, Carson (M)
Brittin, Charles W. (M)
Britzman, Sarah Lynne (F)
Brizendine, Anne (F)
Broadrick or Burton, Gayle Marie (F)
Brobst, Edwin Deemy (M)
Brock, Cherokee? (M)
Brock, Lillie Dometra (F)
Brock, Moses (M)
Brooke, Kathleen Ann (F)
Brookins, Jeramiah Lee (M)
Brooks (M)
Brooks, Floyd E. Sr. (M)
Brooks, Pamela Kay (F)
Brooks, Ralph Dewitt (M)
Brooks, Tracy L. (F)
Brose, Casey (M)
Brower, Malinda J. (F)
Brown (M)
Brown, Mr. (m. an unk. Acoff) (M)
Brown (M)
Brown (M)
Brown, Crystal Marie (F)
Brown, Cynthia J. (F)
Brown, Earl (M)
Brown, Emma L. (F)
Brown, Harold R. (M)
Brown, Hazel Lucille (F)
Brown, Heather (F)
Brown, Hobert Earl (M)
Brown, Hubert R. (M)
Brown, Ida (F)
Brown, Jamie (M)
Brown, Joel Frederick (M)
Brown, Kathleen Louise (F)
Brown, Lloyd George (M)
Brown, Louise (F)
Brown, Mae (F)
Brown, Marilyn Frances (F)
Brown, Marion F. (M)
Brown, Martha Ruth (F)
Brown, Mary (F)
Brown, Mary Louise (F)
Brown, Monique R. (F)
Brown, Novella (F)
Brown, Pleasant J. (M)
Brown, Renee A. (Sandels) (F)
Brown, Samuel M. (M)
Brown, Shawni (F)
Brown, Sydney Susan (F)
Brown, Tyann L. (F)
Brown, W. D. (M)
Broxton, Fanny Doris (F)
Broyles, Brownie Russell (M)
Broyles, Samuel Hillman (M)
Bruan, Lucille (F)
Brumit, William Walter (M)
Brummett, Anna Marie (F)
Brummett, Barbara Ann (F)
Bruner, Clarence Eddie (M)
Brunk, Volney (M)
Brunoehler, Karen (F)
Bryan (M)
Bryan, Cherye Dianne (F)
Bryan, Joseph H. (M)
Bryan, William W. III (M)
Bryant, John Coleman (M)
Bryson (M)
Buchan, Hatsue H. (Mrs.) (F)
Buchanan, Robert Harold (M)
Buckley, Louise (Mrs.) (F)
Buckner, Noah Allen (M)
Buenger, Hope Annette (F)
Buettner, Willard Kenneth (M)
Buffington, Doyle Clinton (M)
Buffington, Ralph Stephen (M)
Buie ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Buie, Paul (M)
Buie, Sarah Ann (F)
Buler, Sarah (F)
Bulger, David Jr. (M)
Bull, Jo-Ann (F)
Bullen, Margaret D. (F)
Bullham, William Robert (M)
Bullock, Bruce M. (M)
Bulman, Angela E. (F)
Bumgarner, Bethel Marvella (F)
Bumgarner, Howard James (M)
Bunch, Clofus Ray (M)
Bundren, Henry (M)
Burch, Leo (M)
Burcham, Lysbeth Lee (F)
Burchell, Lee (M)
Burchfield, Angela Gail (F)
Burdette, Lilybel (F)
Burgess, Martha (F)
Burgess, William (M)
Burk, Mary Ann E. (F)
Burke, Eric (M)
Burke, Robert Paul (M)
Burke, Tamara Lea (F)
Burkett (M)
Burkhalter, Michael Alvin (M)
Burkhart, Roberta June (F)
Burnett, Glen (M)
Burnett, Horace Pangle (M)
Burnett, James (M)
Burnett, Joseph (M)
Burnette, Cecile L. (F)
Burns, Bruce Kent (M)
Burns, Calvin A. (M)
Burrow, Frances Beatrice (F)
Burton (F)
Burton, Barbara Jean (F)
Burton, Cecil Eugene (M)
Burton, Timothy Ray (M)
Burts, George Allen (M)
Burvant, Marian Elizabeth (F)
Busbey, Ella Gladys (F)
Bush, Jennie (F)
Bushaw, Lois C. (F)
Bushnell, Sherrill N. (M)
Busler, Angel Darlene (F)
Bussell, Katrina Lee (Miller) (F)
Butcher, Darrell Leroy (M)
Butler, Allen Monroe (M)
Butler, Eleanor (F)
Butler, Florence Ida (F)
Butler, Jennifer Elise (F)
Butler, Maxine (F)
Butler, Nannie E. (F)
Butters, Matthew Wade (M)
Butts, Johnathan (M)
Butts, Sarah H. (F)
Buxton, Michael Townsend (M)
Bybee, John (M)
Byerley, Luther Albert (M)
Byerly, Robert McClain (M)
Byers, Martin (M)
Bynum (M)
Byrd, Clinton (M)
Byrd, Doris Jean (F)
Byrd, George (M)
Byrd, Helen (Mrs.) (F)
Byrd, James (M)
Byrd, James (M)
Byrd, Lapatra (F)
Byrd, Victor (M)
C., Mary (F)
Cadden, Cora Alice (F)
Cagle, Cynthia (F)
Caicedo, Maria Fernanda (F)
Cain, Charlie (M)
Cain, Lillian Turfey (M)
Caine, Margaret (F)
Calbert, Jennifer Anne (F)
Calbert, Michael (M)
Calderon, Jose Richard (M)
Caldwell, Billy Allen (M)
Caldwell, Dale (M)
Caldwell, Inez (F)
Caldwell, Karen Jean (F)
Caldwell, Rufus M. (M)
Calkins, Margaret Ella (F)
Call, Vicki Lynn (F)
Callahan, Ida May (F)
Callahan, Juanita America (F)
Callis, John W. (M)
Callison, Al (M)
Calloway, Linda (F)
Calverley, Dorothy (F)
Camp, Barbara (F)
Camp, Kenneth Clifford (M)
Campbell, Betsy J. (F)
Campbell, Cheryl Deanne (F)
Campbell, George Benjamin (M)
Campbell, James P. (M)
Campbell, John (M)
Campbell, Richard (M)
Campbell, Robert C. (M)
Campbell, Sara Ella (F)
Campbell, Washington Columbus (M)
Campbell, William E. (M)
Campbell, William Frank (M)
Campbell, William Lester Sr. (M)
Camper, Bengie Dale (M)
Camper, Mary Louise (F)
Campise, Daniel Anthony (M)
Canada, Melody Lynn (F)
Canada, William C. (M)
Canaday, Donald (M)
Canipe, Kim, Pamela, or Cynthia? (F)
Cannon, Allie (F)
Cantrell, Vivian Lorene (F)
Capps, Lillie (F)
Capps, Nora Laverna (F)
Capps, Paul V. (M)
Caraker, Charlotte (F)
Carbaugh, Evelyn Lou (Livingston) (F)
Card, Attie Idora (F)
Card, Mary E. (F)
Carder, Margaret V. (F)
Cardiel, Carolyn (Mrs. Jameson?) (F)
Cardwell, James R. (M)
Cardwell, Richard Ivan (M)
Carey, Bertha Maude (F)
Cargill, Verda Lee (F)
Carl, Bertha W. (F)
Carley, Andrew Boyd (M)
Carlile (Carlisle?) (M)
Carling, Charles L. (M)
Carlisle, Albert Randal (M)
Carlisle, Susie (F)
Carlson, Betty (F)
Carlson, Sidney E. (F)
Carly (M)
Carmichael, William Carroll (M)
Carmon, Jeffrey W. (M)
Carmon, Madge Lola (F)
Carnes, Alta (F)
Carnes, Grace (F)
Caron, Cyril Emet (M)
Carpenter, Ellen Melissa (F)
Carpenter, Jessie Edmond (M)
Carpenter, Lila Yvonne (F)
Carr, Ida Florence (F)
Carr, Joe H. (M)
Carr, Robert James (M)
Carr, Ruth M. (F)
Carr, Treva Lee (F)
Carrell, Sandara Glenn (F)
Carroll, Juliet (F)
Carroll, Lillian R. (F)
Carroll, Sonja E. (F)
Carson, Bonnie Kate (F)
Carson, Carmean (Carmon) McFarland (M)
Carson, Charles Wesley (M)
Carson, Dale (M)
Carter (M)
Carter, Bernice (F)
Carter, Earl C. (M)
Carter, Henry (M)
Carter, Jolene (F)
Carter, Lisa (m. to an unk. Acuff) (F)
Carter, Mildred A. (F)
Carter, Minnie (F)
Carter, Nancy Sarah (F)
Carter, Nell (F)
Carter, Paul D. (M)
Cartwright, Ethel E. (F)
Cartwright, Welzie (M)
Case, Cecil (M)
Casey, Clement Pace (M)
Casey, Clinton (M)
Casey, George S. (M)
Cason, William Charles (M)
Cassady, Curtis W. (M)
Cassidy, Donathan Lynn (M)
Casteel, Joshua (M)
Caston, Richard Curtis (M)
Cates, Genevieve (F)
Cates, Rebecca Elizabeth (F)
Catlett, Shanna Dajuan (F)
Caton (M)
Caufield, Amanda Jane (F)
Cauthron, May Bell (F)
Cavender, Nancy Ruth (F)
Cernkovich, William T. (M)
Cessna (M)
Chalfont, Henry (M)
Chamberlain, Harry Lacy (M)
Chambers, Albert Julius (M)
Chambers, Albert M. (M)
Chambers, Charles Ray (M)
Chambers, Pleasant Z. (M)
Chambers, William Henry Sr. (M)
Chambers, William Quinton (M)
Chamblee, Mary Ellen (F)
Chambless or Pryor, Louann (F)
Chamness, Charlotte Christine (F)
Chamness, Terry (M)
Chanaberry, Carrie Louise (F)
Chance, Glenn (M)
Chandler, John (M)
Chandler, Lonnie (M)
Chaney, John F. (M)
Chapin, Francis E. (M)
Chapin, Robert A. (M)
Chapman (M)
Chapman, Crowder III (M)
Chapman, Grace A. (F)
Chapman, Inman D. (M)
Chapman, Michael (M)
Chappell, James Thomas (M)
Chappell, Shirley R. Smith (F)
Charleston, Toney L. (M)
Chase, Rick (M)
Chason (M)
Chastain, Aubrey Claire (F)
Chastain, Jennie (F)
Chavez, Jose J. (M)
Cheaney, Ezra (M)
Cheek, Christopher (M)
Chernin, Harry Arthur (M)
Chesney, Murphy A. Sr. (M)
Chesser, John (M)
Childress, Mary Rose (Mrs. Daunhauer) (F)
Childress, Randal S. (M)
Childs, Marion Jackson (M)
Chittim, Simpson M. (M)
Chlanda, John Chivington (M)
Choi (M)
Chrisman, Lula Seigle (F)
Chrismer, Ray (M)
Christian, Isaac D. (M)
Christian, Valerie A. (F)
Christianson, Lawrence Donald (M)
Christoferson, Sharon Marie (F)
Christy, Julie Lynn (F)
Christy, Stephen E. (M)
Churchill, Lloyd Johnston (M)
Clabo/Clabough, Joe (M)
Claiborne, Mildred Pauline (F)
Clancey, Sean D. (M)
Clapp, Beryle Franklin (M)
Clapp, Harriett Susan (F)
Clapp, Jack R. (M)
Clapp, Nancy Ellen (F)
Clapper, Douglas MacArthur (M)
Clardy, Sue Nell (F)
Clare, Erin (F)
Clark (M)
Clark (M)
Clark, Barbara Ann (F)
Clark, Billy Brown (M)
Clark, Donald Dwyane (M)
Clark, Hattie Euphemia (F)
Clark, Horace Coram (M)
Clark, John (M)
Clark, Jonas C. (M)
Clark, Kay (F)
Clark, Laura R. (F)
Clark, Mary (F)
Clark, Parson (M)
Clark, Paul Edward (M)
Clark, Ronnie (M)
Clark, Sam (M)
Clark, Sarah E. (F)
Clark, Sarah Lena (F)
Clark, Thomas M. (M)
Clark, Tony L. (M)
Clark, Wesley (M)
Clark, William A. (M)
Clark, William F. (M)
Clark, William L. (M)
Clarke, Earnest Lancer (M)
Claussen, Ted R. (M)
Clay, Tonya Ann (F)
Clayton, Freda (F)
Clayton, Letha M. (F)
Clayton, Teresa M. (F)
Cleaver, Elias (M)
Clement, Sara Elizabeth (F)
Clements (M)
Clemit, Deanette (F)
Clemons, Ernest Wesley (M)
Clendening, Billy Pole (M)
Clevenger, Brenda Faye (F)
Clifford, Katherine (F)
Clift, Christie (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Cline, Polly P. (Pauly) (F)
Clopton, Sylvia Rose (F)
Closson, Alan J. (M)
Cloys, Julie Kay (F)
Clubb, Lisa (F)
Clue, Earl Monroe (M)
Clutts, William C. (M)
Clymer, Stuart N. (M)
Cobb, Burton Eugene (M)
Cobb, Mildred Dojoni (F)
Cobb, Muriel Carolyn (F)
Coble, Merry H. (F)
Coburn, William (M)
Cochran (M)
Cochran (M)
Cochran, Donald Sproule (M)
Cochran, Eric S. (M)
Cochran, Hilda Mae (F)
Cockerham, Joyce (F)
Cockrell, Harry (M)
Coe, Ortha (F)
Coffee, Bonnie Alice (F)
Coffey, Barbara A. (F)
Coffey, Willis E. (M)
Coffman, Cora A. (F)
Coffman, Genella (F)
Coffman, James Ellison (M)
Coffman, Sarah (F)
Cogdill, James Clifford (M)
Cohn, Ida Clare (F)
Coker, Dorothy Mae (F)
Coldwell, Rufus A. M.D. (M)
Cole, Anna Gulphi (F)
Cole, Martha (F)
Colegrove, Cecil C. (M)
Coleman, Daniel (M)
Coleman, David Lee (M)
Coleman, Eddie (M)
Coleman, Jerry Todd (M)
Coleman, John H. (M)
Coleman, Larry (M)
Coleman, Lori Jo (F)
Coleman, Ronald Curtis Jr. (M)
Coleman, Sue J. (F)
Colescott, Benjamin Franklin (M)
Colgan, George Wesley (M)
Colley, Rick (M)
Collingsworth, Nancy (F)
Collins (M)
Collins (M)
Collins, Alvin (M)
Collins, Clarissa Cleo (F)
Collins, Forrest David (M)
Collins, John H. (M)
Collins, Kathryn (F)
Collins, Lovella Mae (F)
Collins, Martha (F)
Collins, Monroe (M)
Collins, Orvel L. (M)
Collins, Robert (M)
Collins, Sarah A. Elizabeth (F)
Collins, Thomas "Tom" Lee (M)
Collins, Wallace F. (M)
Colston, Gerron Layne (M)
Colvett, John Howard (M)
Colvin, Louisa Elender (F)
Combs (M)
Conard, Michael Lloyd (M)
Conati, -?- (M)
Conaway (M)
Conaway, Roberta Kay (F)
Conley, Crystal Denise (F)
Conlon, Julia Ann (F)
Connally, John W. (M)
Conner, Lula Mae (F)
Connet, Valerie (F)
Connor, Lawrence (M)
Conover, Dorothy Marie (F)
Conover, Margaret S. (F)
Conroy, Rosanne (F)
Constance, Angela Dorothy (F)
Constant, -?- (M)
Conwell, B. William (M)
Cook, Annie (F)
Cook, Arema (F)
Cook, Florence (F)
Cook, Nelle Ruth (F)
Cooke, Frances W. (F)
Cooksey, Betty Lee (F)
Cooledge, Julia Ellen (F)
Coon, Gerri Ann (F)
Cooper (M)
Cooper, Harwell Ernest (M)
Cooper, Jeanette (Janet) Willadean (F)
Cooper, Katherine Elizabeth Fenimore (F)
Cooper, Mark Allen (M)
Cooper, Paul H. (M)
Cooper, Thomas (M)
Cooper, Timothy L. (M)
Copeland, Andrew D. (M)
Copeland, Charles Lewis "Lewis" (M)
Copp, Charlotte (F)
Coppage, Rodham (M)
Copus, Effie Louise (F)
Coram, Neoma Elizabeth (F)
Coram, Susie Louise (F)
Corbello, Nannie Flo (F)
Corbett, Holly L. ( Md. an Acuff ) (F)
Corey, Walter C. (M)
Corley, Donald Frank (M)
Cormier, Liam (M)
Cornelius, Ken Robert (M)
Cornett, Darlene (F)
Cornwell, Pearle (F)
Corr, Henry Walter (M)
Corrado, John Harrison (M)
Coryell ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (M)
Coryell (M)
Corzine, Esco B. (M)
Corzine, James Alford (M)
Cotnam, Michael Dwayne (M)
Cotney, Pernell (M)
Cottrell, Lillian M. (F)
Coultas, Sally Cameron (F)
Coulter, Carolyn (F)
Covington (M)
Cowan, Ralph Fletcher (M)
Cowart, Artiemissie Carolina (F)
Cowart, Vernon (M)
Cowden, Rhoda (F)
Cowgell, Morton Reid (M)
Cowley, Fay (F)
Cox (M)
Cox (M)
Cox, Billie Hope (F)
Cox, Charles Adam (M)
Cox, Dixie Mae (F)
Cox, Edward Monroe (M)
Cox, Kim (F)
Cox, Lula Viola May (F)
Cox, Maleta Jean (F)
Cox, Mary (F)
Cox, Robert Lee (M)
Cox, Stanley William (M)
Cox, William Walter Jr. (M)
Coyle, Robert A. (M)
Crable, Joseph Allen (M)
Crabtree, Wayne R. (M)
Craft, E. Frank (M)
Craft, Thomas (M)
Crain, Larry Joe (M)
Crane, Mabel Irene (F)
Cranford, Polly (F)
Crawford, Dollie (F)
Crawford, Thomas Gentry (M)
Creamer, Diana Kae (F)
Creasey, Ada (Mrs.) (F)
Creasey, Edwin C. (M)
Creech, Luther Alfred (M)
Creed, Wilma Maxine (F)
Cregar, Ida (F)
Creighton, Donald Max Jr. (M)
Crenshaw, Reba Lanier (F)
Cribbs, Darrol C. (M)
Crimp, John Carter (M)
Crissman, Albert B. (M)
Crnkovic, Leon (M)
Crocker, George H. (M)
Crockett, Bruce Alan (M)
Croes, John Arthur (M)
Croley, Jerry (M)
Cronin (M)
Crook, Katherine Elizabeth (F)
Crosslea, Sue Ellen (F)
Crosswhite, Ralph (M)
Croussore, Martha Jane (F)
Crowder, Glenn E. (M)
Crowe, Robert Barry (M)
Crowell, Carol Anne (F)
Crowley, Ed (M)
Crown, William Elliott (M)
Crozier, Elmer Lewis (M)
Crumley, Bernice Vivian (F)
Crump, Crawford B. (M)
Crunk, Aurora Susie (F)
Crunk, Charles Clarence (M)
Crutchfield, Lucy Mary (F)
Crutchfield, William Clarence (M)
Cruz (M)
Cullop, Mike (M)
Cullum, James Vernon (M)
Cummings, Amanda (F)
Cummings, Pamela Anne (F)
Cumpton, Lorenzo Dennis (M)
Cunning, Ethel A. (F)
Cunningham, John C. (M)
Cunningham, Regina Ann (F)
Cunningham, Sue A. (F)
Cunnyngham, Thomas Newton Locke (M)
Cureton, John B. (M)
Curlin, John A. (M)
Currier, Jamie Denise (F)
Curtis, David P. Jr. (M)
Curtis, Virgil Martin (M)
Curvin, Eleanor (F)
Curvin, Myrtle Jean (F)
Cye, Charles J. (M)
D'Andrea, Kendra (F)
Dababneh, Sarah S. (m. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Dabbs, Clara (F)
Dabney, Richard Heath II (M)
Dacones, Jaron Neill H. (M)
Dahl, France Wilhelm (M)
Dahl, Joseph Lee (M)
Dahlquist, Mr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Dahlquist, Steven (M)
Daigh, Sheldon P. (M)
Dailey, Byron F. (M)
Dakin, James Edward (M)
Dalby, Donald Arthur (M)
Dale, Eldredge Arthur (M)
Dales, Henry W. (M)
Dallas, Terence (M)
Dalton, Ann Lucile (F)
Dalton, Claude (M)
Dalton, Elizabeth (F)
Dalton, James Elisha (M)
Dalton, Nancy S. (F)
Damerval, Mary B. (F)
Dampier (M)
Damrel, Benjamin (M)
Danford, Dee Anna (F)
Daniel, Rosa (F)
Daniel, William Franklin (M)
Daniels, Thelma I. (F)
Dannenhower, George (M)
Darby, Sheri L. (F)
Dare, Nancy (F)
Darks, Chancy (M)
Darsey, Charles Wayne (M)
Darsey, Edward Louis (M)
Darting, George W. (M)
Darwin, Frank Henry (M)
Daughtrey, Lisa Jeanette (F)
Davenport, Charles Abraham (M)
Davidson (M)
Davidson, Elsie Louise (F)
Davidson, Hal B. (M)
Davis (M)
Davis (M)
Davis (M)
Davis, Amberly (F)
Davis, Annie Caroline (F)
Davis, Archie Lay (M)
Davis, Arizona (F)
Davis, Beulah B. (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Davis, Bill (M)
Davis, Brian William (M)
Davis, Calvin L. (M)
Davis, Charles Keith (M)
Davis, Charlie (M)
Davis, Clifford Alan (M)
Davis, Diane Adele (F)
Davis, Edith A. McDaniel (F)
Davis, Edna Mae (F)
Davis, Elwanda L. (F)
Davis, Frances E. (F)
Davis, Frank Jr. (M)
Davis, Harold (M)
Davis, James Albert (M)
Davis, James M. C. (M)
Davis, Janet L. (F)
Davis, Jeanette C. (F)
Davis, Joann Ella (F)
Davis, Lena (F)
Davis, Maggie N. (F)
Davis, Margaret Onese (F)
Davis, Marjorie Ellen (F)
Davis, Mary Jane (F)
Davis, Mary Magylen (F)
Davis, Nancy Jane (F)
Davis, Orleana B. (F)
Davis, Patsy Wylene (F)
Davis, Penelope (F)
Davis, Sara Elizabeth (F)
Davis, Sarah Ann (F)
Davis, Terrell Johnson (M)
Davis or Davenport, Karen (F)
Day (M)
Day, Donald Craig (M)
Day, Jerry Wayne (M)
Day, Ronald Allen (M)
DeAlmeida, Jarbas (M)
Dean, Eva (F)
Dean, Lowavia (F)
Dean, Lyle (M)
Dean, Myrtice Clyce (Mrs. Friend) (F)
Decius, Nancy (Mrs. Wenrick) (F)
Deck, Charles Otis (M)
Decker, Debra Lee (F)
Deer, Elmer (M)
Deguia, Maria Clara Malimban (F)
DeHaro, Jennifer (F)
Delaney, Earl Eston (M)
Delapp, Mary Magnolia (F)
Demarco, Chris (M)
Demarn, Julia (F)
Dempsey, Alice L. (F)
Denham, Mary (F)
Dent, Warren Fillmore Jr. (M)
Denton (M)
Denton, Craig (M)
Denton, John H. (M)
Derendinger, Alan S. (M)
Derrick, Caswell B. (M)
DeSantis, Andrea Marie (F)
DeStefano, Frederick (M)
DeVault, William T. (M)
Dever, Jesse E. (M)
Devers, Brian (M)
Dhority, Audrey Jean (F)
Dial, Cynthia (F)
Dial, Phyllis Imogene (F)
Dickerson (M)
Dickerson (M)
Dickerson, John Calvin (M)
Dickerson, Louisa Catherine (F)
Dickey, Hillis Kennedy (M)
Dickson, Dicie Fletcher (F)
Didlot, Jerry W. (M)
Didway (M)
Diehl, Elsie Agnes (F)
Dietz (F)
Dietz, Dorothy A. (F)
Dillard, Mr. (m. an unk. Acoff) (M)
Dillon, Gary Earl (M)
Dillon, Lon Festus (M)
Dills, Bill (M)
Dills, Ethel M. (F)
Dimitrova, Silviya (F)
Dimmitt, James C. (M)
Dingle, Doris Ilene (F)
Disbrow (M)
Dixon, Anthony (M)
Dixon, Evadena "Dena" (F)
Dixon, Golden "Goldie" Omega (F)
Dixon, John (M)
Dobry, Michael Barry (M)
Dobyns, Volney John (M)
Dockery, Keri Susette (F)
Dodd, Cheryl (F)
Dodd, Rita Dee (F)
Dodge, Kathleen Marian (F)
Dodson (M)
Dodson, Clint (M)
Dodson, Joel (M)
Dodson, Joel C. (M)
Dodson, John (M)
Dodson, Martin (M)
Doggett (M)
Doggett, Richard (M)
Domerego, Marthe Cecile Rosalie Josephine (F)
Donahue (M)
Donaldson, Opton Forney (M)
Donathan, Charles Jr. (M)
Dondzila, Cheryl K. (F)
Donehew, Vasco Vaughn (M)
Doney, William C. (M)
Donoho, Peyton Donald (M)
Doran, Alan (M)
Dordette, Lily (F)
Dorian, Charles Lawrence (M)
Dorris, Lavern (M)
Dorton, Sheila Marie (F)
Dossett, Mark W. (M)
Doster, Samuel Andrew (M)
Dotson, Charlie (M)
Dotson, Joel C. (M)
Dotson, John Wesley (M)
Dotson, Mary M. (F)
Dougherty, Virginia Emaline (F)
Doughty (M)
Douglas, Frances Violet (Willis) (F)
Douglas, Geneva Ann (F)
Douglas, Mary Anne (F)
Douglas, Mildred Louise (F)
Douglass, Esther (F)
Dovell, Alex Jay (M)
Dowdy, Donald R. (M)
Dowlen, Harry Michael (M)
Dowler, Elsie May (F)
Dowling, Robert Jordon (M)
Downs, Nancy E. ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Downs, William (M)
Doyen, Walter (M)
Doyle, Jerry (M)
Doyle, Jerry Gene (M)
Dozier, Christopher Scott (M)
Dozier, Harvey Martin (M)
Dozier, John H. (M)
Dozier, Leonard (M)
Dozier, William Conley (M)
Dracopian, Gregory (M)
Drake, James Edwin (M)
Drakos, Nichols (M)
Draper, Abigail (Mrs.?) (F)
Draper, Daniel Lafayette (M)
Draper, Samuel Alton (M)
Dubuc, Marcelle Jeannine (F)
Duckworth, Delia (F)
Duckworth, Thomas Franklin (M)
Dudgeon, Vina Lee (F)
Dudley, Kim (F)
Duewel, Jill Kay (F)
Duffey, James William (M)
Duffy, John J. (M)
Duffy, Laurie (F)
Dufour, Francis (M)
Duggan, Bernice Lois (F)
Duggan, Patricia A. (F)
Dulaney, Robin L. (F)
Dunaway, Eva (F)
Duncan (F)
Dungan, Elsie Maurine (F)
Dunlap, William R. (M)
Dunn (M)
Dunn, James S. (M)
Dunn, John James (M)
Dunn, John S. (M)
Dunn, Martha (F)
Dunn, Mary Clyde (F)
Dunn, Newton Andrew (M)
Dunsmoor, James M. (M)
Dunsmore, Charlotte Lovena (F)
Dupes (M)
DuPuis, Yvonne (F)
Durbin, Newton Garfield (M)
Durham, Danielle Lynn (F)
Durham, Quintilla (F)
Dusenberry, Cynthia Lee (F)
Duskey, John Elmer (M)
Duvall, Nelson (M)
Dwinell, Floyd Wallace (M)
Dyal, George (M)
Dye (M)
Dyer, Ada Vivian (F)
Dyer, Althea Pearl (F)
Dyer, Amey (F)
Dyer, Barton (M)
Dyer, Betty Ruth (F)
Dyer, Dewey Robert (M)
Dyer, George Moses Sr. (M)
Dyer, James Monroe Jr. (M)
Dyer, Jimmy Dale (M)
Dyer, Keith Walter (M)
Dyer, Kyle Bedford (M)
Dyer, Luther P. (M)
Dyer, M. M. (F)
Dyer, Marcial F. Brazil (M)
Dyott, Vera Juanita (F)
Eads, John M. (M)
Eagon, Martha Jane (F)
Eakin, Thomas Wayne (M)
Earl, Alexander (M)
Earls (M)
Earls, Argel Susie (Mrs.) (F)
Easley, Tianna Qunice (F)
East, David (M)
Easterly, Edward Duward (M)
Eaton, Amanda Renee (F)
Eaton, Harvill (M)
Eaton, Rolla (M)
Ebersole, Christian Kohr (M)
Eberts, Lucille Aldene (F)
Ecker, John F. (M)
Eckhoff, Jan (M)
Eckoff, Mary (F)
Ecoff (M)
Ecoff, David Wells Sr. (M)
Ecoff, Gary (M)
Ecoff, Helen (Mrs.) (F)
Eddleman, Charlotte O. ( md unk Acuff) (F)
Edens, Lois Etta (F)
Edens, Treesa Pauline (F)
Edington, James Douglas (M)
Edington, John (M)
Edmiston, Martha Ellen (F)
Edmonds, John Ray (M)
Edmondson, Hubbard Milton (M)
Edmondson, Madeline (F)
Edmonson, Nina Ruth (F)
Edney, Leila Byrd (F)
Edwards (M)
Edwards, Charles W. (M)
Edwards, Charles William (M)
Edwards, Edna M. (F)
Edwards, Jacqueline (F)
Edwards, James M. (M)
Edwards, Samuel (M)
Egelski, Joseph (M)
Eggers, Dora Emma (F)
Eggestein, Frederick E. (M)
Egly, Jay (M)
Eidson, Mark Brian (M)
Eisner, Tom (M)
Elder, Margo Elizabeth (F)
Eldridge, Edna (Minnie) (F)
Elledge, Samuel Gregg (M)
Ellington, Lydia Pearl (F)
Ellington, Mary Lucy (F)
Elliott, Franklin Sherley (M)
Elliott, Robert Kyle (M)
Elliott, Samuel C. (M)
Elliott or Elledge, Beula (F)
Ellis, Eddie Dick (M)
Ellis, Homer (M)
Ellis, Ira Wilson M.D. (M)
Ellis, Lydia (F)
Ellis, Mary Betty (F)
Ellis, Thomas (M)
Ellis, William F. (M)
Ellison (M)
Elmore, James (M)
Elrod, Helen Ernestine (F)
Elrod, John (M)
Elrod, John D. (M)
Elsea, Roy Hire (M)
Embrey, Mamie Kathleen (F)
Emerson, Emma Sue (F)
Emory, Wanda (F)
Enderle, Hans Werner (M)
Engdahl, Mark Steven (M)
Engelbart, Warren (M)
England, James Luther Jr. (M)
English, Freda (F)
Ennis, Edward Andrew (M)
Enochian (F)
Ensley, Anita (F)
Epperson, Ethel Louise (F)
Erickson, Charles (M)
Erndl, Kevin Michael (M)
Ernest, Daniel Paul Jr. (M)
Ervin, Denise (F)
Ervin, Thomas Eldridge (M)
Erwin, Mary Helen (F)
Erwin, Patricia Grace (F)
Eshbaugh (F)
Eshbaugh, Karen Marie (F)
Eslinger, Anna Lou "Madge" (F)
Eslinger, Barney Eugene (M)
Esquivel-Acuff, Chad (M)
Estes (F)
Etheridge, Courtney (F)
Eubanks (M)
Eubanks, Elizabeth (F)
Evans (M)
Evans (M)
Evans (M)
Evans, Mr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Evans, Crystal D. (F)
Evans, Eva Lucille (F)
Evans, George Washington (M)
Evans, Kristi Leann (F)
Evans, Lafayette (M)
Evans, Louis Frank (M)
Evans, Patricia Katherine (F)
Evans, Robert (M)
Evans, Roy Earl (M)
Evans, Theodore Franklin (M)
Evans, Toyna Rena (F)
Everett, Thomas (M)
Ewoldt, Linda (F)
Fabiney, Lucille Anne (F)
Fagg, John Wesley (M)
Fahrenwald, Mary-Low (F)
Falls, Marjorie Eloise (F)
Fann, John Wilson (M)
Fannin, Oliver William Jr. (M)
Fant or Thompson, Leona (F)
Farley, Jo Ann Frances (F)
Farley, William Franklin (M)
Farmer, Barbara Acuff (F)
Farmer, Diana Del (Sidler) (F)
Farmer, James Robert (M)
Farmer, Nancy Cornelia (F)
Farmer, Sallie Easley (F)
Farmer, Susan Jean (F)
Farrell, Daniel C. III (M)
Farris, Aaron (M)
Fast, Ivan (Biskey) (M)
Faubel, Hollace A. (F)
Faucette, Lucile Marie (F)
Faulk, Luke Earl (M)
Faust, Victoria Susan (F)
Favignano, David Sr. (M)
Faw, David Lee (M)
Feageans, Nellie Campbell (F)
Feathers, Harvey (M)
Fedderly, Jim (M)
Feehery, Robert Francis (M)
Feiman, Ilene M. (F)
Fenn, Henry E. (M)
Feren-Acuff, Taylor (F)
Ferguson, Albert Laurence (M)
Ferguson, Lola Dean (F)
Fernandez, Ana Maria (F)
Ferrari, Yolanda G. (F)
Ferrell, Carolyn (F)
Fesler, Autumn Rose (F)
Feuerborn, Freeda F. (Mrs.?) (F)
Fickas, William (M)
Fiebilkorn, Kenneth C. (M)
Fielden, Durward Lee (M)
Fielden, Mary (F)
Fielden, William E. (M)
Fields, Lydia Mai (F)
Fields, Melissa A. (F)
Fields, Michael Leslie (F)
Fields, Sherry A. (F)
Figg, Margaret Grace (F)
Figg, Sarah Ann (F)
Fili, John Charles (M)
Finch, Roscoe Gillette (M)
Fincher, Richard A. (M)
Finley, Barbara Kaye (F)
Finley, George Washington (M)
Finley, Howard Alfred (M)
Finney, Lynda J. (F)
Firestone (M)
First Wife of James P. Acuff (F)
Fischer, Kim Cheri (F)
Fischer, Tiffany Marie (F)
Fishbein, Richard (M)
Fisher, Douglas Edward (M)
Fisher, Elizabeth A. (F)
Fisher, Jerry Dale (M)
Fitzgerald, Gus L. (M)
Fitzgerald, Jack C. (M)
Fitzsimons, B. M. (M)
Flanagan, Edward F. (M)
Fleck, Raphael M. (M)
Fleming, David Miller (M)
Fleming, John A. (M)
Flemming, Pete (M)
Flemming, William R. (M)
Fletcher (M)
Fletcher, Michael Rodney (M)
Flick, Mary S. (F)
Flinn, Ollie Ione "Ona" (F)
Flint, Judith A. (F)
Flippo, Walter (M)
Flohr, Diane M. (F)
Flowers, Varna (M)
Floyd, Candy (F)
Floyd, Jo Ann (F)
Floyd, Norma J. (F)
Floyd, Prudie Rado (F)
Floyd, Ruby Jean (F)
Fly, Sally Ann (F)
Foley, William (M)
Ford, Charles L. (M)
Ford, Glenn (M)
Ford, James (M)
Ford, Joan Ann (F)
Ford, Martin M. (M)
Ford, Michael David (M)
Ford, Richard (M)
Foreman, Frances Pauline (F)
Forero, Flor Alba (F)
Forhan, Julie Roberta (F)
Forrester (M)
Fortenberry, Mary Ellen (F)
Fortune, Theresa Nicole (F)
Forward, Shelby Dodge (M)
Foster, Alda Marie (F)
Foster, Dorothy Beatrice (F)
Foster, Marion D. (M)
Foster, Perry E. (M)
Foster, Terry (M)
Foster, Timothy Wayne (M)
Foulkes, Chris Allen (M)
Foulkrod, Amelia (F)
Foust, D. DeWayne (M)
Fowkes, Gerard (M)
Fowler, Doris Jean (F)
Fowler, E. J. (M)
Fowler, Mary (F)
Fowler, Michael Ray (M)
Fox (M)
Fox, Daniel (M)
Fox, Johnnie Clifton (M)
Fox, Robert Montgomery (M)
Frair, Barbey (M)
Fraley, John Goodson (M)
Frame, Gordon (M)
Framson (M)
France, Charlie (M)
Francis, Lester H. (M)
Franklin (M)
Franklin, John M. (M)
Frantz, Todd E. J. (M)
Frazier, Kimberly (F)
Frazier, Mark V. (M)
Frazier, Steven L. (M)
Freed, John (M)
Freeland, Robert Daniel (M)
Freeman, Andrea L. (F)
Freeman, Cynthia Ann (F)
Freeman, Elizabeth M. (F)
Freeman, James Coleman (M)
Freese, Gary Allen (M)
Freiley, Mamie Loretta (F)
French, George W. (M)
French, John (M)
French, Mary Lou (F)
Freshour, Beverly J. (F)
Freshour, Eric W. (M)
Freyberg, Daniel (M)
Frezzell, Richard William (M)
Friar, Linnie B. (F)
Friberg, Karen (F)
Frich, R. G. (M)
Friend, Karl (M)
Frost, Amelia (F)
Frost, Mary Florence (F)
Fry, Levi J. R. (M)
Fryar, Rathmell H. (M)
Fryar, Robert Clay (M)
Frye, Donald L. Sr. (M)
Frye, Jo Ann (F)
Frye, Kathy Jane (F)
Frye, Mary A. (F)
Frye, Nellie (F)
Frye, Norman Richard (M)
Fugate, George (M)
Fulford, James Davis (M)
Fulford, Leatha (F)
Fuller, Foster Leland (M)
Fulton, Daniel (M)
Funk, Mary Lou (F)
Furgerson, Mamie (F)
Furini, Michael D. (M)
Furnish, Arthur M. D.D.S. (M)
Furr, Jack A. (M)
Furstenberg, Josephine E. (F)
Futch, Kimberly Ann (F)
Gabbert, Robert E. (M)
Gabriel, Debra Sue (F)
Gadd, Charles M. Sr. (M)
Gaddis, Shirley E. (F)
Galbreath, Len (M)
Galigher, Woodrow Wilson (M)
Galli, Edda Diana (F)
Galtelli, June (F)
Gann, Charles Edward (M)
Gantt, Jeral Nathan (M)
Gantt, Johnie Bell (F)
Garcia, Susy C. (F)
Gardenhire, George Washington (M)
Gardner (M)
Gardner, Bettie (F)
Gardner, Carl Asbury (M)
Gardner, Lillie E. (F)
Gardner, Samuel Edward (M)
Garman, Minnie (F)
Garmon, Moses (M)
Garner, Ruth Carolina (F)
Garnett, Frederick A. (M)
Garrett (M)
Garthwaite, Elsie Mary (F)
Gary, Cynthia Lee (F)
Gass, Marvin Bishop (M)
Gates, Donald J. (M)
Gates, Ed (M)
Gates, Mike (M)
Gates, Susan Kay (F)
Gates, William M. (M)
Gatewood, Melba Corrine (Sturrock) (F)
Gatto, David Allen (M)
Gatwood, James Louis (M)
Gault, David (M)
Gebhart, Wilford Welman (M)
Geiselman, Alice (F)
Geiser, George (M)
Gent, Hazel Mitchell (F)
Gentry, Cal (M)
George (M)
George, Estella Stephen (F)
George, Jamie D. (F)
George, Jamie Danielle (F)
Georgeoff (M)
Gerard, Minnie (F)
Gerney, Theresa K. (F)
Gerome, Amy (F)
Gertsch, Helen Elaine (F)
Gervais (M)
Getzendanner, Michael Rees (M)
Gheen, Callie Marie (F)
Gibbs, Phyllis A. (F)
Gibbs, Ray (M)
Giboyeaux (M)
Gibson (M)
Gibson, Bianca (F)
Gibson, Charlie (M)
Gibson, Mary Kathleen (F)
Gibson, Minnie Lee (F)
Gibson, Stefanie (F)
Gibson, Thomas Jefferson (M)
Giddens, Lillian A. (F)
Gilbert, Nancy Jane (F)
Giles, David Lamar (M)
Giles, Mary Sue (F)
Giles, Thomas F. (M)
Gilkeyson, Andrew (M)
Gill, Theresa I. (F)
Gillaspy, John Monroe (M)
Gillenwater, Matthew Carden (M)
Gillespie, Mike (M)
Gilliam, Kelly Ann (F)
Gilliland, Isaac Marion (M)
Gilliland, Ruth Marie (F)
Gilmore, Thompson (M)
Gingrich, Alice (F)
Ginn, Leona M. (F)
Gipson, Norma J. (F)
Gipson, Ruby Lucille (F)
Gipson, Wallace (M)
Girlds, Nell (F)
Givens, Arthur L. (M)
Givens, Charline (F)
Glasco, Melissa (F)
Glasscock, Becky Lynn (F)
Glasser, Morris (M)
Glazier, Eleanor (F)
Glenn, Gerald Clinton (M)
Glenn, Laura Ruth (F)
Glisson, Dale Elizabeth (F)
Glover, Bernice C. (F)
Godfrey, Buel (M)
Godfrey, Ed (M)
Godshall, Laura Hackman (F)
Goeke, David L. (M)
Goerne, Vernon Franklin (M)
Goff (M)
Goforth, Thomas Howard (M)
Gohr, Hugo (M)
Goins, Judy Ann (F)
Golden, William D. (M)
Golding, Mary E. (F)
Gonzales, John A. (M)
Gonzales, Kenneth Dean (M)
Gooch, Christopher C. (M)
Goodell, Tami Jean (F)
Goodloe, Mary Jordan (F)
Goodwin (M)
Goodwin, Terry Neal (M)
Gordon, Anna Louise (F)
Gordon, Douglas E. (M)
Gordon, Larry M. (M)
Gordon, Mary (F)
Gordon, Rose Mary (F)
Gorham, William H. (M)
Gorman, Jerry C. (M)
Gorman, Lorene (F)
Gorman, Sylvia R. (F)
Goss, Balinda Rae (F)
Gossett, Cullom H. (M)
Gottschall, Russell Lee (M)
Gottung, Lauren Elizabeth (F)
Gouraud, Reginald (M)
Gouty, Thomas (M)
Goza, Christian Lee (M)
Grabowski, Lynn Marie (F)
Grace, Beverly Ann (F)
Grady, John Carl Jr. (M)
Graf (M)
Graham (M)
Graham, Chloe Emaline (F)
Graham, Gayle (F)
Graham, John McMillan (M)
Grammer, Net (M)
Granger, Nancy D'Ette (F)
Grant, Dorothy J. (F)
Grant, Martha E. (F)
Grant, Robert U. (M)
Grant, Walter T. (M)
Grantham, Bessie Lee (F)
Graves, Charles D. (M)
Graves, James (M)
Graves, Jo Ann (F)
Graves, Rachel Leeann (F)
Graves, Winston McArthur (M)
Gray (M)
Gray, Cara H. (F)
Gray, Charles Boyd (M)
Gray, Doris (F)
Gray, Josephine Williams (F)
Gray, Richard David (M)
Gray, William (M)
Gray, William C. (M)
Grayson, Gerald L. (M)
Green (M)
Green (M)
Green, Frank Alvin (M)
Green, Frata B. (F)
Green, Gratia Kate (F)
Green, Henry F. (M)
Green, Jesse S. (M)
Green, Leslie A. (F)
Green, Lovica A. (F)
Green, Mark Anthony (M)
Green, William Sweaney (M)
Greene, Arthur (M)
Greene, James (M)
Greenway, Margaret (Mrs.) (F)
Greer, Isaiah Stephens (M)
Greer, James E. (M)
Greey, Elmer Bloomfield (M)
Gregg, Joseph Hinton (M)
Gregg, Louis M. (M)
Gregory (M)
Gregory, Kelly A. (F)
Gregory, Rita (F)
Gremore, Nikki C. (F)
Grenier, Lawrence E. (M)
Gresham, Betty (F)
Gresham, Edgar M. (M)
Grevas, Rosemary M. (F)
Gribbins, Damon Keith (M)
Grider, Lois Naomi (F)
Griffin, Fila Ann (F)
Griffin, James (M)
Griffin, Kenneth L. (M)
Griffin, Richard D. (M)
Griffin, Samuel Andrew (M)
Griffin, Sarah Amantine (F)
Griffith, Daniel Victor (M)
Griffith, Randy Keith (M)
Griffith, Thomas Amos (M)
Grigg, Joseph M. (M)
Griggs, Curtis L. (M)
Grimes, Agatha (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Grimes, Lisa A. (F)
Grimsley, L. Elizabeth (F)
Grimsley, Robert (M)
Grinstead, Brittany (F)
Grist, Mary Rebecca (F)
Groseclose, Boyd Delbert (M)
Groseclose, Patricia Ann (F)
Gross, Donald Lee (M)
Gross, Henry (M)
Grossman, Anne (F)
Grove, Stephen (M)
Groves, Hugh Ragon (M)
Grubbs, Mildred Claire (F)
Guergner, Ursula (F)
Gulas, George (M)
Gulick, Laurence Shepard (M)
Gullen, Katheryn Suzanne (F)
Gullicksen, Justin (M)
Gunn, Dorothy Raylene (F)
Gunn, Jenna M. (F)
Gurganus, Edwin M. (M)
Gurley, Billy Buford (M)
Guthrie, Dr. Amy Belinda DDS (F)
Guthrie, Anna Twilight (F)
Guthrie, William (M)
Guthrie, William (M)
Guzman, Luis (M)
Gwin, Frank Guile Jr. (M)
Habermann, Robert John (M)
Hackler, William P. (M)
Hackworth, Joseph Ray (M)
Hager, Frederick Gilman (M)
Hagerty, Sandra D. (F)
Hague, George (M)
Hahn, William Jefferson (M)
Haile, Daniel Leaford (M)
Hailey, John James (M)
Haines, Marian (F)
Hair, father of Cooper (M)
Hale, Calvin (M)
Hale, Derwood (M)
Hale, Emma Frances (F)
Hale, Esther Louisa (F)
Hale, Fred Haskell (M)
Hale, Henry (M)
Hale, Lee Allen (M)
Hale, Lillie Bell (F)
Hale, Mary Francis (F)
Hale, Owen B. (M)
Hale, Wanda June (F)
Hales, Ella Marie (F)
Haley, Denise Larae (F)
Halifax, Joe Ernest (M)
Hall (M)
Hall, Anna Lavera (F)
Hall, Clarence E. (M)
Hall, Henry C. (M)
Hall, Herbert H. (M)
Hall, Ida Mae (F)
Hall, James Howard (M)
Hall, John Jr. (M)
Hall, Magdaline (F)
Hall, Marshall E. (M)
Hall, Mary Frances (F)
Hall, Opal N. (F)
Hall, Rodney Marvin (M)
Hall, Vera Melvene (F)
Hall, W. G. (M)
Hall, William (M)
Halliburton, Barbara E. (F)
Halliburton, Nancy Davis (F)
Hallman (M)
Hallman, Aline Marie (F)
Haman, Martin V. (M)
Hamblen, Nancy Ph.D. (F)
Hamer, Allen (M)
Hames, Katie Belle (F)
Hamilton, Bill (M)
Hamilton, Clifton R. (M)
Hamilton, Hattie I. (Heriot?) (F)
Hamilton, Joshua (M)
Hamm, Thomas Lee (M)
Hammad, Bahjat N. (M)
Hammer, Maggie (F)
Hammer, Samuel King (M)
Hammer, William (M)
Hammers, Martha (F)
Hammock, Fawn Denise (F)
Hammond, Mabel J. (F)
Hammond, Rannie (M)
Hammontree, Frances Jane (F)
Hamrick, John Barnett Jr. (M)
Hamrick, Yonna (F)
Hanby, Bobbie (F)
Hancock, Aileene (F)
Hancock, John Noah (M)
Hancock, Joyce Aloma (F)
Hancock, Luther Durham Sr. (M)
Hancock, Richard R. (M)
Hand, Beulah Ethel (F)
Handke, Brian David (M)
Handley, Jeremy (M)
Handley, Wilbur (M)
Hanley, Paul (M)
Hanradt, Laurie Michelle (F)
Hansen, Robert George (M)
Hantchell (Hinchell), George (M)
Harden, Col. Margaret Ellen (F)
Harder, Martha Smith (F)
Hardesty, Charles (M)
Hardin, William A. (M)
Hardwick, Ruby (F)
Harger, Gary Douglas (M)
Hargis, Marshall Glenn (M)
Hargrove, Mamie (F)
Harkey, John (M)
Harmon, Nancy C. (F)
Harmon, Samuel Bunch (M)
Harmon, Viney (F)
Harnett, Brooke Eileen (F)
Harp, Lem (M)
Harper, Albert (M)
Harper, Albert Sumner (M)
Harrel, William M. (M)
Harrell, Charles Russell (M)
Harrell, Gage (F)
Harrell, Joyce Fern (F)
Harrell, Laura (F)
Harrell, Mahala (F)
Harrell, Sarah "Sadie" E. (F)
Harrell, Sarah Elizabeth (F)
Harrell, Staci Lee (F)
Harrigan, Kathleen Bridgett (F)
Harrington, Charlotta M. (F)
Harris ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (M)
Harris (M)
Harris, Chad T. (M)
Harris, Donecia Kay (F)
Harris, Ellen (F)
Harris, Estelle Cecil (F)
Harris, Everett E. (M)
Harris, George Washington (M)
Harris, J. (F)
Harris, James Lee (M)
Harris, Kristi L. (F)
Harris, Leigh (F)
Harris, Samuel Kinchen (M)
Harris, Thelma (F)
Harris, William Eugene (M)
Harris, William T. (M)
Harris, Yvonne (F)
Harrison (M)
Harrison, Jean M. (F)
Harrison, Mary M. P. (F)
Harrison, Roger (M)
Hart (M)
Hartley, Mary (F)
Hartman, H. Lee (M)
Hartman, Isophene Melzella (F)
Hartman, James W. (M)
Hartman, John Carroll (M)
Hartvill, Marilyn Kay (F)
Harty, Eadmond E. (M)
Harvey, Annette Sarah (F)
Harvey, Donna Ann (F)
Harvey, Gary (M)
Harvey, James "Jim" (M)
Harvey, James C. (M)
Harvey, Thomas (M)
Harvey, Tye (M)
Harvey, William (M)
Harville, Harold Kenneth (M)
Harvison, Edna Chloe (F)
Hash, Cebert J. (M)
Hash, Hannah Leeann (F)
Hash, Minnie Lloyd (F)
Hasimoto (F)
Haskett, Wayne (M)
Haskins, Agnes (F)
Hastie (M)
Hastings, Gertrude M. (F)
Hatchett, Christine L. (F)
Hately, John W. (M)
Hathcock, Samantha Lee (F)
Hatmaker, Peggy Lou (F)
Hauff, D. C. (M)
Haun, Simon (M)
Havenhill, Margie Elizabeth (F)
Hawes, Daniel W. (M)
Hawk, Caroline (F)
Hawkins, Calvin C. (M)
Hawkins, Effie May (F)
Hawkins, Larry (M)
Hawkins, Larry Eugene (M)
Hawkins, Melissa (F)
Hawkins, Roy William (M)
Hayden, Donald Dean (M)
Hayden, Helen Frances (F)
Hayes, Ada Glennell (F)
Hayes, Linda (F)
Hayes, Margery (F)
Hayes, Paul (M)
Hayes, Pryor Wesley (M)
Hayes, W. Dewitt (M)
Hayes (or Phillips?), Jan (F)
Haygood, John (M)
Haymaker, Albert Wayne (M)
Haynes, Jessie D. (F)
Haynes, John (M)
Haynes, John Wison (M)
Haynes, Susan (F)
Hays, Clarence T. (M)
Hays, Florence O. (F)
Hays, Robert Dale (M)
Hayward, Brian Russell (M)
Heath, Patricia (F)
Hebert, Emily Manon (F)
Hedges, Ivan William (M)
Hedgren, Rudolph Joseph (M)
Hefley, Sharon Louan (F)
Heideman, Margaret Rose (F)
Heifner, James Abner (M)
Heifner, Robert Lee (M)
Heimbigner, Lawrence Dean (M)
Heinkel, Margaret Ann (F)
Heiskell, Fred M. (M)
Helgert, Diana Marie (F)
Helms (M)
Helms, Aaron M. (M)
Helms, Debra A. (F)
Helms, Herman Douglas (M)
Helms, Mary Barbara (F)
Helton, Julie A. (F)
Helton, Mary Ella (F)
Helwick, Phyllis Faye (F)
Hemphill, Oscar Harrison (M)
Hendershall, Joseph (M)
Henderson, Mr. (m. an unk. Acoff) (M)
Henderson Sr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Henderson, Barbara (Kent) (F)
Henderson, Kathy (F)
Henderson, Lester John (M)
Henderson, Lula Vera (F)
Henderson, Marian G. (F)
Henderson, Sarah (Greer?) (F)
Henderson, Susan Jane (F)
Hendrick, Albert (M)
Hendricks, Elizabeth Caroline (F)
Hendricks, Dr. Pierre Stephen (M)
Hendrickson, Mollie (F)
Hendrickson, Ona Mae (F)
Hendrix, Deborah (F)
Hendrix, Hal (M)
Hendrix, Harold C. (M)
Hendry, Phila (F)
Henley, D. L. (M)
Hennick, Dixie Ann (F)
Henrickson, Mary Susan (F)
Henry, George Wilbur (M)
Henry, Patrick Christopher (M)
Henry, William (M)
Henshaw, Mary Susan (F)
Hensley, Bobby J. (F)
Hensley, John Roger (M)
Hensley, Pearl Myrtle (F)
Hensley, Samuel Grant (M)
Henson, Amanda (F)
Henson, George William (M)
Henson, William James (M)
Heptanstall, William (M)
Herbert, Sherry L. (F)
Hernandez, Herlinda H. (F)
Hernandez, Marisol K. (F)
Herrell, James (M)
Herrell, Rosie Merline (F)
Herrera, Mary Melinda (F)
Hersh, George (M)
Hess, Edward (M)
Hester, Richard Billy (M)
Hester, Vera Lee (m. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Hewitt, Dorothy Louise (F)
Hickam, Cora Mae (F)
Hickey, Alice Faye (F)
Hickle, Arnie F. (M)
Hickle, Rev. William (M)
Hickman, Mary Ellen (F)
Hickman, Susan J. (F)
Hickman, Thomas (M)
Hicks, Ellen Lee (F)
Hicks, John Franklin (M)
Higdon, Nancy J. (F)
Higgins, Raymond Vincent (M)
High, Billy S. (M)
Hildebrand, John (M)
Hildebrand, Lester (M)
Hilderbrand, Anthony Fletcher (M)
Hilderbrand, Mary Elizabeth (F)
Hileman, Bonnie D. (F)
Hilghman, Desiree (F)
Hill (M)
Hill, Ada Louise (F)
Hill, Almeda (F)
Hill, Anna Margaret (F)
Hill, Cecil Rhodes (M)
Hill, Cheryl Lynn (F)
Hill, Cynthia Lee (F)
Hill, David Nelson (M)
Hill, Gary W. (M)
Hill, Green C. (M)
Hill, Margie (F)
Hill, Mary Alice (F)
Hill, Mary Ellen (F)
Hill, Michael Kent (M)
Hill, Nathan (M)
Hill, Robert Carl (M)
Hill, Stacy (F)
Hilliard, Billy (M)
Himmelman, Jacob (M)
Hindman, Casey (M)
Hines, Willie (M)
Hinkley (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Hinrichs, Mark (M)
Hinton, Albertus Elsie May (F)
Hipkins (M)
Hisler, Florence Beatrice (F)
Hixon, Andrew Jackson (M)
Hoach, Allan Keith (M)
Hobbs, Dawn (F)
Hobbs, Monica J. (F)
Hocker, Elizabeth (F)
Hodge, John T. (M)
Hodge, Louise (F)
Hodge, Mary (F)
Hodges, Annie Inez (F)
Hodges, Eulallia F. (F)
Hodges, Louise (F)
Hodges, Shirley Russell (M)
Hodgett, Candace Marie (F)
Hodgins, Frederick (M)
Hodson, Marion Joyce (F)
Hodson, Phyllis Rae (F)
Hoffman, Joshua Gregory (M)
Hoffman, Michelle (F)
Hoffner (F)
Hogue, Garrett L. (M)
Hogue, Lillian Roberta (F)
Holcomb, Diane D. (F)
Holder, Anna (F)
Holder, Jerry L. (M)
Holder, Roger Dale (M)
Holdway, Melissa (F)
Holiday (M)
Holland, Dr. Douglas (M)
Holland, James Calvin (M)
Holland, Jeffrey Ray (M)
Holland, William (M)
Hollars, John Lester (M)
Holley, Kristen (F)
Hollifield, Dorothy Bernice (F)
Hollingsworth, Thelma J. (F)
Hollis (M)
Holloway (M)
Holloway, Arthur C. (M)
Holloway, James Howard (M)
Hollyfeld, Mary (F)
Holman, Hazel Marie (F)
Holman, Louise J. (F)
Holmes, Herron Jack (M)
Holmes, Robert Joseph II (M)
Holsapple, Karen Sue (F)
Holsenback (F)
Holsheiser, George Craig (M)
Holsomback, Shawna Lee (F)
Holste (?)
Holste, Joey (M)
Holt, Bessie Ellen (F)
Holt, Bobby (M)
Holt, Donald N. (M)
Holt, Fate (M)
Holt, Karen Sue (F)
Holt, Oma Lee "Dude" (F)
Holt, Robert (M)
Holt, Thomas Parkinson (M)
Honeyman, Vern Clay (M)
Hood, Timothy W. (M)
Hooper (M)
Hooper (M)
Hooper, Kelley Leanne (F)
Hoose, Katie (F)
Hooten, Beulah A. (F)
Hoover, Brenda Lee (F)
Hoover, Howard? (M)
Hopkins, Frank Edward (M)
Hopner, Frances Amelia (F)
Hopper, Robert Jackson (M)
Hoppers, William Frederick (M)
Hopson, Andrew Jackson (M)
Horan (M)
Hord, Karen (F)
Horhn, Jerry R. (M)
Horne, Pat (M)
Hough, Shirley (F)
Houle, Arthur Wilfred (M)
House, William Nicholas (M)
Houser, Sarah Lucy (F)
Houston, Dr. Bruce (M)
Howard, Betty (F)
Howard, Czarina (F)
Howard, Jesse L. (M)
Howard, Mary O. (F)
Howard, Sewell (M)
Howarth, Richard William (M)
Howe, James Harvey (M)
Howell, Billy (M)
Howell, Carolyn Elizabeth (F)
Howell, David (M)
Howell, Sedric O. (M)
Howse, Mary Evelyn H. (F)
Hubbard, Fannie Harriet (F)
Hubbard, Col. Parker Dole (M)
Hubble, Leo Judson (M)
Hubbs, Alinda (F)
Hubbs, Charles E. (M)
Hubbs, Oliver (M)
Hubbs, Pheba Ann (F)
Hubbs, Phebe Ann (F)
Hubbs, William (M)
Hudalla, Irene (F)
Huddleston, Merle Beatrice (F)
Huddlestun, Harold Keith (M)
Hudgens (M)
Hudson, Joyce Ann (F)
Hudson, Mary Louise (F)
Huff (M)
Huffman (M)
Huffman, Douglas Clair (M)
Huffman, Emily Ann (F)
Huffman, Steve (M)
Huffmeister, Ada Lou (F)
Hughes (M)
Hughes, Ayres Jeffrey (M)
Hughes, Barbara June (F)
Hughes, Gable William (M)
Hughes, Joby Eugene (M)
Hughes, Marchell (F)
Hughes, Ralph Kennett (M)
Hughes, Thelma Beatrice (F)
Hughett, Jason Edward (M)
Huhn, Steve (M)
Huhn, Wilheim (M)
Huie (F)
Human, William A. (M)
Hummel, Cecilia (F)
Hundley, Shirley Fontella (F)
Hunley, Charles M. (M)
Hunley, Lucy Emaline (F)
Hunley, Sherry (F)
Hunley or Humley or Hensley, Charlie (M)
Hunsicker, Donald George (M)
Hunt (M)
Hunt, Florence Althea (F)
Hunt, Luella C. (F)
Hunt, Melvin Brownlow (M)
Huntchell, George (M)
Hunter, Araminta (F)
Hunter, Barbara (F)
Hunter, J. D. (M)
Hunter, Tim (M)
Hunziker, Lisa Ann (F)
Hurn, LaVerne June (F)
Hurst, Billie R. (M)
Hurst, Maggie (F)
Hurst, Margaret Virginia (F)
Hurst, Melzela Jane (F)
Hurst, Nettie (F)
Hurst, Nettie I. (F)
Hurst, Patricia Joann W. (F)
Hurst, Steve Michael (M)
Hurt, John T. II (M)
Huskey, Pamela (F)
Huskey, Weston Charles (M)
Hutchens (M)
Hutcheson, Christopher (M)
Hutcheson, Gertrude (F)
Hutcheson, Nancy (F)
Hutchins, Cynthia Marie (F)
Hutchison, Joe Leroy (M)
Hutchison, Mary Alice (F)
Hutchison, Steven Javan (M)
Hyde, Charles H. (M)
Hyden, Lila Pauline (F)
Hyre, Thomas Jeffery (M)
Idol, Edith (F)
Idol, Lucy (F)
Illingworth, Jane (F)
Iman, Samuel E. (M)
Ingham, Barbara A. (F)
Ingle, Francis Paul Jr. (M)
Ingo, Elizabeth (F)
Ingram, Reece George (F)
Inklebarger, Clarence Augustes (M)
Inklebarger, Mary Ruth (F)
Inman (M)
Inman, Grover Thomas (M)
Inman, Liza (F)
Inserra, Sally Elizabeth (F)
Irby, Helen Dorothy (Beaty) (F)
Irick, Newel Christine (F)
Irwin, Jane Taylor (F)
Irwin, Samuel (M)
Ison, Walter (M)
Iuorno, Angela (F)
Ivey, Minnie E. Driver (F)
Ivey, Sarah F. (F)
Ivy, Allen Leo (M)
Jackson, Mr. (m. an unk. Acoff) (M)
Jackson (M)
Jackson, Adrian Leslie (M)
Jackson, Barney (M)
Jackson, Beverly Ann (F)
Jackson, Easter Luvinia (F)
Jackson, Elvin (M)
Jackson, Fonsworth Eugene (M)
Jackson, George H. (M)
Jackson, James Howard (M)
Jackson, John B. (M)
Jackson, Jones G. (M)
Jackson, Joseph Stephens (M)
Jackson, Mary Lee (F)
Jackson, Rema Dale (F)
Jackson, William Jesse (M)
Jackson, Winston L. (M)
Jacobs (M)
Jacobs, Olga Iris (F)
Jacoby, Alice Josephine (F)
Jacoby, Emily (F)
Jakusz, Matthew Gerard (M)
James, Dale Randolph (M)
James, Mary Christine (F)
Jamison, Araminta (F)
Janssen, Tracy L. (F)
Jarnagin, John J. (M)
Jarrell, Howard L. Jr. (M)
Jarrell, Russell Gardner (M)
Jarrett, Roger Allen (M)
Jarvis (M)
Jasper, Bertha Mary (F)
Jefferis, Joan D. (F)
Jeffers, Maude Bell (F)
Jeffreys, Paulette D. (F)
Jemison, Cherry (F)
Jenkins, Hubert J. (M)
Jenkins, Laura Bell (F)
Jenkins, Lula (F)
Jenkins, Pamela Ann (F)
Jenkins, Peggy Jo (Parker Payne) (F)
Jenkins, Soloman (M)
Jennings, Doctor B. (M)
Jennings, Mary Lois (F)
Jensen, Clara (F)
Jernigan, Elza (M)
Jeter, Garland Wesley Jr. (M)
Jhonson (M)
Jimenez, Raul (M)
Jinks, Amma Joyce (F)
Johantgen, Carl Joseph (M)
Johns, Lisa Cheryl (F)
Johnson (M)
Johnson (M)
Johnson (M)
Johnson (M)
Johnson, Alpha (F)
Johnson, Ann (F)
Johnson, Bennie E. (F)
Johnson, Bertha Irene (F)
Johnson, Beverly D. (F)
Johnson, Beverly Earl (M)
Johnson, Clarence Allen (M)
Johnson, Claudia Modell (F)
Johnson, Cleora Maurine (F)
Johnson, Erasmus "Razz" (M)
Johnson, Estelle (F)
Johnson, Evelyn Juanita (F)
Johnson, George T. (M)
Johnson, Goldia Louvadia (F)
Johnson, Houston (M)
Johnson, Howard W. (M)
Johnson, J. L. (M)
Johnson, James Boyd (M)
Johnson, James L. (M)
Johnson, Janiet A. (F)
Johnson, Dr. John B. (M)
Johnson, Karen S. Laucks (F)
Johnson, L. A. (M)
Johnson, Leon Aquilla (M)
Johnson, Leroy (M)
Johnson, Mabel (F)
Johnson, Mable Vesta (F)
Johnson, Mark Wayne (M)
Johnson, Martha H. (F)
Johnson, Martha Hester (F)
Johnson, R. V. (M)
Johnson, Robert L. Sr. (M)
Johnson, Robert L. (M)
Johnson, Scott (M)
Johnson, William D. (M)
Johnson, Willie Florence (F)
Johnston, Don C. (M)
Johnston, Geri Kena (F)
Johnston, Jesse D. (M)
Johnston, John Ignatius (M)
Johnston, Robert (M)
Johnston, Sheila Marie (F)
Johnston, Wanda S. (F)
Jolley, Gail Patricia Smith (F)
Jones (M)
Jones (M)
Jones (M)
Jones (M)
Jones, Amanda (F)
Jones, Arthur D. (M)
Jones, Arthur Porter (M)
Jones, Corum H. (M)
Jones, Coy B. (M)
Jones, Cynthia Lynn (F)
Jones, Dorothy Virginia (F)
Jones, Franklin H. (M)
Jones, Gregory C. (M)
Jones, Hannah (F)
Jones, Hugh Jackson (M)
Jones, James Calloway (M)
Jones, James King (M)
Jones, John Frederick (M)
Jones, Johnny Ray (M)
Jones, Joseph (M)
Jones, Mariena Marine ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Jones, Mary Katherine (Lyle) (F)
Jones, Mary Louise (F)
Jones, Millie Ann Melinda (F)
Jones, Natahya S. ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Jones, Richard K. (M)
Jones, Sandra Kay (F)
Jones, Shannon Doyle (M)
Jones, Teresa Diane (F)
Jones, W. B. (M)
Jones, W. T. (M)
Jordan, Emma (Mrs.) (F)
Jordan, George Washington (M)
Jordan, Minerva (F)
Jordan, Nancy (F)
Jordon, William (M)
Jorenby, Annemarie (F)
Joseph, Mr. (m. an unk. Acoff) (M)
Joyce, David Gage (M)
Judkins, Mike (M)
Julian, Charles Thomas (M)
Jump, Barbara A. (F)
Jumper, Cynthia Diane (F)
Jumper, Ruby Mae Carolyn (F)
Kach, John Steven III (M)
Kalsto, Kari (F)
Kalter, Roger Dale (M)
Kane, Elbert Britton (M)
Kaparis, George (M)
Karter (M)
Karter, Eric William (M)
Kaylor, Opal Rogers (F)
Keathley (M)
Keck, Lester L. (M)
Keehnel, Orval Amos (M)
Keele, Michael Gene (M)
Keeler, Dorothy (F)
Keener, Joseph Preston (M)
Keeney, Sarah K. (F)
Keesling, Wade H. (M)
Keeton, Barbara A. (F)
Keinholz, Edward R. (M)
Keisling, Eugene Leroy (M)
Keller, John (M)
Keller, Martha Alice (F)
Keller, Robert Taylor (M)
Kelley, Becky Dianne (F)
Kelley, Eugene L. (M)
Kellum, Ed (M)
Kellum, Lamar (M)
Kelly, Donald Eugene (M)
Kelly, Elizabeth Montgomery (F)
Kelly, Floyd (M)
Kelly, Jerry (M)
Kemp, father of Autumn (M)
Kemper, Ray (M)
Kendrick, John (M)
Kendrick, Letha Margaret (F)
Kendrick, Margaret Fauby (F)
Kendrick, Thomas E. (M)
Kennan, Richard Carlton (M)
Kennard, Thomas (M)
Kennedy, Esther (F)
Kennedy, Mollie Ellen (F)
Kennedy, William F. (M)
Kennihan, Elizabeth Ann "Beth" (F)
Kennon, S. Emma (F)
Kent, Thomas Eugene (M)
Kenworthy, Ellen (F)
Kern, William Jefferson (M)
Kerr, Joseph E. (M)
Kerr, Joseph Estabrook Sr. (M)
Kersey (M)
Kessling, Luella Pearl (F)
Kever, Vera Mae (F)
Key (M)
Key, Karla Jean (F)
Kibler, Brandon (M)
Kidd, Jerome McElree (M)
Kidd, Kenneth Eugene Jr. (M)
Kidd, Mary A. (F)
Kidd, Nancy Ruth (F)
Kidwell, Fannie M. (F)
Kieffer, Edward Laurence (M)
Kienholz, Edward R. (M)
Kiersey, Clarence (M)
Kilday, Valerie (F)
Kile, Ryan J. (M)
Killian, Florence Naoma (F)
Killian, Nancy Elizabeth (F)
Kilpatrick, Charles (M)
Kilpatrick, Virgil (M)
Kimerling, Daniel Frank (M)
Kincaid, Imogene (F)
Kincaid, Randy (M)
Kincaid, Rhea Thomas (M)
Kincannon, Andrew Jackson (M)
Kincannon, Bessie Mabel (F)
Kincannon, George (M)
King (M)
King, Carroll Rose (F)
King, Clarence (M)
King, David Thilson (M)
King, Edna Marie (F)
King, Harry F. (M)
King, James Charles (M)
King, Jesse (M)
King, Lucinda (Lucille) (F)
King, Michael Axel (M)
King, Mildred (F)
King, Orvil R. (M)
King, Paul Edward (M)
King, William Paul (M)
King, Young (M)
Kingsley, Sarah S. M. J. (F)
Kinkead, James Wyatt (M)
Kinnaird, Janet Ann (F)
Kinser, Rhonda Faye (Baugh) (F)
Kinsey, Julia R. (F)
Kinsland, Harriett A. (F)
Kip, Phelps Cruikshank (M)
Kiphart, Emma (F)
Kirby, David Finley (M)
Kirby, Debbie (F)
Kirby, Johnny Earl (M)
Kirby, Perry Kent (M)
Kirby, Robert Blain (M)
Kirk, Emmett Luther (M)
Kirkendall, Charles E. (M)
Kirkland (M)
Kirkland, William Eugene (M)
Kirkpatrick, Billy Daniel (M)
Kirkpatrick, Charis Elizabeth (F)
Kirkpatrick, Charles (M)
Kirkwood, Darrell J. (M)
Kiser, Lori Jean (F)
Kiser, Nancy (F)
Kiser, William Foster (M)
Kissell, Selma Esther (F)
Kissior, Hattie (F)
Kitchen, Jesse (M)
Kitchen, Patsy (F)
Kitchens, Tim (M)
Kittrell, Annie (F)
Kitts (M)
Kitts, Adam (M)
Kitts, Armistead (M)
Kitts, Cornie (F)
Kitts, Peter (M)
Kitts, Steven Derek (M)
Kitts, William R. (M)
Kiuchi (M)
Kiwanuka, Suleman M. (M)
Klauer, Mark Edward (M)
Klaus, Laura Michelle (F)
Klaustermeier, Kent Wade (M)
Klein, Kathleen Ann (F)
Klein, Leonard (M)
Kleinhelter, Eleanor Marie (F)
Kline, Ernest Spurgeon (M)
Kling, Rory (M)
Knapp, Dr. Moses Rudolph (M)
Knauss, Russell William (M)
Knaust, David Irvin (M)
Knight, Arcie Darrell (M)
Knight, Ima N. (F)
Knobler, Ken (M)
Knopp, John E. Jr. (M)
Knox, Emma Elzibeth (F)
Knox, Sheri Lynn Stiles (F)
Koch, Jack (M)
Koch, Judith A. (F)
Koch, William F. (M)
Kocsis, Brian K. (M)
Koehl, William Michael (M)
Koesler, Craig Brian (M)
Kohler, Jerry Allen Jr. (M)
Kolb, Lawrence Boyd (M)
Koon, William Davis Jr. (M)
Koontz, William Henry Harrison (M)
Kopplin, Sally A. (F)
Kordus, Patricia Gail (F)
Koster, James Harold (M)
Kraft, Doss H. (F)
Krantz, Mary Magdalena (F)
Kraut, Kim Charles (M)
Krewson, Andria (F)
Krietemeier, Carl Dean (M)
Krishart, Irene Sylvia (F)
Kronschnabl, Alan (M)
Krug (M)
Kruks, Peter P. (M)
Kuchark, Gary (M)
Kuhler, Brenda Catherine Kay (F)
Kuhlman, Tracey A. (F)
Kuhlo, Mark Lee (M)
Kuhn, Margrette (F)
Kulms, William R. (M)
Kummerle, Edward Charles (M)
Kyle, Robert Louis (M)
LaBass, Charles Alexander (M)
Lackey, Maxwell M. (M)
Lackey, Robert Fletcher (M)
Lackie, Frances Elizabeth (F)
Lajoie, Catherine M. (F)
LaJoie, Gerard B. (M)
Lakins, Arlin C. (M)
Lamar, Laurie Michelle (F)
Lamb, Merrell Gene (M)
Lamb, Wilbur Raymond (M)
Lambert, James T. (M)
Lander, Deborah (F)
Lane, Ann (F)
Lane, Margaret A. (F)
Lanford, Johnnie Franklin (M)
Langdon, Anne (F)
Langhaar, Peggy (F)
Langston, Dovie Belle (F)
Lankford, Almuth Barmon (M)
Lape, Nancy M. (F)
Lappan, Cheryl A. (F)
Larkin, Ronald Wayne (M)
Larmer, Brittany Danielle (F)
Larned, Cortland Kellogg Jr. (M)
Laroche (F)
Larsen, Wilma (F)
Larson, William Leonard (M)
Lasater, Mark Douglas (M)
Lasseter, William Franklin (M)
Laster, James Porter (M)
Latham, Shirley Lee (F)
Latham, Tanya K. (F)
Lattimer, Meri-Agnes (F)
Lauder, Steven Joseph (M)
Lauderdale, Henry Turner (M)
Lauff, Mary (Mrs.) (F)
Laughlin, Sarah Anna (F)
LaValley, Larry Delain (M)
Lavell, Brian Leinart (M)
Laverde, Robert J. (M)
Law, Thomas (M)
Law, Thomas D. (M)
Lawes, Rev. William Daniel (M)
Lawrence, Mr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Lawrence, John (M)
Lawrence, Lonnie Lee (M)
Lawrence, Robert Brian (M)
Lawrence, William Roger (M)
Lawson, Charlie (M)
Lawson, Elizabeth (F)
Lawson, Frank (M)
Lawson, Frederick (M)
Lawson, George Taylor Jr. (M)
Lawson, Larry (M)
Lawson, Patricia Gail (F)
Lawson, Porter J. (M)
Lawson, Ralph William (M)
Lawson, Rubye Pauline (F)
Lawson, Walter Amos (M)
Lay, Betty Lou (F)
Lay, Clyde Horace Jr. (M)
Lay, Jacob (M)
Lay, Myrtle (F)
Layer, George (M)
Layman, Clark Rogers (M)
Layman, Marcene (F)
Layne, Della (F)
Layton, Katherine (F)
Layton, William M. (M)
Leach, Janet Sue (F)
Leakas, Ernest (M)
Leake, Stacy M. (F)
Learst, Richard Floyd (M)
Leathers, Carol (F)
Leathers, Carol Alicia (F)
Lebow ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Ledbetter, Farsuir E. (F)
Ledbetter, Isaac (M)
Ledbetter, William Jr. (M)
Ledbetter, William R. (M)
Lee (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Lee, Bill J. (M)
Lee, James A. (M)
Lee, Jessie L. (F)
Lee, Lydia Gay (F)
Lee, Rebecca Delilah (F)
Lee, Rebecca Jean (F)
Lee, Robert Freeman (M)
Lee, Rosa (F)
Lee, Sue (F)
Lee, Will (M)
Lee, William A. (M)
Leffew, Hazel Leona (F)
Legg, Dolphus D. (M)
Leibovich, Timothy David (M)
Leigh, Anna (F)
Leiphan, Bonnie G. (F)
Lemarr, Leroy R. (M)
Lemarr, William Frank Jr. (M)
Lemmon, Sammy Martin (M)
Lemmons, Rudolph Norman Jr. (M)
Lemon (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Lemon, William Carroll (M)
Lemus, Jose Jr. (M)
Lennox, John (M)
Lenon, Alvin A. (M)
Lents (M)
Lentz, Joel Edward (M)
Leonowicz-Acuff, Leonora E. (F)
Letson, Wallace F. Sr. (M)
Leung, Chingman Wendy (F)
Lewey, Harold E. (M)
Lewis (M)
Lewis (M)
Lewis, Beulah Eva (F)
Lewis, Clyde Francis (M)
Lewis, Cortes S. (M)
Lewis, Hubert (M)
Lewis, James (M)
Lewis, Mary Lucinda (F)
Lewis, Robert Frank (M)
Lichtenburger, Hazel Lee (F)
Lief, Linda L. (F)
Liford, Mattie C. (F)
Lillard, Evelyn Craton (F)
Lilly, James A. (M)
Linderman, Fledia Jane (F)
Lindsey, Lola (Mrs.) (F)
Lindsey, Thomas Charles (or J. C.) (M)
Line, Barbara Jean (F)
Lineberger, Elizabeth Graham (F)
Lines, Mildred M. (F)
Lippman, Louise S. (F)
Lister, Blanche Ethel (F)
Little, Mattie Imogene (F)
Little, Tussie (F)
Livengood, Donnita Denise (F)
Livesay, Bobbie June (F)
Loazer, Christopher (M)
Lockhart (M)
Lockwood, Letha Laura (F)
Loeser, Charles (M)
Logan, Ada Marie (F)
Logeman, Dona L. (F)
London, Addie Minnie (F)
Londoner, Jeffrey (M)
Lones, Bernadette (F)
Long, Andila Clarrice (F)
Long, Arthur Arlis (M)
Long, Brian (M)
Long, Elizabeth (F)
Long, Hallie (F)
Long, Harlon Truman (M)
Long, Hugh Gleason (M)
Long, James Milton Jr. (M)
Long, Lisa (F)
Long, Mary M. (F)
Long, Rickey L. (M)
Long, Virginia Elizabeth (F)
Long, Virginia Mae "Virgie" (F)
Longmire, Danny Clay (M)
Looney?, Mary "Polly" (F)
Losure, Lori L. (F)
Lothes, Mike (M)
Louis, Maureen Eleanor (Hawthorne) (F)
Love, Charles Timothy (M)
Love, James Randall (M)
Love, Nancy Clare (F)
Love, Tim (M)
Loveday, Carolyn Marie (F)
Lovejoy, Angela Sue (F)
Loveland, William H. (M)
Loveless, Tulula (F)
Lovell, Emma Sue (F)
Lovett, Jane (F)
Lovett, Lena (F)
Low, James Walton (M)
Lowder, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" (F)
Lowe, Alpheus C. (M)
Lowe, Roberta Kay (F)
Lowery, Douglas Daniel (M)
Lowery, Hope Lynette (F)
Loyal, Mary Ann (F)
Loyd, Anna (F)
Loyd, Linda (F)
Lucas, Eva M. (F)
Lucas, Ida L. (F)
Ludwig, June T. (F)
Luebke, Erwin August (M)
Lukens, Comly (M)
Lumpkin, Virginia E. (F)
Luna, William Richard (M)
Lund, Sandra (F)
Lutcher, Elois (F)
Lyda, Thomas Hart Benton (M)
Lyle, Robert (M)
Lynch, Michael H. (M)
Lynch, Sidney Tucker (M)
Lynch, Stella Florence (F)
Lynes, Evelyn (F)
Lynn, Millard James (M)
Lyons, Michele A. (F)
Lytle, Linda (F)
Mabe, Cecile Evaline (F)
Mabry, Burton James (M)
Macallister (M)
Machleid, James Arthur (M)
Maciorowski, Stella Josephine (F)
Mack, Helen (F)
Mackey, Elsie (F)
Mackey, Guy Erwin (M)
Mackey, Martha (F)
Madden, Annette Cheri (F)
Madden, John (M)
Maddox, David L. (M)
Maddox, Herchel David (M)
Madgett, Rosa M. (F)
Maggart, Edsel Ford (M)
Magner, Courtney (F)
Mahaffie, Michelle Irene (F)
Mahler, Melvin Arthur (M)
Mahmoud, Ali (M)
Mahon, Martha (F)
Maiden, Ray M. (M)
Maier, Cleborne Milton (M)
Maier, Nancy Lee (F)
Main, Nona L. (F)
Major (M)
Majors, Jessie Pearl (F)
Maker, Mildred Louise (F)
Malandrone, Penelope Sue (Halvorsen) (F)
Maleck, Sheila M. (F)
Maley, B. H. (M)
Mallicoat, Henry (M)
Mallicoat, Jincy (F)
Mallicoat, John (M)
Mallicoat, Mary (F)
Mallicoat, Sabrina (Sabra) (F)
Mallicoat, Sarah Francis (F)
Malone (M)
Malone, Glenda G. (F)
Malone, Mary Alice (Mrs.) (F)
Malone, Sally Leona (F)
Malz, Carolyn Ann (F)
Mangrum, Jeffrey Dewayne (M)
Manhard (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Manis, Luther C. (M)
Mann, Jessie (F)
Mann, Laura (F)
Mann, Rachel (F)
Mann, Richard T. (M)
Manners, Donna (F)
Manns, Joseph Alan (M)
Maples, Chuckie Steven (M)
Maples, John W. (M)
Maples, Kermit Robert (M)
Maples, Mary Arbelia (F)
Maples, Melvin G. (M)
Maples, Mildred Sue (F)
Marazon, Heather Renee (F)
Marciniak, Alex M. (M)
Marcom (M)
Marietta, Reuben D. (M)
Markham, Richard A. Jr. (M)
Marney, Davide Charles (M)
Marsee, Carl David (M)
Marshall, Flora Virginia (F)
Marshall, Mary Ann (F)
Martens, Daniel R. (M)
Marti, Dr. David (M)
Martin, Mr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Martin (M)
Martin, Dallus (M)
Martin, Delores (F)
Martin, Helen M. Bessemer (F)
Martin, Maggie L. (F)
Martin, Steve T. (M)
Martins, D. J. (M)
Mashburn, Charles Monroe (M)
Mason, James T. (M)
Mason, John C. (M)
Mason, Rhoda Jane (F)
Massarelli, Rocky (M)
Masse (M)
Massengill, Gerald E.? (M)
Massey, Pervaiz Peter (M)
Massey, Samuel S. (M)
Massy, Fred Jay (M)
Masterson (M)
Mathews, Linda Faye (F)
Mathews, Mary (F)
Mathis, Coretta A. (F)
Mathis, Elizabeth Mae (F)
Mathis, Lula Irene (F)
Mathis, Phoebe Ann (F)
Matlock, Donald K. (M)
Matthews, Mr. (m. an unk. Acoff) (M)
Matthews, G. M. (M)
Mattock, William (M)
Maupin, Harvey Ernest (M)
Mauseth, Tammy (F)
Maxham, Terry Jean (F)
May, Dana (M)
May, Luther D. (M)
Mayfield, Charles Ray (M)
Mayfield, Donald Dean (M)
Mayfield, John A. (M)
Mayfield, Maggie A. (F)
Maynard, Brian Wayne (M)
Maynard, Nina Faye (F)
Maynard, Robert Bruce (M)
Mays, George W. (M)
Mays, John L. (M)
Mazzucchi, Peter Walter (M)
McAbee, Carl Napoleon (M)
McAbee, Ronald Edward (M)
McAdams, Bill G. (M)
McAnally, Charles Wesley F. (M)
McAnally, Ella (F)
McAnally, Larry Earl (M)
McAnally, Martha "Mattie" Elizabeth (F)
Mcanelly, Maclyn Sue (F)
McAtee, Charles (M)
McBee (M)
McBee, Bennie L. (M)
McBee, Bonnie Civilla (F)
McBee, Lola Eunice (F)
McBride, Betty (F)
McBrien, Hettie Emma (F)
McCabe, W. J. (M)
McCaffrey, Lola (F)
McCaig, Herman Ardell (M)
McCallister, Alonzo (M)
McCarnes, Luticia Ann (F)
McCarson, Joyce R. (F)
McCarthy, Bobby G. Jr. (M)
McCartney, Serena Jill (F)
McCauley, Marylin M. (F)
McClain, Bobby Rhea (M)
McClelland, Mr. (m. an unk. Acoff) (M)
McClelland, John T. (M)
McClelland, Marjorie Jane (F)
McCloud, Rufus Lafayette (M)
McCloud, Sarah Elizabeth (F)
McClure, Ruby Vance (F)
McColgin (M)
McCollum, Mary Frances (F)
McColum (M)
McCombs, Sarah Angeline ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
McCommons, Keith (M)
McConkey, Emma A. (F)
McConnell, Francis (M)
McCormack, Mary Heath (F)
McCoy, John Clay (M)
McCoy, Kathy D. (F)
McCoy, Mike (M)
McCraw, William Samuel (M)
McCulloch, Isaac Joseph (M)
McCurdy, Jessie Mae (F)
McCuskey, Harold (M)
McDaniel (M)
McDaniel, Donald (M)
McDaniel, Michael J. (M)
McDaniel, Russell (M)
McDaniel, Tina Irene (F)
McDaniel, William O. (M)
McDaniels, Russell (M)
McDonald, Betty (F)
McDonald, John T. (M)
McElroy, Sarah (F)
McElway (McElevain), Lucinda (F)
McFarland, Brenda L. (F)
McFarland, Debra Lynn (F)
McFerrin, Bryan G. (M)
McFerrin, Dr. James Abston (M)
McField (F)
McGaha, William G. (M)
McGahen, Anna Mae (F)
McGarrah, Alice Faye (F)
McGarrity, Patrick B. (M)
McGee (M)
McGee, Anna Ruth (F)
McGee, Ethel (F)
McGee, Robert R. (M)
McGee, Thomas H. (M)
McGinley, Anna (F)
McGinnis, Danny Michael (M)
McGinnis, Hannah (F)
McGinnis, Julia (F)
McGinnis, Luther W. (M)
McGinnis, Permelia (F)
McGinnis, Robert L. (M)
McGinnis, Willis Garnett (M)
Mcgowan, Laura Margaret (F)
McGregor, William Richard (M)
McIlrath, Anna (F)
McIntire, Mie or Mae (F)
McIntosh, Leola Irene (F)
McKay, Charles S. (M)
McKay, Lisa Faye (Marine) (F)
McKee, Maude Lois (F)
McKee, William L. (M)
McKelvey, L. P. (M)
McKenney, Kathryn Dawn (F)
McKinney, DiAnn Frances (F)
McKinney, George W. (M)
McKinney, Gregory Alan (M)
McKinney, Porter (M)
McKinney, Ralph Eugene (M)
McKinney, William Edward (M)
McKinnish, Sandra Marie (F)
McKnight, Helen (F)
McLain, Richard (M)
McLaughlin, Alice L. (F)
McLennan, Ian Paton Ph.D. (M)
McLeran, Martha (F)
McLure, Virginia (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
McMahan, James Arthur (M)
McMahon, John (M)
McManamy, Danielle Karly (F)
McMannis, Neva L. (F)
McManus, Charles Sr. (M)
McMillan, Laura Mae (F)
McMinn (M)
McMinn, Troy R. (M)
McMurray, Cynthia Elizabeth (F)
McNabb, Judge Luther C. (M)
McNalley, J. W. (M)
McNatt, Jed Albert (M)
McNatt, Ruel Edgar (M)
McNeill, Marilyn Earl (F)
McNew, Kathleen Dorothy (F)
McNish, Luther S. (M)
McPhee (M)
McPhee, Augus (M)
McPheeters, Daniel (M)
McPhetridge, Betty Pauline (F)
McPhetridge, Ross A. (M)
McQuaid, Alan L. (M)
McQueen, John A. (M)
McRae, Minnie Mae (F)
McRorie, Stephen R. (M)
McVaugh, Margaret S. (F)
McVey (M)
McVey, Joel Clay (M)
McWethy, Edwin Rubin (M)
Mea, Shirley (F)
Meadors, Mary Helen (F)
Meadows, Frances H. (F)
Meadows, Marjorie Mae (F)
Meadows, Robert Len (M)
Mease (F)
Mease, Lee Paul (M)
Measure, Marilyn Dorothy (Fletcher) (F)
Medley (M)
Medley, Francis Edward (M)
Medley, Gene D. (M)
Mee, Luke (M)
Meehan (M)
Meier, Tammy S. (F)
Meireis, Eric Luther (M)
Melcher, Hannah Cramp (F)
Melne, Jessie (F)
Melton, Lee Francis (M)
Melton, Susan Elizabeth (F)
Melton, Tama Jean (F)
Mendenhall, Walter Brown (M)
Mercer, Levi Kenneth (M)
Meredith, Ethel R. (F)
Meredith, Evelyn Louise (F)
Meridieth, Joyce Ann (F)
Merker, Mathilda S. (F)
Merrell, Mary Ola (F)
Merriman, Charlotte Juanita (F)
Merriman, Harriet Elizabeth (F)
Merriman, Hazel Eula (F)
Merritt (M)
Merritt, Clyde Parlin (M)
Merritt, Laura Jean (F)
Merritt, Leroy (M)
Merritt, Mary (F)
Merritt, Mildred Jean (F)
Merritt, Thomas (M)
Mertins (M)
Metcalf, Justin L. (M)
Metcalf, Martin (M)
Metts, Chris (M)
Metz, Anna R. (F)
Metzer, Lisa Michelle (F)
Meyers, Kimberly Rae (F)
Michael, Roxanne Ann (F)
Michaluk, Dennis F. (M)
Middleton, Sugar Bond (M)
Mihal, George (M)
Mikels, Mary Lou (F)
Milagros Sanchez, Yarit (F)
Millage, James H. (M)
Millea, Roger (M)
Miller (m. unk. Acuff ) (M)
Miller (M)
Miller, Allen Melvin (M)
Miller, Betty Marie (F)
Miller, Buck (M)
Miller, Cindy J. (F)
Miller, Deborah Sue (F)
Miller, Elvena (F)
Miller, Frank L. Jr. (M)
Miller, James T. (M)
Miller, Lydia (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Miller, Lyle R. (M)
Miller, Robert (M)
Miller, Robert Ewell (M)
Miller, Sheila Renee (F)
Miller, Thomas Edward (M)
Miller, Thomas McClellan (M)
Miller, William K. (M)
Miller, Yvonne Lynn (F)
Miller (or Mills), David (or Daniel) (M)
Miller (or Mitchell?), Jessica (F)
Millican, Mary Tennessee (F)
Millican, Randall D. (M)
Millican, William Franklin (M)
Milliken, Cora Alice (F)
Millington, Ida Belle (F)
Millman, Hannah (F)
Mills, Adeline (F)
Mills, Delphia May (F)
Mills, Derek Mason (M)
Mills, Edward (M)
Mills, Fielden Nicholas (M)
Mills, John (M)
Mills, Mary (F)
Mills, Virgie Lee (F)
Milne, Jessie Dawson (F)
Milton, Ronald Kenneth (M)
Milton or Melton, Anna Lorene (F)
Mimbs, Nathan Daniel (M)
Ming, Christine Annie (F)
Minor or Miner, Charles Richard (M)
Minton, Phillip O. (M)
Mitchell (M)
Mitchell, Albert Ray (M)
Mitchell, Charlotte "Lottie" (F)
Mitchell, Elizabeth Brown (Furbush) (F)
Mitchell, Iva Mae (F)
Mitchell, Matthew L. (M)
Mitchell, Pearl Alene (F)
Mitchell, Rickey Edward (M)
Mobley, Gale Richard (M)
Modsching, Margaret Mary (F)
Mohundro, Georgia A. (F)
Mohundro, James Paul (M)
Molnar, Mary Ann (F)
Momoi, Katsuhiko (M)
Money, Nancy Louise (F)
Moneymaker, Anna (F)
Monroe, Helen (F)
Monroe, Louise Louraina (F)
Monroe, Tolbert Pralo (M)
Monroe, Troy A. (M)
Monroe, Weir Lee Sr. (M)
Montes, Luis (M)
Montgomery (M)
Moody (M)
Moody, Kenneth Michael (M)
Mooney, Carlton A. (M)
Mooneyham, Robert Franklin (M)
Moore, Benny H. (M)
Moore, Cali J. (F)
Moore, Cathy Lynn (F)
Moore, Christopher (M)
Moore, Hazel Margaret (F)
Moore, James Mitchell (M)
Moore, Karen (F)
Moore, Lawrence A. (M)
Moore, Mike (M)
Moore, Patricia Diane (F)
Moore, Paul Steven (M)
Moore, Peter C. (M)
Moore, Sandra L. (F)
Moore, W. Mitchell (M)
Moore, Will (M)
Moore?, Karen (F)
Moran, Justin K. (M)
Moreland, Jolie N. (F)
Morey, Lisa (F)
Morgan, Mr. (m. an unk. Acoff) (M)
Morgan (M)
Morgan, Carlotta V. (F)
Morgan, Claudia Irene (F)
Morgan, David Charles (M)
Morgan, Frank (M)
Morgan, Fred Joseph Jr. (M)
Morgan, Hazel Lea (F)
Morgan, Ida Minerva (F)
Morgan, Inez (F)
Morgan, James P. (M)
Morgan, John Webb (M)
Morgan, Sherry Maxine (Wine) (F)
Morgan, Tina (F)
Morgan, Virginia R. (F)
Morgan, William J. (M)
Moriarity, Mary (F)
Morring, Clyde Benjamin (M)
Morris, John Allen (M)
Morris, Nancy Rosalie "Rosa" (F)
Morris, Sarah Jane (F)
Morris, Sharon Gale (F)
Morris, Susan H. (F)
Morris, Tammy R. (F)
Morris, William F. (M)
Morrison, Charles Francis (M)
Morrison, Faith Ellen (F)
Morrison, George Omer (M)
Morrison, Talmadge Lewis (M)
Morton (M)
Morton, Jamie L. (F)
Morton, Maggie (F)
Moses, Ken (M)
Moss, Benton (M)
Moss, Richard M. (M)
Mott, Mary Cress (F)
Mounce, Arthur V. (M)
Mounger, James Edward (M)
Mount, Napoleon Bradford (M)
Mourer, Dave Owen (M)
Moyers, Ada (F)
Moyers, Henry Daniel (M)
Mozingo, Christopher Lee (M)
Muehlbauer, Donald Leo (M)
Muehlhausen, Carole (F)
Mueller (M)
Mueller, Jeff (M)
Mulholland, Rachael (F)
Mulkey, Margaret Dona (F)
Mulkey, Nancy (F)
Mullen, Jean Gorden (Knapp) (F)
Mullican, Sam (M)
Mullins, Helen Virginia (F)
Mullins, Patricia Flo (F)
Mullins, Velma Elizabeth (F)
Munday, Jack Leslie Jr. (M)
Mundy, Charles Wayne (M)
Munn (?), Andrea (F)
Munsey, Rev. Nathaniel (M)
Murphee, Fannie Mae (F)
Murphey (M)
Murphree (M)
Murphy (M)
Murphy, Dollie Benton (F)
Murphy, Henry W. (M)
Murphy, Ione L. (F)
Murphy, Jack (M)
Murphy, Joe (M)
Murphy, John Earl (M)
Murphy, Richard Ross (M)
Murphy, Rufus A. (M)
Murphy, Sean (M)
Murphy?, Amanda (F)
Murray, Erin (F)
Murray, Faye Lee (F)
Murray, Geraldine (F)
Murray, Vola Mineta (F)
Murrell, Frank J. Sr. (M)
Musgrone, Michael Wayne (M)
Musselman, Cynthia Lee (F)
Mustain, Joseph Shadrack (M)
Mutchie (M)
Myers, Don (M)
Myers, Frank Aubrey (M)
Myers, Roscoe Fletcher (M)
Mynatt, Daisy Louise (F)
Mynatt, Hugh Early (M)
Mynatt, Mildred P. (F)
Mynatt, S. D. S. (M)
Nagy, Col. Elmer (M)
Nahial, John D. (M)
Nailor, William Benjamin (M)
Najarro, Sylvia L. (F)
Nance (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Nance, Charles Morgan (M)
Nance, Charles Thomas (M)
Nance, Henry (M)
Nance, John Henry (M)
Nance, Pryor (M)
Narcisi, Joan Diana (F)
Naron, Beverly Dianne (F)
Nash, Florida Elizabeth (F)
Nash, John (M)
Nash, John Wesley (M)
Nash, Kathryn Ann (F)
Nash, Martha Melissa (F)
Nash, Samuel Jasper (M)
Nash, Thomas (M)
Nayak, Suhas (M)
Neal, Charles Oscar (M)
Neal, Margaret C. (F)
Neal, Robert Harrison (M)
Neal, Sheila Gay (F)
Neal, W. T. (M)
Needham, Arthur Elbert (M)
Needham, Bertie C. (F)
Needham, Capt. Colonel Sawyers Jr. (M)
Needham, George R. (M)
Needham, Ira (M)
Needham, Lyda Grace (F)
Needham, Odra Truman (M)
Needham, Viola (F)
Neel, Penny (F)
Neely, Alice Elizabeth (F)
Neely, Candice Marchelle (F)
Neeshan, Polly Anne (F)
Neff, John P. (M)
Neff, Michelle Lynn (F)
Neff, Tiffany Jane (F)
Neffeler, John C. (M)
Neil, Amanda Jane (F)
Nelson, Barnett Hardin (M)
Nelson, Doris K. (F)
Nelson, Douglas (M)
Nelson, Elizabeth (F)
Nelson, John Elisha M.D. (M)
Nelson, Linda Jo (Adcock) (F)
Nesbit, William David (M)
Nestelroad, Kevin (F)
Netherton, Thomas John (M)
Neuberger, Eugene Karl (M)
Neukom, Norman W. (M)
Neumeyer, Christopher Muir (M)
Nevels (M)
Nevels, Barbara E. (F)
Nevins, Clyde A. (M)
New, Dorothy Jane (F)
Newberry (M)
Newell, Beverly A. (Grace) (F)
Newman, Arthur Levi (M)
Newman, Buford C. (M)
Newsom, Cecil Albert (M)
Newsom, George Thomas (M)
Newton, Mary Ann (F)
Nicely, Badora C. (F)
Nicely, Elizabeth "Betsy" Emeline (F)
Nicely, Hugh G. (V.?) (M)
Nicely, James Nelson (M)
Nicely, Jennifer R. (F)
Nicely, John S. (M)
Nicely, Mamie (F)
Nicely, Matilda Ann (F)
Nicely, Montana Helena (F)
Nicely, Tammy Ranee (F)
Nicely, William B. (M)
Nicholas, Louisa Clyde (F)
Nichols, Candi Lynn (F)
Nichols, Sgt. Edwin C. (M)
Nichols, Howell (M)
Nichols, Joe Arthur Sr. (M)
Nichols, Mary (F)
Nichols, Robert L. (M)
Nichols, Rosezella E. (F)
Nickles, Henry C. (M)
Nienhius, Dave (M)
Nishimura, Kazue (F)
Niswonger, Norma (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Noble, Bernice (F)
Nobles, Robert Ray (M)
Noe, Dessie (F)
Noe, Elizabeth (F)
Noe, Glen (M)
Noe, Michael Ray (M)
Nolan, Martha Belle (F)
Nolen, Sarah Margaret (F)
Norman, Naoma (F)
Norman, Weston Kent (M)
Normington, Ethel Evelyn (F)
Norney, Mary Ann (F)
Norny, Elwood K. (M)
Norris, Richard Harvey (M)
Norris, Sarah (F)
Norris, Susan Kathleen (F)
Northern, Effie Viola "Ola" (F)
Northern, Jennifer L. (F)
Norton (M)
Norton, Walter G. (M)
Norton, William (M)
Norvell, Maud Ora (F)
Notter, Randy S. (M)
Null, Allen L. (M)
Null, Victor A. (M)
Nunley, Alma Pauline (F)
O'Callahan, Kelene J. (F)
O'Connor, James C. (M)
O'Kelley, Sidney June (F)
O'Neal, Brooke Marie (F)
O'Neil, Frances Georgette (F)
O'Neill, Lisa Ann (F)
O'Reilly, M. (F)
O'Rourke (M)
Oak, Andrew E. (M)
Oakley, Frank Lee (M)
Oaks, Billie June (F)
Oaks, Leona (F)
Odell, -?- (possibly) (M)
Odell, Joseph B. (M)
Odell, Sarah Elizabeth (F)
Odell, Temple (M)
Odom, Ira Lynn (F)
Oglesby, Brian David (M)
Ognibene, Rosalie (F)
Oldham, Thomas Harrold (M)
Oliphant, Nancy Lister (F)
Oliver, Cheryl Jane (F)
Oliver, Ruby (Mrs. Chapman) (F)
Olivera, Arthur R. (M)
Oliveri, Jana S. (F)
Oller, Nona M. (F)
Olney (M)
Orchel, Kathleen Ann (F)
Orr, Elizabeth Carson (F)
Orta, Richard E. (M)
Ortmeyer, Mary Louise (F)
Osaile, Kimberly B. (F)
Osaki, Hannah T. (F)
Osborn, Hester (F)
Osborn, Tiffany Gail (F)
Osborne, Bobby Harold (M)
Osborne or Mustain, Mary C. (F)
Oshel (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Oshel, Charlotte (F)
Oslin, Justin Claud (M)
Osman, Vernetta Ann (F)
Ossenkop, Shirley Ann (F)
Oswalt, Clara Aline (F)
Oswalt, Susan D. (F)
Oszust, Leeona Maureen (F)
Ottinger, Mary (F)
Ottmar, John F. (M)
Outland Smith, Mary (F)
Overturf, Gloria Jean (F)
Overturf, Helen Vivian (F)
Owen, Anna (F)
Owen, Una Mary (F)
Owens, M. L. (M)
Owens, Ruby Lee (F)
Owings, Carol Joan (F)
Owings, Samuel Sumpter (M)
Oxford, Frank H. (M)
Ozden, Cemal (M)
Pace, Paris Dee (M)
Pack, John P. (M)
Packham, Veronica Yvette (F)
Page, Greg (M)
Page, Margaret (F)
Paine, Betty Sue (F)
Palacio, Fermin (M)
Pall, Paris (M)
Palmer, Alvin Luther (M)
Palmer, Daniel (M)
Palmer, Gaylin Rae (F)
Palmer, Glen Victor (M)
Palmer, Zola M. (F)
Palmertree, Herbert Frank (M)
Pando, Noel M. (M)
Paradowski, Anthony M. (M)
Parchman, William Jesse (M)
Parden, J. L. (M)
Parham, Claude E. (M)
Parham, Thomas S. (M)
Parker, Ben Jr. (M)
Parker, Benjamin Franklin (M)
Parker, Laura Mary (F)
Parker, Nancy Lorene (F)
Parker, Ronald W. (M)
Parker, Ruby Mae (F)
Parker, Sarah (F)
Parkerson, Annie Mae (F)
Parks (M)
Parks, Lee O. (M)
Parks, Melba (F)
Parks, Walter P. (M)
Parr, Jesse R. (M)
Parrish (M)
Parrish, Frank A. (M)
Parrott, Cloyd Eugene (M)
Parrott, Ernest E. (M)
Parrott, Sarah (F)
Parsons, Martha (F)
Parsons, Merle E. (M)
Partee, Ricky Eugene (M)
Paschal, Tasha (F)
Pasdach, Donna J. (F)
Paseur, John Michael (M)
Paskvan, Vincenzo James (M)
Passanesi (M)
Passanesi, Joseph Sebastian (M)
Passi, Craig Henry (M)
Pate, Sherrie Jean (F)
Patrick, Helen Jewell (F)
Patten, Grace Nelson (F)
Patterson, Agnes May (F)
Patterson, Alpha (F)
Patterson, Leonard (M)
Patterson, Nancy Adline (F)
Patterson, Nancy Jan (F)
Patty, Gladys Irene (F)
Patty, Shirley Ruth (F)
Paul, Tim Roger (M)
Paulsen, Rosalia P. (F)
Paulson, Cathy Jean (F)
Pavey, Oscar Leo (M)
Paxton, Charles E. (M)
Payan, Raymond J. (M)
Payne (M)
Payne (M)
Payne, Brandon (M)
Payne, Vivian (F)
Payne, William Snow Jr. (M)
Payton, Mike (M)
Peacock, Roger F. (M)
Pease, Mona May (F)
Peavey, Moses P. (M)
Peavler, Jim (M)
Pebley, Sumer F. (F)
Peck, Donald (M)
Peck, Kenneth E. (M)
Pedigo, James William Houk (M)
Peele, Lisa Kim (F)
Peeler, Ray Doss (M)
Pelton, Lavan Bennett (M)
Pender, Anna C. (F)
Pendergrass (M)
Penick, Katherine Annette (F)
Pennington, William A. (M)
Penny, Peggy (F)
Penrose, Wade A. (M)
Peoples (M)
Peoples, Thomas Allen (M)
Perdew, Benjamin (?) (M)
Perkins, Jeanette (F)
Perkins, Mary V. (F)
Perreault, Loretta Hattie (F)
Perrin, Linda (F)
Perron, Justin (M)
Perry, Charles (M)
Perry, Robert Edwin (M)
Peter, Caroline Louise (F)
Peters (M)
Peters, Mary Elizabeth (F)
Peterson, Gary Clarence (M)
Petit (M)
Petras, Katherine (F)
Petre, Edgar (M)
Petre, Samuel Henry (M)
Petrino, Frank H. (M)
Petticrew, James H. (M)
Petzinger, Catherine R. "Cathy" (F)
Philips, H. E. (F)
Phillips (M)
Phillips, Denita Jan (F)
Phillips, Geneva W. (F)
Phillips, Capt. Hartsell D. (M)
Phillips, James Luther (M)
Phillips, Jan (F)
Phillips, Kay (F)
Phillips, Mont Armstrong (M)
Phillips, Nancy (F)
Phillips, Robert Lee (M)
Phillips, Samuel (M)
Phillips, Sherry Lynn (F)
Phillips, Ted (M)
Philpot, Betsy Ross (F)
Phipps, James Daniel (M)
Phlegar, Maurine Elma (F)
Pickens, Jennifer (F)
Pickering, Rhonda Lee (F)
Pickett (M)
Pickle, Michelle Ramona (F)
Pierce, Clarence Earl (M)
Pierson, Alice Viola (F)
Pierson, Allie (F)
Pineda, Miguel Antoniio (M)
Pingley, Mary Kay (F)
Pinkston, Hiley Jane (Mrs.?) (F)
Pitre, John (M)
Pittman, David (M)
Pitts, Caloway (M)
Pitts, James Hughland (M)
Place, Maggie A. (F)
Pleasants, William (M)
Plecker, Claude Newton (M)
Plogsted, Joseph (M)
Plummer, Joseph Reginald (M)
Plummer, Sara Jo (F)
Podenes, Michael (M)
Podsednik, Ronald J. (M)
Poe or Shands or Oliphant (Md. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Pogue, Gene (M)
Pohl, June Edna (F)
Poindexter, Robert Charles (M)
Polk, Pamela Jane (F)
Pollard, Margaret Cynthia (F)
Pollard, Mary Eva (F)
Pollard, Robert (M)
Pollard, Robert Alexander (M)
Pomfrey, Herbert Michael (M)
Ponsell, Luther Gilbert (M)
Poore (M)
Poore, Donna Earl (F)
Poore, Harry Thurman (M)
Poore, William Arthur (M)
Pope, Carter Howard Jr. (M)
Popejoy, Lucy Almeda (F)
Porter, Rev. Cathy M. (md. an unk. Acuff?) (F)
Porter, Crystal (F)
Porter, Joan C. (F)
Porter, John (M)
Porter, Susan Ann (F)
Porter, William (M)
Posey, Donna Lee (F)
Potier, Chad M. (M)
Potter (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Potter, Agnes (F)
Potter, Walter (M)
Powell (M)
Powell, Henry Mack (M)
Powell, Ralph W. (M)
Powell, Ronald Wayne (M)
Powell, Wilhelmina Jean (F)
Power (Mackey), Margaret Lane (F)
Powers, Gwendolyn S. (F)
Powers, Richard L. Jr. (M)
Praglin, Sophia C. (F)
Prater, Virgil Roger (M)
Presley, Timothy A. (M)
Presnell, Wylie Arthur Andrew (M)
Preston (M)
Preston, Mr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Prewitt, Bernice (F)
Priar, Barney Lee (M)
Price, David Michael (M)
Price, Louise Rogers (F)
Price, Nina Marie (F)
Price, Richard Thomas (M)
Price, Theodore C. (M)
Price?, Helen M. (F)
Pride, Sherry Kay (F)
Priester, Percy Eugene Jr. (M)
Pritchard, Anne Reese (F)
Privette, Carroll Maxwell (M)
Proctor, Mary Reed (F)
Provence, Frederick Russell (M)
Pruden, Lola (F)
Pruett, Dick (M)
Pryor (F)
Pryor, Elsie Ione (F)
Pryor, Walter Thomas (M)
Puckett, James (M)
Pugh, Jennie Myrtle (F)
Pugh, Jesse Bartlett (M)
Pulse, Mattie (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Purchase, Barbara Ann (F)
Purvis, Herschel (M)
Pyle, Cisco Leonard (M)
Pyles, Paul (M)
Quackenbush, Glenda R. (F)
Qualls, Joseph S. (M)
Queen, Ada Jane (F)
Queen, Zachariah (M)
Quigly, Albert (M)
Quillen, Willard D. (M)
Quillin (M)
Quiram, Walter L. (M)
Raby, Marcia (F)
Rader, Effie (F)
Rader, Jessie Lee (Lenore) (F)
Ragsdale, Lawrence E. (M)
Ragsdale, Mary Tom (F)
Raic, Stephen Thomas (M)
Raines, Doris F. (F)
Raines, John (M)
Raines, Robert A. (M)
Rainey, Joel Mercedes (F)
Rainey, Walter Daniel (M)
Rajski, Carl (M)
Rakes (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Rambo (M)
Ramey, Leonard Bernard (M)
Ramirez, Reymundo (Raymond) C. (M)
Ramsey, Easton E. (M)
Ramsey, Garry Jackson (M)
Ramsey, Georgia Geraldine (F)
Ranard, Elizabeth (F)
Randall, Virginia (F)
Randolph, Awilda Jean (F)
Randolph, Sarah (F)
Randolph, Serena J. (F)
Ranger, Karen (F)
Rankin, Martha E. (F)
Rankin, Rachel Rebecca (F)
Ransom, Margaret (F)
Rasberry, Charles Churchell (M)
Rasco, Rev. Oscar Rufus (M)
Rasure, Bessie Cleo (F)
Ratcliff, J. C. (M)
Rathbone, Homer Mitchell (M)
Rathbone, Troy Buford (M)
Ratliff, Kristy (F)
Rau, Gerald Boyd (M)
Raulerson, Lueaser (F)
Rauma, Laura (F)
Ravas, Matthew (M)
Rawlins, Jack Henry (M)
Rawlston, George Arnett (M)
Ray, Irene E. (F)
Ray, Jan (F)
Ray, Sarah (F)
Ray, Susie (F)
Read, Philura Massengale (F)
Reasoner, Ruby Lorene (F)
Reddick, Marion F. (M)
Reddin, Nancy J. (F)
Reding, Patricia Ann (F)
Redman, John (M)
Redmond, Clayton Frank (M)
Redwine, Samuel Arthur McPherson (M)
Reece (M)
Reece, Birdie Golden (F)
Reece, Stella (F)
Reed, Charlie (M)
Reed, Delnora (F)
Reed, John (M)
Reed, Julius Paul (M)
Reed, Katherine Elizabeth (F)
Reed, Laura A. (F)
Reese, Thomas C. (M)
Reeve, Paul Thomas (M)
Reeves, Nellie V. (F)
Reeves, Olive Frances (F)
Reger, Kevin (M)
Reichle, Gerald (M)
Reiff, Charles Edward (M)
Reimer, Anna Lisa (F)
Reinholtz, Stanley E. Jr. (M)
Renas, Frederick Edward (M)
Rendleman, Kay (F)
Reneau, Diane (Byers) (F)
Renfro, Tennie (F)
Reno, Tracy Dwayne (M)
Rentas, Jorge Cabin (M)
Rentz, Ashley (F)
Renwick, Jean Ann (F)
Reuthinger (M)
Reves (Martin), Annmichele (F)
Rewis, Wallace (M)
Rex, William (M)
Rey, Frederick Scott (M)
Reyes (Perez?), Claudia (F)
Reynolds, Douglas Lee (M)
Reynolds, Elizabeth (F)
Reynolds, Mary H. (F)
Reynolds, Robert E. Jr. (M)
Reynolds, Sharol S. (F)
Rhea, Amber Deanne (F)
Rhena, Tiffany (F)
Rhoads, Elizabeth B. (F)
Rhoads, Walter (M)
Rhodes, Erwin (M)
Rhodes, Mona Jane (F)
Rhodes, Teresa (F)
Rhodes, Thomas Seldon (M)
Ribble, Matthew Brent (M)
Rice, Crotts (M)
Rice, Dora (F)
Rice, Lee Dwain (M)
Rich, Donald G. (M)
Rich, Henry L. (M)
Richard (M)
Richard, Jena (F)
Richards (M)
Richards, Jeff (M)
Richardson (M)
Richardson, Althea Hattie (F)
Richardson, Jennifer M. (F)
Richardson, Stanley (M)
Richer, Sarah Ann (F)
Richey, John A. (M)
Richmond, Bailey (M)
Rick, Robert (M)
Ricketts, Anne Eliza (F)
Riddle, Claudia I. (F)
Ridenour, Arthur (M)
Ridenour, Elizabeth J. (F)
Ridenour, George (M)
Rider, Andrew William (M)
Ridge, Estella (F)
Ridge, William B. (M)
Ridgeway, Jesse Carl (M)
Ries (M)
Riffel, Tammy Sue (F)
Riggin, Lois Virginia (F)
Riggs, Ada Emma (F)
Rigsby, Elva Gayle (F)
Rigsby, Herman Barnett (M)
Rigsby, Sarah Jane (F)
Riley (M)
Riley, Inez Aileen (F)
Riley, Mary Lou (F)
Rimington, Barbara (Mrs.) (F)
Rines, Betty L. (F)
Ring, Nancy C. (F)
Ringer, John (M)
Rinker, Mary Joyce (F)
Rippy, Fannie (F)
Risher, Tonya Dawn (F)
Ritchey, Alf (M)
Ritchie (M)
Ritchie, Iva Lee (F)
Ritter, Janet (F)
Ritter, Lawrence (M)
Rivera, Luis (M)
Roach, Jay (M)
Roach, Jerry Wayne (M)
Roach, Margaret Ann (F)
Roach, Michael Scott (M)
Roach, Paul W. (M)
Robatcek, Elaine M. (F)
Robb, Ellen (F)
Robbins, James Benjamin (M)
Robbins, Josh (M)
Robbins, William (M)
Roberson, Renee (F)
Roberts (M)
Roberts, Annice Grace (F)
Roberts, Debra Ann (F)
Roberts, Esther Lee (F)
Roberts, Harry Henry (M)
Roberts, Jimmy W. (M)
Roberts, John P. (M)
Roberts, Linda G. (F)
Roberts, Marcus (M)
Roberts, Martha Evalina (F)
Roberts, Mr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Roberts, Remus E. (M)
Roberts, Robert H. (M)
Roberts, Shane (M)
Roberts, William Russell (M)
Robertson, Kelly Lee (M)
Robertson, William P. (M)
Robinson (M)
Robinson, Edgar (M)
Robinson, Rebecca E. (F)
Robitaille, Vincent O. (M)
Rodarte, Kay (F)
Rodgers, Billy J. (M)
Rodgers, Dorothy Mae (F)
Roe, Georgia C. (F)
Roebuck, Barbara R. (F)
Roenfanz (M)
Rofferty, Sandra Sue (F)
Rogers (M)
Rogers, Adaline "Addie" (F)
Rogers, Caldonia Jane (F)
Rogers, Carrie Lisa (F)
Rogers, Doris June (F)
Rogers, Elnora (F)
Rogers, Louise (F)
Rogers, Patricia Mary (F)
Rogers, Purity Drucilla (F)
Rogers, Sidney Louise (F)
Rogers, William (M)
Rohr, Judith Ann (F)
Rohret, Matthew Thomas (M)
Rollison, Clara Estelle (F)
Rook, Martha Maxaline (F)
Rook, Ronald J. Jr. (M)
Rooker, Joyce (F)
Roop, Marie (F)
Rose, Joseph P. (M)
Rose, Leonard Merle (M)
Rose, Patricia Anne (F)
Rosenburg, Jennifer L. (F)
Rosgen (M)
Rosoff, Clarie Ayn (F)
Ross, Deborah Lynne (F)
Ross, Jim (M)
Ross, Lona I. (F)
Ross, Susan Marie (F)
Rosson, Marilyn Susan (F)
Rother, Michelle (F)
Rother, Michelle Rene (F)
Rothmund, Janet A. (F)
Rothwell, Walter D. "Don" (M)
Rott, Martha (F)
Rountree, John Gray (M)
Rouse, April E. (F)
Rouse, Frances (F)
Roush, Brittany (F)
Roussarie, Alexander Joseph III (M)
Routh, John (M)
Routh, Martha Josephine (F)
Row, Almira (F)
Row, Pamela Jean (F)
Rowe (M)
Rowell (M)
Rowland (M)
Rowland (M)
Rowland, Drucilla (F)
Rowland, Harry Samuel (M)
Rowland, William T. (M)
Rowland (Phillips), Lourene (F)
Royer, Mark Eugene (M)
Royster, Gerald Arlen (M)
Rubencome, Charles (M)
Rucker, Clella Roena (F)
Rucker, Harvey H. (M)
Rucker, James Roadman (M)
Rucker, John (M)
Rucker, Samuel (M)
Rucker, Ulus H. (M)
Ruckman, Eva Florence (F)
Rucks, Virginia C. (F)
Rudd, Sophia (F)
Rudder, Louella (F)
Rudy, Thomas (M)
Ruebel (F)
Rukes, Virginia F. (F)
Rumler, Elena M. (F)
Rummell, Thena K. (F)
Runser, Albert William (M)
Rupert (M)
Rupert, Tommy (M)
Ruple, Dolores (F)
Rush, Steven Ray (M)
Rushing, Elizabeth (F)
Rushton, Fallon (F)
Russell (M)
Russell, Beulah Elizabeth (F)
Russell, Brandy Lynn (F)
Russell, George Lechary (M)
Russell, Janice Lee (F)
Russell, M. Alice (F)
Russell, Minnie Iva Jean (F)
Russell, Tonia Sue (Miller) (F)
Russell, Whitney C. (M)
Ruth, James Smith (M)
Ruth, John (M)
Ruth, Matilda (F)
Ruth, Paris Lloyd (M)
Ruth, Vada Pearl (F)
Ruth, William Ralph (M)
Rutherford, Florence Louise (F)
Rutherford, Melvin H. (M)
Rutledge, Ophelia (F)
Ryall, Mabel M. (F)
Ryan (M)
Ryland, L. Marion (M)
Rystadt, Abbie Ann (F)
Sack, Joseph Andrew (M)
Sackett, John T. (M)
Sadler, Garnet Eugene (M)
Safley, Jeptha Anderson (M)
Sage, Lanna J. (F)
Saindon, Deborah (F)
Salazar (M)
Salem (M)
Salem, Mark Edwards (M)
Salyer, Alma Lynn (Herbein) (F)
Salyer, Fielding (M)
Samota, Gail Patrice (F)
Samples (M)
Samples, Luther C. (M)
Samples, Paul J. (M)
Samuelson, Patricia (F)
Sanchez (M)
Sanchez, Yarit Milagros (F)
Sandels, Renee A. (F)
Sander, Deanna Marie "Dee" (F)
Sander, Helen Earle (F)
Sanders, Alabama B. (F)
Sanders, Charles W. (M)
Sanders, Dallas O. (M)
Sanders, Elizabeth J. (F)
Sanders, Elliot (M)
Sanders, Fern Delores (F)
Sanders, Gary Don (M)
Sanders, James (M)
Sanders, Lucinda (F)
Sandifer, Peary Alexander (M)
Sands, George (M)
Sands, Joshua (M)
Sandstrom, Michael Ernest (M)
Sanford, Mary Ann (F)
Sangray, Judy Linette (F)
Sangster, John McBride (M)
Santos, Josefina Dumapit Gould (F)
Sapp, Sharon Irene (F)
Sarantos, Sotirios C. (M)
Sartain, Robert (M)
Sartwell, Adalaski Daniel (M)
Satterfield, Lee Roy (M)
Satterfield, Mary Elizabeth (F)
Sauceda (F)
Sauls, Juanita (F)
Saunders (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Saunders, Charles (M)
Saunders, James (M)
Savage, Danny (M)
Savell, Taina Sue (F)
Sawyer, Charles (M)
Sawyer, Edna Frances (F)
Sawyer, Mary Alyse (F)
Saxton, James W. (M)
Saxton, Mahlon Morey (M)
Saylor, John M. (M)
Schaas, Michael R. (M)
Schaas, Michael R. (M)
Scheele, Theodore (M)
Scheetz, Gen. Henry (M)
Schermerhorn, Ida Mary (F)
Schilling, Harvey Merritt (M)
Schleif, Steven Michael (M)
Schlief, Steven (M)
Schmall, Ruth Maria (F)
Schmidt, Tammy Lynn (F)
Schmidt, Thekla (F)
Schmitt, Clinton Jeptha (M)
Schmitt, Erwin Claude (M)
Schmitz, Louis C. (M)
Schmuck, Marianne (F)
Schneider, Marie J. (F)
Schnelle, John Robert (M)
Schoemaker (M)
Schofield, John Edward Jr. (M)
Schreiner, Terry J. (M)
Schroeder, William (M)
Schuchardt, Rebecca Jean (Md. an Acuff) (F)
Schueler, Carol (F)
Schuette, Kent L. (M)
Schuler, Brian S. (M)
Schulte, Marcella (F)
Schultz, Joann (F)
Schwab, Steven Brent (M)
Schwartz, Douglas Paul (M)
Schwartz, Merlin J. (M)
Schweiger, Catherine M. (F)
Schweikhard, Betty Fay (F)
Scott (M)
Scott (M)
Scott, Ann Connell (F)
Scott, Barbara (F)
Scott, Eric H. (M)
Scott, Frank B. (M)
Scott, Lawrence Dale (M)
Scott, Lena Marie (F)
Scott, Melissa J. (F)
Scott, Shirley Ann (F)
Scott, Vernon (M)
Scott, Walter (M)
Scroggins, Rebecca A. (F)
Scroggins, Tina Marie (F)
Searcy, Dusten (M)
Searcy, Myrtle Rotha (F)
Seaver, William Fulton (M)
Seavers, Gertrude (F)
Seelke (M)
Seely, Karen S. (F)
Seelye, Terry L. (M)
Seibers, Nina (F)
Seitz, Judy (F)
Seivers (M)
Selby, David Lee (M)
Sell, Ida (F)
Sellars, Taylor Boswell Sr. (M)
Sellers, Lora Bertha (F)
Selph, Mark (M)
Seltzer (M)
Senesac, Marilyn Grace (F)
Senges, John Howard (M)
Seomo, Wayne (M)
Serino, Joel Andrew (M)
Serrato, Jose (M)
Sessums, Douglas Eugene (M)
Settle, Carolyn Dawn (F)
Sexander, Martin (M)
Sexson, Lemuel (M)
Sexton (M)
Sexton, William (M)
Seymore, Myrtle (F)
Seymour, Mary (F)
Shaae (M)
Shackelford, Carl E. (M)
Shackelford, Donna Gayle (F)
Shackelford, Fluretta (F)
Shafer, Michaela (F)
Shaffer, Robert Allen (M)
Shamhart, Wilmer Henry (M)
Shane, Kelly Eileen (F)
Sharkey (M)
Sharman, Saundra Faye (F)
Sharp (M)
Sharp, Frances (F)
Sharp, Jennifer Julia (F)
Sharp, Karen Kelley (F)
Sharp, Robert Owen (M)
Sharp, Samuel S. (M)
Sharpe, Eric Conley (M)
Sharpsteen, Norman Lee (M)
Shaub, Mary Beth (F)
Shaw (M)
Shaw, Audrey Louise (F)
Shaw, Rev. Robert Morgan (M)
Shearer, John (M)
Shearer, Robert Donald (M)
Sheckels, Rebecca (F)
Sheckles, Adam Asbury (M)
Sheldon, Dominique K. (F)
Sheldon, Nicole Christine (Mrs.?) (F)
Shelley, Jaimie M. (F)
Shelly, Daniel Webster M.D. (M)
Shelmire, Hans George (M)
Shelton, Doris (F)
Shelton, Jamie (F)
Shelton, Joyce Ann (F)
Shelton, Lewis Arthur (M)
Shelton, Linda Pauline (F)
Shelton, Pamela Aline ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Shelton, Sidney Earl (M)
Shelton, Sidney Lafayette (M)
Sherfield, J. F. (M)
Sherfield, J. T. (M)
Sherman, Carl F. (M)
Sherman, Horace B. (M)
Sherson, Marc S. (M)
Shields, Elmer Eugene (M)
Shields, Virginia Buckley (F)
Shifflett, Wendle (M)
Shingler, Jean Elaine (F)
Shipley, Stella May (F)
Shipley, Thomas (M)
Shirley (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Shirley, Loyd Archie (M)
Shockley, Britton Alvin (M)
Shoemaker, Emma (F)
Shoemaker, Harold Ray (M)
Shook, William Burford (M)
Shope, Donald L. (M)
Shope, Donnie (M)
Shope, Dovie (F)
Shope, Jeffery Allen (M)
Shope, John S. (M)
Shoppell, Bonnie Grace (F)
Short, Beth Ann (F)
Shorter, Grace (F)
Shriver, Margaret Evelyn (F)
Shroba, Stephen (M)
Shroeder, John William (M)
Shropshire, Ed (M)
Shuck, Brandon (M)
Shuck, M. E. (F)
Shuler, Ricky (M)
Shumate, Tilmon (M)
Sibert, Marian Frances (F)
Sibley, Scott F. (M)
Sica, Mary Elizabeth (F)
Siebert, August F. (M)
Sievers, John Paul (M)
Sifuentez, Jose Eusabio Jr. (M)
Sigman, Mary Tennie (F)
Sikes, Melany Ann (F)
Siler, Ted Croley (M)
Silva, Rachel (F)
Silver, Frances J. (F)
Simmons, Esther Grace (F)
Simmons, Kimberly Sue (F)
Simmons, Mary (F)
Simmons, Maud Sophia (F)
Simmons, Mildred Ann (F)
Simmons, Rickey Lee (M)
Simon, Carrie (F)
Simon, Charles Herbert (M)
Simon, Margaret (F)
Simon, Samuel J. (M)
Simpson (M)
Simpson, Dowell S. (M)
Simpson, Jane E. (F)
Simpson, John Roscoe (M)
Simpson, Laureta "Laura" (F)
Simpson, Mary Petrie (F)
Simpson, Sarah Jane (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Simpson, Stan R. (M)
Simpson, Thomas (M)
Singleton, Clarence Eugene (M)
Singley, Duella G. (F)
Sisk, Veva C. (F)
Sison, Katherine Emiko "Kathy" (F)
Sitnik, Peter Stephen Sr. (M)
Skaggs, Ernest Ray (M)
Skates, Elisha B. (M)
Skeen, John Harvey (M)
Skeen, Nellie Sue (F)
Skeie, Julie M. (F)
Skelton, Katy (F)
Skillestad, Christopher (M)
Skinner (M)
Skinner, Karen R. (F)
Skinner, Thomas Talbert II (M)
Skinner, Willie Belle (F)
Slater, Mattie Helen (F)
Slatton, Jeffery Lynn (M)
Slatton, Murphy Ernest (M)
Sliger, Evelyn Christine (F)
Sloan, Judith Ann (F)
Smale, Albert (M)
Small, Sythia (F)
Smalling, Mr. (m. unknown Acuff) (M)
Smart, James (M)
Smay, Robert (M)
Smelcer, Hazel Christine (F)
Smelcer, Opal Gertrude (F)
Smith (M)
Smith (m. an unk. Acuff ) (M)
Smith (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Smith (M)
Smith, Dr. (M)
Smith (M)
Smith (M)
Smith (M)
Smith, A. (M)
Smith, Adaline E. (F)
Smith, Agnes O. (F)
Smith, Alice W. (F)
Smith, Amonte (F)
Smith, Bewey (M)
Smith, Britain (M)
Smith, Catharine (F)
Smith, Charles Calvin (M)
Smith, Clifford Jackson Sr. (M)
Smith, David (M)
Smith, Denise Lynn (F)
Smith, Douglas Brad (M)
Smith, Doyce D. (M)
Smith, Elizabeth Brooks (F)
Smith, Eric F. (M)
Smith, Florence L. (F)
Smith, James (M)
Smith, James Harvey (M)
Smith, James W. (M)
Smith, James William (M)
Smith, Jeffry David (M)
Smith, Jill E. (F)
Smith, John Alexander (M)
Smith, John Calvin (M)
Smith, John W. (M)
Smith, Joseph Mark (M)
Smith, Joyce Ann (F)
Smith, Dr. Julius Gilbert (M)
Smith, Karen D. (F)
Smith, Katherine (F)
Smith, Kristi June (F)
Smith, Laurie Catherine (F)
Smith, LaVerne Phelps (F)
Smith, Leanne (F)
Smith, Leray (M)
Smith, Loraine (Lorine) (F)
Smith, Loretta Lou (F)
Smith, Lula P. (Mrs.) (F)
Smith, Lynn Dexter (M)
Smith, Manda (F)
Smith, Marinell (F)
Smith, Marjorie J. (F)
Smith, Marvin C. (M)
Smith, Mary Elizabeth (F)
Smith, Michael (M)
Smith, Nancy (F)
Smith, Otis Howard (M)
Smith, Paul Edward (M)
Smith, Phillip Kevin (M)
Smith, Racheal (F)
Smith, Rafe Henry (M)
Smith, Roy Lawson (M)
Smith, Sandra Kay (F)
Smith, Virgie G. (F)
Smith, Walter (M)
Smith, Wilbur B. (M)
Smith, William (M)
Smith, William A. (M)
Smith, William L. (M)
Smith, Wood (M)
Smithson (M)
Smutz, Harry (M)
Smykla, John (M)
Snapp (F)
Snelling, Rex Howard (M)
Snelson, Bernard Marthon (M)
Snodderly, Edna Blanche (F)
Snow, Joseph Willis (M)
Snow, Menendeth Lancelot (M)
Snowden, Edward Woodrow (M)
Snowden, Ima C. (F)
Snuth (Smith?), Maurice (M)
Snyder, Andrew (M)
Snyder, George Adam (M)
Sode, John R. (M)
Solomon, Carl A. (M)
Solomon, Tara (F)
Sorrell, Donald (M)
Sorrells, Keith (M)
Sorrells?, Mary? (F)
Sorrels, Judy Michele (F)
Sosa, Andrea (F)
Sowder, Geralyne (F)
Sowder, Mildred (F)
Sowers, Nina B. (Mrs. Shamley) (F)
Spangler, Norma B. (F)
Spangler, Tana M. (F)
Spannagel, Carol T. (F)
Speir, Jessie Lee (F)
Speir, Shirley Mae (F)
Spence, Gary A. (M)
Spence, Glennie Ella (F)
Spence, Katherine Mary (F)
Spencer, George Wayne Jr. (M)
Spezia, Richard A. (M)
Spillman, Marilyn Faye (F)
Spindler, Louis James (M)
Spradlin, Jerald L. (M)
Spray, Annie (F)
Spriggs, Leon (M)
Springfield, James Dallas (M)
Sproul, Catherine Elizabeth (F)
Sprouse, Curtis Steven (M)
Sprouse, Frederick (M)
Sprouse, Steve (M)
Spruill, Thadius M. (M)
Spurgin, Olin Willard (M)
Spurlock (M)
St. Clair, Madison Sumner (M)
Stacey, Hewlett Lee (M)
Stack, Stephen A. (M)
Stackhouse, William Ernest (M)
Staggs, Bill (M)
Staley, Carol Barbara (F)
Staley, Toni S. (F)
Stallcup, Roger N. (M)
Stallman, William (M)
Stalsworth, Fred Cecil (M)
Stalvey, Ernest E. Jr. (M)
Stancil, Jason (M)
Standard, Mary (F)
Standorf, Phyllis M. (F)
Stanford, Georgia Ann (F)
Stanifer, Walter Lee (M)
Stanley, Christina (F)
Stanley, Christina Leanne (F)
Stanley, Mary (Mrs. O'Reilly) (F)
Stanton, Jeanne (F)
Stanton, Mildred Marguerite (F)
Stanze, Priscilla June (F)
Stapleton, Leslie Monet (F)
Stark, Michael J. (M)
Starkey, Mary Dolores (F)
Starnes (M)
Starnes (M)
Starnes, Mary (F)
Starnes, W. A. (M)
Staton, Agnes Mildred (F)
Staudenmayer, Lori (F)
Stealey, Suzanne (F)
Stearns, Robert W. (M)
Steel, Nellie (F)
Steele, Teresa Rae (F)
Stegemiller, Lewis Williams (M)
Steinhelper, Richard J. (M)
Stenger, Lori A. (F)
Stentz, Deborah Fae (F)
Stephens (M)
Stephens, Harry Cameron (M)
Stephens, James C. (M)
Stephens, Joi (F)
Stephens, Sammy L. (M)
Stephenson, Casey Howard (M)
Stephenson, Joyce Joline (F)
Stepp, Bertha Jane (F)
Stepp, Ethel (F)
Sternberg, Kent H. (M)
Sternenberg, Robert (M)
Sterner, Codee (F)
Stevens, Joachim G. "John" (M)
Stevens, Margaret L. (F)
Stevens, Mark (M)
Stevenson (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Stevenson, Bartley Milam (M)
Stevenson, Mary Laura (F)
Stewart (M)
Stewart (M)
Stewart, Mr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Stewart, Carlton (M)
Stewart, Cleora Maurine (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Stewart, Davis Martin (M)
Stewart, George H. (M)
Stewart, Martha Myrl (F)
Stewart, Rachel D. (F)
Stiff, Jack M. (M)
Still, Bernice Eilene (F)
Stillwell, Rob (M)
Stilwell, Orville P. (M)
Stinnett, Kimberly (F)
Stinson, Ruth Charlene (F)
Stipes, William Michael (M)
Stitzinger, Marion Agnes (F)
Stocker (M)
Stogsdill, Williamson (M)
Stone (M)
Stone, Albert W. (M)
Stone, George Vallincourt II (M)
Stone, Maj. Glenn A. (M)
Stone, Kevin (M)
Stone, Phyllis Jean (F)
Storm, Bill (M)
Story, Bill Raymond (M)
Stout, Dessie (F)
Stout, Walter A. (M)
Strain, Robert M. (M)
Strange, Flora Jane (F)
Strange, Nancy Elizabeth (F)
Strange, Smith (M)
Strange, Stephanie Marie (F)
Stratton, Emma E. (F)
Stratton, James K. (M)
Streeper, John (M)
Stremski, Angela Mae (F)
Strever, Kimberly Lynn (F)
Strickland, Deborah (F)
Strickland, Ina Faye (F)
Strickland, Shirley Elnora (F)
Stringfellow, Yolanda K. (F)
Strode, Georgia Melissa (F)
Stropp, Samuel E. (M)
Stroupe, Dana Harmon (M)
Strout, Gary Thomas (M)
Strout, Kevin Gerl (M)
Strubel, Suzanne M. (F)
Stubbs, Kay (F)
Stucker, Polly (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Stuempel, Gil (M)
Stupar, Helen Louise (F)
Sturm, Karin Freiderike (F)
Sturn, Christina Rae (F)
Styer, Tacy A. (F)
Suffal, William Jacob Jr. (M)
Suffridge (M)
Sullins, Beverly Dawn (F)
Sullivan (M)
Sullivan, John (M)
Sullivan, Robert (M)
Sullivan, Travis Lee (M)
Summer, Sherry Lynn (F)
Summers, Donna Lynn (F)
Summey, Jessica Ann (F)
Sumner, Danielle Janice (F)
Sumner, Geneva Phyllis (F)
Sundberg, Matt (M)
Surdam, Harlow Curtis (M)
Surface, Phyllis Jo (F)
Susong, Rickey Lynn (M)
Sutton, Walter (M)
Swafford, Helen (F)
Swafford, Notie H. Ann (F)
Swain or Swaim (M)
Swanda, Marion Laroue (F)
Sweat, Robert C. Jr. (M)
Sweeney, Agnes C. (F)
Sweeney, Reno (M)
Sweet, Joseph F. (M)
Sweet, Sam (M)
Sweeten, Paul Hershel (M)
Swenson, Norm (M)
Swift, Jeanine Daire (F)
Swimmer, Chris Elaine (F)
Swindel, Myrtle Lou (F)
Swineburg (M)
Swinnerton, Joseph (M)
Swofford, Ann Lee (F)
Swoope, Rhonda A. (F)
Swope, Naomi D. (F)
Sykes (M)
Szalay, Theresa L. (F)
Szappon, Robert P. (M)
Szumski, Ronald J. (M)
Tabanao, Melanie M. (F)
Tabor, Edna (F)
Tackett, Carol (F)
Tadd, Sarah (F)
Tadlock, Mary Catherine (F)
Talbott, Samuel Ernest Jr. (M)
Talley, James E. (M)
Talley, Mary Magdalene (F)
Talley, Nancy Anne (F)
Talley, Patsy Ann (F)
Talliaferro, Robert (M)
Tankersley, Hillard Cecil (M)
Tatarazuk, Joseph S. (M)
Tate, Alice (F)
Tate, Carlos W. (M)
Tate, Tean Simpson (M)
Tatum, Pierce Alexander (M)
Taylor (M)
Taylor, Ann M. (F)
Taylor, Bob (M)
Taylor, Cecil Ray Ph.D. (M)
Taylor, Christine D. (F)
Taylor, Eula Myrtle (F)
Taylor, Fred (M)
Taylor, Gary Wayne (M)
Taylor, Hazel N. (F)
Taylor, John B. (M)
Taylor, John Zacharias (M)
Taylor, Mary Frank (F)
Taylor, Nancy Lucille (F)
Taylor, Roy (M)
Taylor, Ruth (F)
Taylor, Scot A. (M)
Taylor, Searcy W. (M)
Taylor, William C. (M)
Taylor, William Johnstone Jr. (M)
Taylor, William Joseph (M)
Teale, Rose Marie (F)
Tellevik, Kimberly Rae (F)
Temple, Alphonso (M)
Templin, Jocelyn B. ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Tenison, Judy (F)
Tennis, Kay (F)
Terrell, Claude Ellis (M)
Terrell, Gary D. (M)
Terrell, William (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Terry, -?- (M)
Terry, Brandon (M)
Terry, Caskey Washington (M)
Terry, Rose C. (F)
Thacker, Helen L. (F)
Tharp, Leona Ruth (F)
Thatcher, Harold Roy (M)
Thayer, Edith Gertrude (F)
Themer, Judith A. (F)
Thomas, Albert Emerson (M)
Thomas, Dr. Archie E. (M)
Thomas, Ciara L. (F)
Thomas, David D. (M)
Thomas, Jeff (M)
Thomas, John H. (M)
Thomas, John Jefferson (M)
Thomas, Joseph Hubert (M)
Thomas, Josephine (F)
Thomas, Margie Ann Partin (F)
Thomas, Martha Letitia (F)
Thomas, Maruche Katherine (F)
Thomas, Reba Deloris (F)
Thomas, Susan Jean (F)
Thomas, Vicki Lynne (m. an Acuff) (F)
Thomas, Walter Scott (M)
Thomasson, Trezevant Fernandes (M)
Thomaston, Pearlie Mae (F)
Thomison, Jennifer S. (F)
Thompson, Bart (M)
Thompson, Ernest (M)
Thompson, Eunice (F)
Thompson, James Randolph (M)
Thompson, Lisa Ann Schlykov (F)
Thompson, Robert Wayne (M)
Thompson, Ruth Anna (F)
Thompson, Sarah E. (F)
Thornley (M)
Thornton, Imogene Mozelle (F)
Thornton, Kathryn Agnes (F)
Threlkeld, Silas (M)
Thurman, Donald W. (M)
Thurman, Minnie Pearl (F)
Thurmer, Bettye Jo (F)
Thyme, Lora (F)
Tierney, Patricia A. (F)
Tilford, Wilford Eugene Jr. (M)
Tillmon, Eva Frances (F)
Timberlane (M)
Timm, Mr. (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Tims, Jack (M)
Tinlin, Kyle Wayne (M)
Tinsley, Juanita (F)
Tipton, James Edward (M)
Tipton, Josie Belle (F)
Tipton, Patricia Ann (F)
Titlow, Corrine (F)
Todd, Damien Dewayne (M)
Todd, Deborah (F)
Todd, Graham (M)
Toll, Harold Theodore (M)
Tolliver, Carolyn Elaine (F)
Tomasic, Michael S. (M)
Tombleson, Herbert Atwood (M)
Tomlin, Robert Lee (M)
Tomlinson, Susan (F)
Tompkins, Aaron Joiner (M)
Tongate, David L. (M)
Toohey, Anne (F)
Towles, William A. (M)
Townes, Henry Carroll (M)
Toy, Daniel Robert (M)
Trabue, Anthony (M)
Trainer, John Perry (M)
Travillion, James (Jepiter? Jasper?) Rice (M)
Trentham, Terry (M)
Trimble, James Lloyd (M)
Trimble, John Robert Jr. (M)
Trotter, David Edward (M)
Trotter, Elmer T. (M)
Trotter, Mary Ellen (F)
Trout, Samuel Gregory (M)
Troutman, Dana Merrie (F)
Troxell, Elmer B. (M)
Truax, Shirley (F)
Trubey, Violet Adell (F)
Truex, Carol (F)
Trussell, Margaret A. (F)
Tryon, Mary Louise (F)
Tubbs, Samuel F. (M)
Tucker, Cathy Jo (F)
Tucker, John Andrew (M)
Tucker, Mary E. (F)
Tucker, Nancy Jordan (F)
Tucker or Lucker, Norma (F)
Tumbleson, Kenneth (M)
Tunnell, Charlotte (F)
Turnbill, June (Mrs.?) (F)
Turner (M)
Turner, Billy (M)
Turner, Doris Lee (F)
Turner, Fred (M)
Turner, Levi Steven (M)
Turner, Lora Ann (F)
Turner, Loren J. (M)
Turner, Lula M. (F)
Turner, Margaret V. (F)
Turner, Tyler L. (M)
Turner, William Lafayette (M)
Turney, Ada (F)
Tyree, Patti L. (F)
Ulrich, Mary (F)
Umstattd, Elizabeth Golden (F)
Underwood, Donna Kay (F)
Underwood, Mira (F)
Underwood, Samuel Leon (M)
Unknown (M)
Utley, John H. (M)
Utley, Noble (M)
Vadbunker, Fred Sr. (M)
Vail, Irene G. (F)
Valentine, Harry Edward (M)
Valentine, Velma Jean (F)
Valovcin, Michael J. (M)
Van Gilder, Brenda (F)
Van Story, Kathleen (F)
Vancamp, James R. (M)
Vance, Betty (F)
Vance, Roy Elmer (M)
Vancleve, Peter Allen (M)
Vancleve, Sarah Ellen (F)
Vandegriff, Jessie L. (F)
Vandergriff, Parnic (M)
Vann, Enos Oliver (M)
VanReen, Gail (F)
VanSuchtelen (M)
Varner, Vickie Diane (F)
Vasquez, Yolanda Soccoro (F)
Vath, Jannie Lee (F)
Vaughn, Anderson Jr. (M)
Vaughn, Betty Jane (F)
Vaughn, Larry (M)
Vaughn, Mark Anthony (M)
Vaughn, Martha J. (F)
Vaughn, Sandra Jane (F)
Vaughn, Smith (M)
Vaver (M)
Veale, Herbert Henry (M)
Veneziano, Tracy Ann (F)
Venneman, Mary C. (F)
Ver-Hoef, Mary Leone (F)
Vernon, A. P. (Pary or Porty) (M)
Vernon, Martha Jane (F)
Vesck, Linda Louise (F)
Vestal, Iva Fae (F)
Vidos, Lloyd James (M)
Villalobos, Alfonso Rodart (M)
Villanueva (M)
Vinas, John (M)
Vincent, George (M)
Vincent, Shirley Ann (F)
Vineyard, Dorothy Lucille (F)
Vineyard, Sedric (M)
Vineyard, Spurgeon Ross (M)
Vineyard, William Alexander (M)
Vinson, Ann (F)
Vitaljic, Andrew (M)
Vittetoe, Bobby E. (M)
Vittetoe, Chloe (F)
Vittetoe, Harvey Lee (M)
Vittetoe, Lucinda (F)
Vittetoe, Margaret (F)
Vittetoe, Susan Jane (F)
Vittetoe, Synthia A. (F)
Viviano, Peter Vincent (M)
Von Weisenhorn, Eric (M)
VonSprecken (M)
Voris, Kristie (F)
Vulcano, Anthony (M)
Waddell (F)
Waddell, Doris Mary (F)
Waddell, Huel (M)
Waddell, Lynda S. (F)
Wade, Dusty (M)
Wade, Reba (F)
Wade, Troy L. (M)
Wade, Violet (F)
Wafler, Edyth Mae (F)
Wagner, Albert Charles (M)
Wagner, Nicole Marie (F)
Waites, Jesse Troy (M)
Waits, J. W. Sr. (M)
Walden ( Md. an unk. Acuff ) (F)
Walden, Billy J. (M)
Walden, Isaac Jefferson (M)
Walker, Buddie (M)
Walker, Charles (M)
Walker, Clyde Joe (M)
Walker, Ellen (F)
Walker, James Edward (M)
Walker, Johnie B. (M)
Walker, Miles Richard (M)
Walker, Raymond Bailey (M)
Walker, Shayna M. (F)
Walker, Shirley Annabelle (F)
Walker, Timothy Bryan (M)
Walker, Toye Annette (F)
Walker, William B. (M)
Walker, William Henry (M)
Wallace, Betty Lou (F)
Wallace, Dorothy Paralee (F)
Wallace, J. K. P. (M)
Wallace, James Augustus (M)
Wallace, James K. (M)
Wallace, Jamie Yvonne (F)
Wallace, Lee M. (M)
Wallace, Nila B. (F)
Wallace, Paul Douglas (M)
Wallace, Pleasant William (M)
Wallace, Robert (M)
Wallace, William Curtis (M)
Wallen, Albert David (M)
Waller, Alma (m. an unk. Acuff) (F)
Waller, Henry Neil (M)
Waller, Ina Myrtle (F)
Waller, Lura (F)
Waller, Vallie M. (F)
Wallis, Wayne W. (M)
Walrod, Michael Eugene (M)
Walsh, Cheryl A. (F)
Walsh, Timothy (M)
Walters (M)
Walters, Douglas Epperly (M)
Walters, George Conrad (M)
Walters, Lucille Sedonia (F)
Walters, Virginia Lee (F)
Wampler, John (M)
Wampler, Nellie Jane (F)
Wampler, Samuel Andrew (M)
Wampler, Wayne Horace (M)
Ward (M)
Ward, Blake C. (M)
Ward, Jacqueline Jeanne (F)
Ward, Murray (M)
Ward, Thomas M. (M)
Warden, George W. (M)
Warden, Iona Sylvesta (F)
Ware, Ruth (F)
Warfel, Jeffery S. (M)
Warner, Myrtle (F)
Warren, Bessie (F)
Warren, Danny A. (M)
Warren, James Dunlap (M)
Warren, Linda Rhea (F)
Wasdin, Paula Elaine (F)
Waters, Lucy (F)
Waters or Miller, Joyce (F)
Watkins (M)
Watkins, Geraldine (F)
Watkins, Harold Douglas (M)
Watkins, Helen (F)
Watkins, Helen A. (F)
Watkins, Johnny Carroll (M)
Watkins, Karen (F)
Watley, Ethel Louise (F)
Watson (m. an unk. Acuff) (M)
Watson (M)
Watson (M)
Watson, Andy (M)
Watson, Ann "Nancy" (F)
Watson, Bessie E. (F)
Watson, Charles Dallas (M)
Watson, Clay Houston (M)
Watson, Dorothy Mae (F)
Watson, Earl (M)
Watson, Jesse Corum (M)
Watson, Joseph D. or B. (M)
Watson, Mary L. (F)
Watson, Michael P. (M)
Watson, Rebecca J. (F)
Watson, Richard (M)
Watson, Willie L. (F)
Watt, Isaac E. (M)
Watts, Barbara Jane (F)
Watts, Thomas J. (M)
Waugh, Louise (F)
Weaver, -?- (M)
Weaver, Ed (M)
Weaver, Robert W. (M)
Webb, Charles F. (M)
Webb, Mrs. Frances (F)
Webb, Henry Clay (M)
Webb, Henry Frank (M)
Webb, Sharon M. (F)
Webber, Daniel Ray (M)
Webber, Daniel Wayne (M)
Webber, John Milton (M)
Weber, Valada Elizabeth (F)
Webster, Louvenia (F)
Webster, Tiffany Ann (F)
Weekerly, Russell Dean (M)
Weeks [?], Elizabeth (F)
Weidemann (M)
Weigel, Siobaghan H. (F)
Weiherer, James (M)
Weimer, Ellene Frances (F)
Weinberg, Robert (M)
Weinstein, Charles T. (M)
Weiss, William Jesse (M)
Weitzel, James F. (M)
Welborn, Ronnie (M)
Welch, Blanche M. (F)
Welch, Helen R. (F)
Wells, George Alfred (M)
Wells, Howard Brinton Jr. (M)
Wells, Jason D. (M)
Wells, Martha (F)
Wells, Paulette (F)
Wells, Randy J. (M)
Wells, Virginia Susan (F)
Wesbrooks, Ollie (M)
Wesche, William A. (M)
West, Amanda Alene (F)
West, Blanche (F)
West, Carey Keene (M)
West, George W. (M)
West, J. Alex (M)
West, James Ernest (M)
West, Lucretia Ann (F)
West, Mary (F)
West, Myrtle (F)
West, Reva (F)
West, Samuel O. (M)
Westcott, Paul (M)
Westerfield, Joseph (M)
Weston, Robert Phillip (M)
Whaley, Becky (F)
Whaley, Linda Faye (F)
Whatley, Mark Andrew (M)
Whatley, Tommy James (M)
Wheeler, Frank (M)
Whidden, Florence (F)
Whidden, William Stanley (M)
Whisnand, George O. (M)
Whitaker, Constance E. "Connie" (F)
Whitaker, Edgar (M)
Whitaker, John Hancock (M)
White, Belle (F)
White, Donna Jean (F)
White, Ellen Lorene (F)
White, Ida Anna (F)
White, Martha Lee (F)
White, Milton Baird (M)
White, Patrick (M)
White, W. H. (M)
White, Will P. (M)
White, William (M)
White, Willie Alice (F)
Whitecotton, Erin L. (F)
Whitehall, Bethel Dee (F)
Whitehead, Blanche Armstrong (F)
Whitesell, Eileen Emma (F)
Whitfill, Helen Virginia (F)
Whitlock, Carolyn (F)
Whitlock, Jean Bernice (F)
Whitlow, Dennis Connor (M)
Whitlowe, Roy (M)
Whitney, Robert (M)
Whitson, Don (M)
Whitson, Linda Gay (F)
Whitt, Angela M. (F)
Whitt, Thomas Avery (M)
Whittaker, Albert Jr. (M)
Whittenburg, D. C. (M)
Whittenburg, Helma May (F)
Whittenburg, Verba (F)
Whittle, William Thomas (M)
Whittmore, Eugene (M)
Whitworth, Teresa Gaye (F)
Whoberry, Amy N. (F)
Wichman (M)
Wickham, Jacob E. (M)
Wickham, Jill (F)
Widness, Marvin Gustav (M)
Wiggins, Jessie Lee (F)
Wikoff, Ruby (F)
Wilder, Warren Lance (M)
Wiles, Emmett Leo (M)
Wiley, Betty Ruth (F)
Wiliams (M)
Wilkerson, Major LaFayette (M)
Wilkerson, Virginia (F)
Wilkes, Minor Eli (M)
Wilkinson (M)
Wilkinson, Eva (F)
Wilkinson, Everette (M)
Wilkinson, Julius Franklin (M)
Wilkinson, Patsy (F)
Williams (M)
Williams, Alice Minnie Lee (F)
Williams, Betsy Beatrice (F)
Williams, Betty (F)
Williams, Cecil L. (M)
Williams, Dora E. (F)
Williams, Elisha (M)
Williams, Elizabeth Kellum (F)
Williams, Fannie (F)
Williams, Glyn Ray (M)
Williams, Guthrie George (M)
Williams, Heidi Grace (F)
Williams, Herman Lee (M)
Williams, Jackie Dean (M)
Williams, James W. (M)
Williams, John Griffith (M)
Williams, Joseph (M)
Williams, Josephine Louise (F)
Williams, Kathy Sue (F)
Williams, Lanell (F)
Williams, Lena (F)
Williams, Linda Nell (F)
Williams, Marge (F)
Williams, Martha Florence (F)
Williams, Mary J. (F)
Williams, Misti Lynnette (F)
Williams, Norene (Mrs. Freeman) (F)
Williams, Oscar R. (M)
Williams, Randy Ray (M)
Williams, Richard Andrew (M)
Williams, Robert H. (M)
Williams, Robert L. (M)
Williams, Roger Abraham (M)
Williams, Roy D. (M)
Williams, Ruth L. (F)
Williams, Sarah Belle (F)
Williams, Shirley Yvonne (F)
Williams, Thomas Alexander (M)
Williams, Vernon Edward (M)
Williams, Willie (M)
Williamson, Laverne (F)
Willis, David Bradley (M)
Willis, Innece (F)
Willis, James Lindy Eugene (M)
Willis, Lucille (F)
Willis, William L. (?) (M)
Willoughby, Glenda A. (F)
Willoughby, Merle Pauline (F)
Wills, Darlene Geneva (F)
Wilmer, Harry Anthony (M)
Wilroth (M)
Wilson (M)
Wilson, Alden (M)
Wilson, Barbara Jean (F)
Wilson, Chad (M)
Wilson, Geneva Lou (F)
Wilson, Gwendolyn Renee (F)
Wilson, James Frank (M)
Wilson, John Edgar (M)
Wilson, Josephine F. (F)
Wilson, Krista L. (F)
Wilson, Martha Elyce (F)
Wilson, Neva Orieta (F)
Wilson, Nova Ray (M)
Wilson, Parker Thomas (M)
Wilson, Phyllis Ann (F)
Wilson, Ray Leddy (M)
Wilson, Roger Dale (M)
Wilson, Thelma (F)
Wilson, William J. (M)
Wimberly, Sarah S. (F)
Wimberly, Sarah S. (F)
Winchester, Dorcus Anne (F)
Winemiller, Pete (M)
Winfield, Mary Lester (F)
Wingard, Joseph R. (M)
Wingate, Nicholaus (M)
Winguard (M)
Winn, Sarah (F)
Wise, William Edward (M)
Wiseman, James Willis (M)
Wiseman, Jennifer J. (McDowell) (F)
Witt, John Henry (M)
Witt, Mary Katherine (F)
Witty, William H. H. (M)
Wolf, Carol Therese (F)
Wolf, Fred J. (M)
Wolfe, Carolyn Ray (F)
Wolfe, Christa (F)
Wolfe, David James (M)
Wolfe, James R. (M)
Wolfe, Mabel (F)
Wolfenbarger, Belinda Ann (F)
Wolfenbarger, Bonnie (F)
Wolfenbarger, Enoch Sherman (M)
Wolfenbarger, Joseph Peter (M)
Wolfenbarger, Lucinda (F)
Wolfenbarger, Maggie (F)
Wolfenbarger, Robert W. (M)
Wolrick (Ulrich?) (F)
Wolz, Norma (Md. an Acuff) (F)
Womack, Edith (F)
Wood, Alicia (F)
Wood, Edith (F)
Wood, Gene Sr. (M)
Wood, George Dixon (M)
Wood, Grover Bradley Sr. (M)
Wood, Nancy Ann C. (F)
Wood, Yvette (F)
Woodard, Frank Dewayne (M)
Woodcock, Ralph D. (M)
Woodhouse, Daniel Eugene (M)
Woodlee, Livy Barnes (M)
Woodruff, Opal "Jessie" (F)
Woodruff, Sandra Louise (F)
Woods, Ernest DeVaughn (M)
Woods, Estella Wyona (F)
Woods, Ginger Lee (F)
Woods, Harry (M)
Woods, Walter (M)
Woods, William Lutrell (M)
Woodward, Anna (F)
Woodward, Daniel Alfred (M)
Woody, Anita Nelson (F)
Woody, Sandra (F)
Worley, Anna (F)
Worley, Herman Lee Jr. (M)
Wormley, Mary (F)
Worth, Vasta E. (F)
Worthington, Robert Lee (M)
Wortman, George (M)
Wottle, David Scott (M)
Wray, Lena (F)
Wray, Lizzie E. (F)
Wright (M)
Wright, Fatima Z. (F)
Wright, Frances Lorraine (F)
Wright, Linda (F)
Wright, Marie Elizabeth (F)
Wright, Mary R. (F)
Wright, Nettie May (F)
Wright, Robert H. Jr. (M)
Wright, Samuel (M)
Wright, Thomas Jefferson (M)
Wyant, Ira T. (M)
Wyant, Robert L. (M)
Wyatt, Arthur Gordon (M)
Wyatt, Ethel (F)
Wyatt, John (M)
Wyatt, Rebecca June (F)
Wyatt, Rosa Agusta (F)
Wynkoop, Martha Belle (F)
Wyrick, Candace Renee (F)
Wyrick, Clyde Ernest (M)
Wyrick, John E. Sr. (M)
Wyrick, Martha C. (F)
Wyse, Deborah Lynn (F)
Yadon, Thomas Ray (M)
Yager, Robert Allan (M)
Yancy, Raymond R. (M)
Yarboro, Donna (F)
Yarborough, John Moody (M)
Yarborough, Minerva Arlene (F)
Yates, Rebecca Anne (F)
Yawn, Gail Shirley (F)
York, Cynthia V. (F)
York, Terry Laverne (M)
Yoshida, Toshiko (F)
Young, Clarence Wayne (M)
Young, David W. (M)
Young, Elizabeth Ann (F)
Young, James Edward (M)
Young, Mary A. (F)
Young, Mary Jane (F)
Young, Michele S. (F)
Young, Richard (M)
Young, Robert A. (M)
Young, Robert D. (M)
Yount, Kelly Jay (M)
Youzva, Renie D. (F)
Yowell, Roy Eldred (M)
Yuhas, Karen (F)
Yurich, Carrie Lynn (F)
Zachary, Addison Clay (M)
Zachary, Allie Oralee (F)
Zachary, Ira R. (M)
Zachary, Marcia Ray (F)
Zant, Warren Lee (M)
Zeches, Jacqueline L. (F)
Zelesky, Jessica Fay (F)
Zillman, Joyce M. (F)
Zimmerman, Earl H. (M)
Zimmerman, Elmer Henry (M)
Zoeller, Susan Ann (F)
Zullo, Michael A. (M)

Surname Unknown, Ada (F)
Surname Unknown, Alice (F)
Surname Unknown, Alice (F)
Surname Unknown, Amanda (F)
Surname Unknown, Amber L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Ana (F)
Surname Unknown, Andrea Marie B. (F)
Surname Unknown, Angeline (F)
Surname Unknown, Angie (F)
Surname Unknown, Angline S. (F)
Surname Unknown, Ann (F)
Surname Unknown, Anna Mary (F)
Surname Unknown, Anne (F)
Surname Unknown, Anne (F)
Surname Unknown, Argez C. (F)
Surname Unknown, Barbara (F)
Surname Unknown, Barbara (F)
Surname Unknown, Barbara (F)
Surname Unknown, Barbara A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Barbara A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Barbara Jean (F)
Surname Unknown, Barbara N. (F)
Surname Unknown, Becky (F)
Surname Unknown, Bess D. (F)
Surname Unknown, Bessie (F)
Surname Unknown, Beth (F)
Surname Unknown, Beth (F)
Surname Unknown, Betsy W. (F)
Surname Unknown, Betty (m. unknown Acuff) (F)
Surname Unknown, Betty (F)
Surname Unknown, Betty (F)
Surname Unknown, Betty (F)
Surname Unknown, Betty J. (F)
Surname Unknown, Betty L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Betty L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Betty M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Betty S. (F)
Surname Unknown, Beverly A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Beverly A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Beverly J. (F)
Surname Unknown, Bobbie Sharon (F)
Surname Unknown, Bonnie A. / E. (F)
Surname Unknown, Brenda Jessie (F)
Surname Unknown, Brenda L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Caroline (F)
Surname Unknown, Carolyn P. (F)
Surname Unknown, Carolyn R. (F)
Surname Unknown, Carroll I. (F)
Surname Unknown, Caryn Gae (F)
Surname Unknown, Cassie (F)
Surname Unknown, Catherine (F)
Surname Unknown, Catherine (F)
Surname Unknown, Catherine (F)
Surname Unknown, Celie (F)
Surname Unknown, Christine (F)
Surname Unknown, Christine I. (F)
Surname Unknown, Christy (F)
Surname Unknown, Cindy (F)
Surname Unknown, Cindy R. (F)
Surname Unknown, Clara F. (F)
Surname Unknown, Clementine (F)
Surname Unknown, Cody (F)
Surname Unknown, Colleen (F)
Surname Unknown, Cora Alice (F)
Surname Unknown, Cora Lee (F)
Surname Unknown, Cristy R. (F)
Surname Unknown, Crystal (F)
Surname Unknown, Crystal Lynn (F)
Surname Unknown, Cynthia Frances (F)
Surname Unknown, Cynthia H. (F)
Surname Unknown, Cynthia Marie (F)
Surname Unknown, Cynthia Rae (F)
Surname Unknown, Daisy (F)
Surname Unknown, Darlene Michelle (F)
Surname Unknown, Debbie (F)
Surname Unknown, Debbie (F)
Surname Unknown, Debra A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Debra M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Dee (F)
Surname Unknown, Dee (F)
Surname Unknown, Derisha S. (F)
Surname Unknown, Diana (F)
Surname Unknown, Diana Lynn (F)
Surname Unknown, Dona Carol (F)
Surname Unknown, Donna (F)
Surname Unknown, Donna K. (F)
Surname Unknown, Donna Lee (F)
Surname Unknown, Donna P. (F)
Surname Unknown, Dora (F)
Surname Unknown, Doreen M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Dorene Mae (F)
Surname Unknown, Doris (F)
Surname Unknown, Doris Faye (F)
Surname Unknown, Doris Jean (F)
Surname Unknown, Dorothy (F)
Surname Unknown, Dorothy (Mrs. Sale) (F)
Surname Unknown, Dorothy F. (F)
Surname Unknown, Eddie (F)
Surname Unknown, Edith (m. unidentified Acuff) (F)
Surname Unknown, Edith (F)
Surname Unknown, Effie Lee (F)
Surname Unknown, Eileen C. (F)
Surname Unknown, Eleanor Clementina (F)
Surname Unknown, Elizabeth (F)
Surname Unknown, Elizabeth (F)
Surname Unknown, Elizabeth C. (F)
Surname Unknown, Elizabeth Gail (Y.) (F)
Surname Unknown, Ella (F)
Surname Unknown, Ellen (F)
Surname Unknown, Ellen Christine (F)
Surname Unknown, Elmera (F)
Surname Unknown, Elsie (F)
Surname Unknown, Emily W. (F)
Surname Unknown, Emma L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Essie (F)
Surname Unknown, Estelle A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Esther (F)
Surname Unknown, Eugena La Rosa (F)
Surname Unknown, Exie (F)
Surname Unknown, Fannie (F)
Surname Unknown, Fay (F)
Surname Unknown, Flavia (F)
Surname Unknown, Frances (F)
Surname Unknown, Frances H. (F)
Surname Unknown, Francis E. (F)
Surname Unknown, Genevieve (F)
Surname Unknown, Gloria M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Gracie A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Hannah (F)
Surname Unknown, Hattie (F)
Surname Unknown, Hazel (F)
Surname Unknown, Helen (F)
Surname Unknown, Helen L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Helen M. C. (F)
Surname Unknown, Henrietta (F)
Surname Unknown, Hester (F)
Surname Unknown, Holly (F)
Surname Unknown, Inez A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Isabell (F)
Surname Unknown, Jamie (F)
Surname Unknown, Jane (F)
Surname Unknown, Jane M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Janice C. (F)
Surname Unknown, Jean B. (F)
Surname Unknown, Jeanette J. (F)
Surname Unknown, Jennifer (F)
Surname Unknown, Jennifer Irene (F)
Surname Unknown, Jennifer Marie "Jay" (F)
Surname Unknown, Jessica Jolene (F)
Surname Unknown, Jewell B. (F)
Surname Unknown, Joan (F)
Surname Unknown, Joann (F)
Surname Unknown, Joann (F)
Surname Unknown, Jocelyn B. (F)
Surname Unknown, Jocie B. (F)
Surname Unknown, Jody L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Johnny (M)
Surname Unknown, Joni (F)
Surname Unknown, Josephine (F)
Surname Unknown, Joyce (F)
Surname Unknown, Joyce Ellen (F)
Surname Unknown, Joyce Evelyn (F)
Surname Unknown, Judith A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Judith H. (F)
Surname Unknown, Julia (F)
Surname Unknown, Julie Ann (F)
Surname Unknown, Jumper (M)
Surname Unknown, Karen (F)
Surname Unknown, Karen A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Karen A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Karen C. (F)
Surname Unknown, Karen D. (F)
Surname Unknown, Karen D. (F)
Surname Unknown, Karen Ruth (F)
Surname Unknown, Katherine (F)
Surname Unknown, Kathleen (F)
Surname Unknown, Kathleen B. (F)
Surname Unknown, Kay Leslie (F)
Surname Unknown, Kimberly D. (F)
Surname Unknown, Kimberly L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Kimberly Michelle (F)
Surname Unknown, Kitty (F)
Surname Unknown, Kristy (F)
Surname Unknown, Lacey (F)
Surname Unknown, Lagretta Marie (F)
Surname Unknown, Laura Lynn (F)
Surname Unknown, Laurie (F)
Surname Unknown, Leota (F)
Surname Unknown, Linda (F)
Surname Unknown, Linda (Acuff?) (F)
Surname Unknown, Linda Jane (F)
Surname Unknown, Linda K. (F)
Surname Unknown, Linda L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Linda Louise (F)
Surname Unknown, Lisa (F)
Surname Unknown, Lisa A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Lisa A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Lisa Angelic (F)
Surname Unknown, Log E. (F)
Surname Unknown, Lois (may be 6588) (F)
Surname Unknown, Lorene Jewell (F)
Surname Unknown, Lori (F)
Surname Unknown, Lou Ann (F)
Surname Unknown, Lou Ann (F)
Surname Unknown, Luan (F)
Surname Unknown, Lucille E. (F)
Surname Unknown, Lucinda (F)
Surname Unknown, Lucy (F)
Surname Unknown, Lucy P. (F)
Surname Unknown, Lydia (F)
Surname Unknown, Lydia Marie (F)
Surname Unknown, Lynn (F)
Surname Unknown, Lynn Marie (F)
Surname Unknown, M. Jane (F)
Surname Unknown, Mable (F)
Surname Unknown, Magdaline (F)
Surname Unknown, Magen Marie (F)
Surname Unknown, Margaret (F)
Surname Unknown, Margaret (F)
Surname Unknown, Margaret (Mary?) (F)
Surname Unknown, Maria (F)
Surname Unknown, Maria L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Mariah (F)
Surname Unknown, Marian A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Marian P. (F)
Surname Unknown, Marla E. (F)
Surname Unknown, Martha (F)
Surname Unknown, Martha (F)
Surname Unknown, Martha L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Martha R. (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary "Boots" (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary (Mrs.) (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary H. (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary J. (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary Jane (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary LaJean (F)
Surname Unknown, Mary S./E. (F)
Surname Unknown, Matilda (F)
Surname Unknown, Matilda (F)
Surname Unknown, Maude M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Melinda or Belinda Joy (F)
Surname Unknown, Melissa A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Melody Jan (F)
Surname Unknown, Michele Lyn (F)
Surname Unknown, Michelle (F)
Surname Unknown, Michelle (?) (F)
Surname Unknown, Mildred Josephine (F)
Surname Unknown, Mildred Nadene (F)
Surname Unknown, Millie (F)
Surname Unknown, Mindi (F)
Surname Unknown, Mona B. (F)
Surname Unknown, Myrtle Lee (F)
Surname Unknown, Nancy (F)
Surname Unknown, Nancy (F)
Surname Unknown, Nancy (F)
Surname Unknown, Nancy J. (F)
Surname Unknown, Natalie D. (F)
Surname Unknown, Nellie (F)
Surname Unknown, Nellie (F)
Surname Unknown, Neva (F)
Surname Unknown, Nina (F)
Surname Unknown, Nora (F)
Surname Unknown, Norma Ellen (F)
Surname Unknown, Odie L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Pamela (F)
Surname Unknown, Pamela Aline (F)
Surname Unknown, Pamela K. (F)
Surname Unknown, Pamela Marie (F)
Surname Unknown, Patricia E. (F)
Surname Unknown, Patricia F. (or L.) (F)
Surname Unknown, Patricia L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Patricia M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Patricia W. (F)
Surname Unknown, Pauline (F)
Surname Unknown, Peggy (Margarite?) (F)
Surname Unknown, Penny Nicole (F)
Surname Unknown, Phyllis D. (F)
Surname Unknown, Phyllis W. (F)
Surname Unknown, Priscilla (F)
Surname Unknown, R. (F)
Surname Unknown, Rachael (F)
Surname Unknown, Rachel (F)
Surname Unknown, Rachel (F)
Surname Unknown, Rebecca J. (F)
Surname Unknown, Rebecca L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Rebecca M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Robin S. (F)
Surname Unknown, Rosalina (F)
Surname Unknown, Rosemary (F)
Surname Unknown, Rosemary (F)
Surname Unknown, Ruth (F)
Surname Unknown, Ruth (F)
Surname Unknown, Ruth A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Ruthie Aline (F)
Surname Unknown, Sabrina (F)
Surname Unknown, Sally (F)
Surname Unknown, Sandra (F)
Surname Unknown, Sandra D. (F)
Surname Unknown, Sandra K. (F)
Surname Unknown, Sandra Lynne (F)
Surname Unknown, Sarah (F)
Surname Unknown, Sarah (F)
Surname Unknown, Sarah (F)
Surname Unknown, Sarah (F)
Surname Unknown, Sarah (F)
Surname Unknown, Sarah E. (Mrs.?) (F)
Surname Unknown, Sarah Jane (F)
Surname Unknown, Sarah May (F)
Surname Unknown, Sarah Ruth (F)
Surname Unknown, Setusta [Letitia?] (F)
Surname Unknown, Sharon K. (F)
Surname Unknown, Sharon K. (F)
Surname Unknown, Sharon K. (F)
Surname Unknown, Sharon Kay (F)
Surname Unknown, Shawna or Shawana (F)
Surname Unknown, Sheila (F)
Surname Unknown, Shelly Lynn (F)
Surname Unknown, Sherah L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Sherah Lynn (F)
Surname Unknown, Sherrill A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Shirley (F)
Surname Unknown, Shirley A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Shirley Kaye (F)
Surname Unknown, Sonnya (F)
Surname Unknown, Sophronia (F)
Surname Unknown, Starr Darlene (F)
Surname Unknown, Stella Juanita (F)
Surname Unknown, Stephanie A. (F)
Surname Unknown, Stephanie L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Stephanie Michelle (F)
Surname Unknown, Susan Marie (F)
Surname Unknown, Teresa (F)
Surname Unknown, Terri L. (F)
Surname Unknown, Terry (F)
Surname Unknown, Tiffany (F)
Surname Unknown, Tiffany (F)
Surname Unknown, Tina (F)
Surname Unknown, Tonya Leigh (F)
Surname Unknown, Tonya M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Tonyia Michelle (F)
Surname Unknown, Unidentified (F)
Surname Unknown, Unidentified (F)
Surname Unknown, Unidentified (F)
Surname Unknown, Unidentified (F)
Surname Unknown, Unidentified (F)
Surname Unknown, Unidentified (Mrs. Acuff) (F)
Surname Unknown, Unknown (F)
Surname Unknown, Ursula M. (F)
Surname Unknown, Valerie (F)
Surname Unknown, Vera H. (F)
Surname Unknown, Villa Eunice (F)
Surname Unknown, Viola Marie (F)
Surname Unknown, Viola V. (F)
Surname Unknown, Virginia (F)
Surname Unknown, Vivian J. (F)
Surname Unknown, Wanda H. (F)
Surname Unknown, Willie Mae (F)